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Kvyat given warning for impeding Magnussen

2020 Spanish Grand Prix

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Daniil Kvyat has been given a formal warning by the stewards for impeding Kevin Magnussen during qualifying.

The stewards ruled Kvyat did take action to avoid holding up Magnussen when the Haas driver caught him during Q1, but nonetheless did affect his rival’s lap. Kvyat was on an in-lap at the time.

They also noted AlphaTauri did not give Kvyat advanced warning that Magnussen was approaching.

“The stewards observed that Kvyat affected Magnussen, but had to determine if this met the definition in the rule that it was ‘unnecessary impeding.’,” they noted.

“The team did not warn Kvyat of Magnussen’s approach until Magnussen was directly behind. The stewards considered whether Kvyat took reasonable actions to avoid impeding.

“Having reviewed the video, both drivers agreed that Kvyat did everything possible to get out of the way and reacted at the first possible moment from when he could have seen the car behind.

“Ultimately the stewards compared this incident to all the other cases in the last three years and while the team certainly could have done a better job and thus a warning is issued, this incident does not merit a three grid place penalty, which is the usual penalty for clearly unnecessary impeding.”

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6 comments on “Kvyat given warning for impeding Magnussen”

  1. Impeding is impeding. If he’s done it surely a penalty is in order.

    1. He did everything he could to prevent the impeding. Thats why he got away with it.

  2. He gave Magnussen plenty of room to pass easily by staying well off the racing line, so Magnussen shouldn’t have felt distracted. Some drivers just start to complaining about getting blocked too eagerly even if the driver in front is a good few seconds ahead on the road.

    1. Kvyat had called Latifi a ‘clown’ for impeding.

    2. Yeah, like Kvyat:). Take a break and hear the radio from Mag when asked, was he whiining or talking bad on other people like almost standard outthere ? Nope. Is he whiining when someone squezzes him? Nope.
      Did he comment when OCO said MAG was braking causing his off even if fact was OCO not seing where he was going? Nope. Does he complain over very bad car? Nope – “We did the best we could today”. In interview about the others overtaking in quali i last corner he said himself have done this before…. how many drivers says like this? He did not mention any of the overtakers at all, did not blame any particully, did not clown or worse anyone, just said recent driver meeting agrement was not to do this, and just said it caused him to stand still which was bad for tire temperature causing less braking option in the first corners, missing 1/10 to reach next qual. Is this whiining? Nope.
      In Silverstone, did he whiine or call Albon anything taking him out? Nope. Its long time to make a revision on Mag, his a true racer not giving anything away, not a whiiiiner, and we dont need more Bottas who dont even try, thats not interesting.

  3. Esteban told him what to do.

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