(L to R): Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri; Lance Stroll, Aston Martin; Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, 2022

Gasly accepts blame as stewards hand him two penalty points for Stroll collision

2022 Spanish Grand Prix

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Pierre Gasly was given two penalty points on his licence after the stewards ruled he was to blame for the collision which sent Lance Stroll into a spin.

The stewards also penalised Alexander Albon for repeatedly running off the circuit during the race.

Gasly finished 13th, two places ahead of Stroll, despite his five-second time penalty for the collision at turn one. After reviewing footage of the collision the stewards acknowledged the AlphaTauri driver lacked grip when the pair made contact but deemed he was entirely responsible for the contact.

“Stroll was fully alongside on the outside of Gasly from turn-in to the apex, and gave Gasly sufficient room,” they noted. “Gasly understeered into Stroll and the stewards found him wholly at fault for the collision, although the collision was more due to a lack of grip.”

Gasly said he “takes the blame” for the collision. “It was hard racing, there was [a] small contact but I take the responsibility, if this deserves a five-second penalty.” The two penalty points for the collision puts Gasly on a total of four.

Albon was given a single penalty point for a series of excursions off-track. He was shown the black-and-white flag at one stage for running wide too many times.

Albon was also given a five-second time penalty, but as he finished last of the 18 drivers who reached the chequered flag it made no difference to his final result.

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2022 Spanish Grand Prix

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5 comments on “Gasly accepts blame as stewards hand him two penalty points for Stroll collision”

  1. Fair enuf
    Tho I might say if this was the other way round, Lance would get sn more hate :(

  2. I’m surprised the AT drivers’ respective 5-second penalties served during pit stops never got noted via graphics during the race, nor did Albon’s post-race addition.

    1. The broadcast missed a bunch today. The stupid drone is useless as it isn’t fast enough. Trying to replace the helicopters I think.

      1. @jimfromus The drone isn’t been looked at as a replacement for the helicopter as a drone wouldn’t be able to do what the helicopter can as far as speed or track coverage goes.

        The drone is just something they were trialing to see if that sort of shot was something that could add to the broadcast.

        The issue with the isn’t simply the speed defecit (As you can get around that with good usage) but more restrictions on where and how they can use them. They can’t be used over crowds and have to stay a certain height and distance from the circuit so they don’t create a safety issue should it have an issue and fall out the sky.

        I actually think they didn’t make the best use of the one they had over the weekend. Keep it more stationary but get it high enough to be able to use it for line comparisons through a corner/sequence. Think something like WRC were doing with them.


  3. Probably Albon’s worst race for a while the gap to Latifi was like his gaps to Verstappen at Red Bull. I’m not sure repeatedly running off track was to his benefit. I wonder if he took damage early on.

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