Turn 11, Albert Park, Melbourne, 2022

Pictures: New-look Albert Park welcomes F1 back for first race in three years

2022 Australian Grand Prix

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Formula 1 drivers have had their first look at the revised Albert Park circuit in Melbourne which will hold this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix.

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2022 Australian Grand Prix

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12 comments on “Pictures: New-look Albert Park welcomes F1 back for first race in three years”

  1. I like the configuration changes, but one thing I’d do is remove the 9-10 curbs or at least the latter for further lap flow improvement & possibly also overtaking into 11.

    Slightly weird to see Domenicali wearing an F1 hoodie & track walking, although he did the same in Jeddah. I nominate the image featuring him & Russell for the next caption competition post.

  2. I love this track, I love it’s layout and scenery, and I have loved everything about it since 1996. I can’t wait to see the cars on tracks!

    1. Since 97 you mean. I hope they have not ruined it.

      1. No 1996 was the first race in Melbourne. Damon Hill won from Jacques Villeneuve who was forced to slow due to an oil leak.

        1. Also, Bundles massive lap 1 crash

  3. Is there any prospect that this site come up with a better “picture viewing” system?

    1. plus one zillion to this

    2. I really like the picture viewing system here. Peruse the thumbnail grid and then click, or click any image and then go back and forth through the order. Straight forward, and nice high resolution shots too. Maybe it’s not suited for cell phones, but with such a small screen, why even bother? Great job Racefans!

    3. Oh god yes

      1. Chris Horton
        7th April 2022, 9:58

        An option to go to the next image, preferably by tapping the left side (back) or right side (forwards) of the image would be nice.

  4. I was here two years ago! On the Wednesday I was able to wander around the paddock and walk part of the track. I even got a photo with K-Mag.
    Then it all went wrong…

  5. Chris Horton
    7th April 2022, 10:02

    I do wish they hadn’t moved the barriers all the way to the track edge on the run to turn three, and also lined the edge with barriers where the chicane has been removed at the old turn 9.

    It was nice how it used to open up there and gives wider shots for TV. I’m looking forward to the race but I wish there weren’t so many circuits that feel like Sochi concrete tunnels.

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