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Alonso expects “more fairness between teams” in F1 return

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Fernando Alonso expects Formula 1’s new regulations package will create “more fairness between teams” when he makes his return to the sport.

The two-times world champion’s comeback was announced by Renault today. He is believed to have agreed a two-year deal, meaning he will race for the team in 2022, when F1’s delayed new regulations package is introduced.

Alonso believes this will make the sport more competitive and give him a better chance to compete at the front of the field.

“I know how lucky I am to take a break in F1 and now come back,” he said in a video released by the team.

“I think with the new rules the sport will finally put the driver back in the centre of the performance with more fairness between the teams and a better show on the track. I am ready. I’m back.”

Fernando Alonso, Toyota, Dakar Rally, 2020
Alonso: New rules will “put the driver back in the centre”
The 38-year-old won his previous two world championships with Renault in 2005 and 2006. “The bond between the team and myself is very strong and very emotional because we won two world championships together,” he said.

“But rest assured I look forward and not in the mirror. My return in F1 and with Renault was decided calmly. I am sure of who I am today. I am sure of what Renault’s prospect is.

“The team wants to be back in the podium, so do I. Renault is a brand that I am very close and I’m very proud to represent it again. I’m coming to build and instil my winning culture in all the aspects of the team and the group Renault.”

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2 comments on “Alonso expects “more fairness between teams” in F1 return”

  1. *facepalm*

    after your first stint at Renault you never made a correct decision.

    Unfortunately, this one is the same.

  2. Neil (@neilosjames)
    8th July 2020, 14:45

    I’m still not overly enthused (I get immensely frustrated seeing great drivers in poor cars, and all greats have a shelf-life) but this has given me a little bit of hope for Renault’s future plans.

    First, it’s nice to know that they’re sticking around for at least a few more years… they have a habit of dipping in and out, and I was worried the Covid stuff might be an excuse to pull the plug. Second, it’s good that the parent company is – seemingly – happy to make a substantial investment in a (probably hefty) driver salary that will be above the cost cap. And they must have convinced Alonso that they’re finally going to make a real effort to be a front-running team, rather than a works-midfielder.

    Just hope the intention is to run an equal team, rather than a Fernando+1 operation.

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