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Alfa Romeo “very confident” they have improved reliability for 2023

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In the round-up: Alfa Romeo’s technical director Jan Monchaux is “very confident” the team has addressed its poor reliability that frustrated their season at times in 2022

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Alfa Romeo “very confident” reliability has improved for 2023

Alfa Romeo’s technical director Jan Monchaux is “very confident” the team has addressed its poor reliability that frustrated their season at times in 2022.

The team suffered regular reliability problems through practice sessions and races in 2022, but still held onto sixth place in the constructors’ championship on countback after finishing equal on points with Aston Martin.

“We spent a lot of effort and working hours to improve our processes internally mainly on the cooler side where we had a weakness last year, at least in the first part of the season,” Monchaux explained.

“And, touch wood, I don’t have any here, but I am very confident we have left these issues behind us.”

Rookies not disadvantaged by more sprint races – Sargeant

Williams rookie driver Logan Sargeant does not believe he or his fellow rookies will be disadvantaged by six sprint race weekends in the 2023 Formula 1 season.

There will be six sprint races in 2023, double the tally of 2021 and last season. The adjusted format means drivers only get a single hour of practice before qualifying on a Friday, but Sargeant does not believe he and fellow rookies Oscar Piastri and Nyck de Vries will be disadvantaged by the lack of practice time.

“I don’t think it’ll make that much of a difference,” Sargeant said in response to a question from RaceFans.

“We come from Formula 2, we get 40 minutes [of practice] with about five red flags in each session where we’ve done about one lap and we go into qualifying. So we’re used to having to get to the pace pretty quickly. So, if anything, that might help us out.”

Brown sees “lots of opportunity” for IndyCar to grow

Felix Rosenqvist, McLaren, IndyCar testing, The Thermal Club, 2023
McLaren has three full-time entries in IndyCar this year
McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown believes there is “lots of opportunity” for IndyCar to grow commercially over the coming years.

Formula 1 is enjoying sustained growth in popularity, especially in the United States, the home of the IndyCar Series. Brown is confident that IndyCar will find ways to grow itself commercially in response.

“I think [there’s] lots of opportunity,” Brown told media including RaceFans. “We sat at a team owner meeting with the league and they laid out their plans and they have big aspirations, which is great. Lots of new activity coming.

“I think we can bring some value to the to the series as well. I think the new TV programming that they have will be excellent. It’s the best broadcast schedule that I think I’ve seen – certainly in recent times. A good schedule and doing new things like testing here in spring training. So I’m optimistic.”

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Comment of the day

With three rookies joining the Formula 1 grid in 2023, @lejimstaer82 offers their assessment of the newest additions to the field…

De Vries is obviously the best prepared, with multiple practice sessions and a race last year… However, I’m not sure about the AlphaTauri he will be driving and if he will be able to wow us. I’m expecting Yuki Tsunoda to take another step forward this season, so I don’t expect Nyck will be instant team leader. It should be a good one to follow.

Sargeant I’m half-expecting to struggle in the Williams and I would be surprised if he got anywhere near to Albon, but I would love to be proved wrong.

The driver I’m most anticipating is Piastri. The way he came through the junior series is very impressive and if he can get to grips with the McLaren, I’m half expecting him to give Norris a run for his money… But even if it can just get closer than Ricciardo did that would be more than acceptable in his first year.
Le Jimster

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Aqeel!

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  1. Regarding COTD, I agree in principle, & specifically for each three:
    AT pairing could go either way, so anticipating is difficult.
    I’m confident Sargeant will at least be an improvement from Latifi, regardless of how close to Albon he can get.
    Piastri is in the most competitive team from the trio, but I expect Norris to outperform & outscore him over the upcoming season. I’m similarly confident that he’ll fare better than Ricciardo.

  2. Interesting to hear Zak. Brown taken on Indycar. Will never reach the scale of F1 but it certainly has some unique USP they can leverage. Ovals and the breadth of track styles raced on being some of them.

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