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F2 to race at Jeddah, F3 adds Austin in split 2021 calendars

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Formula 2 and Formula 3 have confirmed their schedules for next year, which will take place alongside separate rounds of the 2021 F1 calendar.

F1’s two official feeder series will switch from double to triple-header race weekend formats next year. In order to reduce costs among teams which race in both championships, they will no longer appear together at the same F1 rounds.

The F2 season will therefore begin in Bahrain in March and be held over eight rounds, concluding in Abu Dhabi in December. It will only appear at three European venues – Monaco, Silverstone and Monza – and support F1’s new race on the streets of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

The F3 season will start two months later than F2’s at the Circuit de Catalunya, and will be held almost entirely on European circuits. Its sole venture beyond the continent will be to the Circuit of the Americas in Texas for its October season finale.

“The provisional 2021 F2 calendar is a mixture of European and overseas circuits, with venues that have always been very popular amongst the drivers and the fans alike,” said F2 and F3 CEO Bruno Michel. “The addition of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia makes it all the more exciting.

“I’m quite interested to see the F3 cars run at Zandvoort and Austin. These are two exciting new venues for us. We will also go back to Le Castellet where we saw great racing in previous years. F3 may no longer be racing on the same weekends as F2, I am pleased to confirm that all F3 events will take place alongside Formula 1.”

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2020 Formula 2 calendar

Round Races Circuit Country Date
1 1,2,3 Bahrain International Circuit Bahrain 26-28 March
2 4,5,6 Monaco Monaco 21-23 May
3 7,8,9 Baku City Circuit Azerbaijan 4-6 June
4 10,11,12 Silverstone Britain 16-18 July
5 13,14,15 Monza Italy 10-12 September
6 16,17,18 Sochi Autodrom Russia 8-10 October
7 19,20,21 Jeddah Saudi Arabia 26-28 November
8 22,23,24 Yas Marina Abu Dhabi 3-5 December

2020 Formula 3 calendar

Round Races Circuit Country Date
1 1,2,3 Circuit de Catalunya Spain 7-9 May
2 4,5,6 Paul Ricard France 25-27 June
3 7,8,9 Red Bull Ring Austria 2-4 July
4 10,11,12 Hungaroring Hungary 30 July – 1 August
5 13,14,15 Spa-Francorchamps Belgium 27-29 August
6 16,17,18 Zandvoort Netherlands 3-5 September
7 19,20,21 Circuit of the Americas USA 22-24 October

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16 comments on “F2 to race at Jeddah, F3 adds Austin in split 2021 calendars”

  1. 2021 F2 Car Park Championship…

    2021 F3 Real Track Championship…

    1. 9 races on street circuits (plus Sochi)? What on earth were they thinking?

      1. Probably that F3 has 30 cars that barely fit on those tracks and this makes more sense logistically.

        1. If we take the street races away and the races where there are F2/F3 races already, there are still 7 venues left with F1 races organized, they didn’t have to choose so many street races. I know there are logistical costs which make some venues infeasible, and that the street circuits want some extra races if they are to close down the city for a whole week, but come on, who needs 9 races on such tracks?

    2. I suppose it gives the F2 drivers good preparation for how the F1 calendar will look in a few years time!

  2. I guess Roy Nissany will miss a race next year.

  3. The dates for Sochi Autodrom are incorrect.

  4. FIA F3 at USA? Unexpected.

  5. Those are some sparse looking calendars. I understand the rationale behind the way they have structured them, but there are huge gaps in between events it’s going to be such a strange couple of seasons to follow.

  6. Guess I’ll have to skip a few Monaco races. 1 race is more than enough in a place like Monaco.

  7. I dont understand how increasing the amount of separate rounds is meant to reduce costs for the teams competing in both championships?

  8. I’ve just realized how bad news separating F2 and F3 is for those going to a Grand Prix weekend. (let’s assume Covid restrictions end) Although the number of races in a weekend will increase from 2 to 3 but that’s still one less junior category race. Furthermore, I am certain there is much more interest in F2 than in F3 in Europe and yet most European tracks will not host F2 from next year.

  9. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
    11th November 2020, 0:38

    Those poor F2 drivers. Wonder how many drivers will try to compete in both to keep sharp?

  10. It is the worse idea that the FIA ever done.

  11. Surely this puts the proposed W series link up in doubt. They’d be lucky to get one race in alongside 3x F2 or F3 which would be disappointing.

    1. I mean, there’s some races left without F2 and F3, but what’s more is that they went from 4 races, 2 qualifying sessions, and 2 practice sessions down to 3, 1, and 1 respectively. Where I assume the 3 races that remain are one feature and two sprint races. So yeah, there’s plenty of extra room compared to before when both F2 and F3 raced on a weekend.

      One race is plenty for W Series.

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