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Vettel faces new investigation for failing to observe double yellow flags

2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel faces the threat of a penalty ahead of this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix after being summoned to meet the stewards.

The Aston Martin driver is under investigation for allegedly failing to respect double yellow flags at turn one during Q1.

Vettel and three other drivers were previously cleared after the stewards investigated their reaction to single waved yellow flags at turn eight. These were shown after Carlos Sainz Jnr’s Ferrari slowed in the area due to an engine problem. The stewards noted all four “set a slower time in the sector, drove appropriately by the video, and telemetry showed they took appropriate actions.”

Vettel is now under investigation for his reaction to double waved yellow flags which were shown after Nikita Mazepin spun at turn one.

The race directors notes state: “Any driver passing through a double waved yellow marshalling sector must reduce speed significantly and be prepared to change direction or stop.

“In order for the stewards to be satisfied that any such driver has complied with these requirements it must be clear that he has not attempted to set a meaningful lap time. For practical purposes this means the driver should abandon the lap.”

Vettel has been summoned to meet the stewards at 1:30pm local time on Sunday, six-and-a-half hours before the race is due to start.

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  • 11 comments on “Vettel faces new investigation for failing to observe double yellow flags”

    1. Even if he gets a 10 grid place penalty, it won’t change much giving his starting position…

    2. What’s there to look at anymore, and why only Seb specifically? The Stewards already looked at every relevant driver’s lap footage and telemetry, so case-closed unless someone has found new evidence a la Red Bull in Austria.

    3. When it rains it pours

    4. It’s too early to say but Vettel is starting to follow the Alonso path. Champion –> Failed at Ferrari –> Bad team move

      1. Alonso didn’t fail at Ferrari. He almost won a championship in a Ferrari that was not up for it. I’d rather say Ferrari failed Alonso.

        1. Indeed, completely different: alonso performed at his best no matter what team, vettel didn’t.

    5. Funny that he didn’t qualify for Q2 because of the yellows and yet hés the driver who is penalized for not slowing down under yellow 😅. Not a great start at all…

      1. Meanwhile, his underrated protégé …

    6. It’s not Vettel’s fault. Remember he’s a 4x champ.
      “You just don’t forget how to drive”
      “Ferrari was a bad environment”
      It was Marizio who should have moved Raikkonen out of the way that caused Germany 2018.
      Binotto didn’t love him..
      The rear end causes the spins
      LeClerc has a different/better car
      Any excuse to keep Vettel’s praises.

    7. Geewiz, he came right after, saw the whole incident right in front of him, and had cars behind.

      And again the lack of consistency. There have been several instances where people haven’t abandoned their lap after a double waved yellow and not been investigated.

    8. Vettel is on the way to stumble his legacy away. Just a lucky driver in a fast Red Bull it seems.

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