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Grosjean: Burns to left hand could prevent return for final F1 race

2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Romain Grosjean’s burns to his left hand could prevent him from taking part in his final Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi next week.

The Haas driver, who will not drive for the team next year, is missing this weekend’s Sakhir Grand Prix due to the injuries he suffered in his shocking crash on Saturday.

However Grosjean is determined to return for the final race of the championship. He said racing has “been my life” and he wants to “cross the finish line properly when I finish in Formula 1”.

“I don’t really want it to be over [because] of that day,” said Grosjean. “Even though the footage of having a Haas crossing at the back of the field would be less dramatic and and less broadcasted around the world, I would like to.”

“If it doesn’t happen, it’s okay,” added Grosjean. “I will have other opportunities to cross other finishing lines in the future.” He has suggested moves into Formula E or the World Endurance Championship could be possible next year.

The burns to Grosjean’s left hand are the most severe and may prevent his return at Yas Marina next week.

“The doctors say that is it’s difficult to know yet,” he said. “The right hand 100% will be ready. The strength and the mobility in the left hand gets better day after day. The strength is here. The mobility, there’s still a lot of swelling from the inflammation so this needs to start reducing. But a graft hasn’t been ruled out yet.”

He revealed he suffered a hand injury earlier in the year, caused when he fell while running through his kitchen wearing socks, which was not disclosed at the time.

“I’m quite strong with pain. I broke my right hand earlier this year falling down in the kitchen. I hadn’t told anyone, but it was an open break, two bones, and I put them myself in place and went to the hospital and the pain was OK.”

Grosjean isn’t prepared to risk long-term damage to his hand in order to return to racing sooner. “I won’t take the risk to lose mobility of my left index and left thumb for the rest of my life just to go to Abu Dhabi.

“The story would be beautiful to go to Abu Dhabi. If I don’t, I’ll call every single Formula 1 team and see if anyone would offer me a private test in January or so to jump back in the car and have 10, 15 laps for myself.”

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7 comments on “Grosjean: Burns to left hand could prevent return for final F1 race”

  1. Right approach not to attempt at all costs.

  2. someone or something
    4th December 2020, 15:17

    Crashes into an unprotected wall head first at well over 200 kph, sits through a gasoline explosion and massive fire. Gets away with ouchie hands.
    Doesn’t wear shoes in the kitchen. Breaks his hand with bones sticking out.

    Maybe we need an FIA Action for Kitchen Safety …

    1. It is said most accident happen in the home, isn’t it!

  3. “it was an open break, two bones, and I put them myself in place and went to the hospital and the pain was OK

    What!? Having experienced an open fracture myself, him just pushing the bones back in and the pain being “ok”… I mean… what!? I’m in disbelief!

    1. I’m wondering if he meant a dislocation and that he translated wrong. I cant imagine him stuffing his protruding bones back into his hand and him being all fine and not telling anyone. That needs stitches and time to heal.

      1. He did go to a hospital afterwards.

  4. Quite a sensible approach, and different to Marquez’ “I’m coming back as soon as possibe at all costs” approach

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