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First pictures: Aston Martin “complete lots of things” on AMR23’s track debut

2023 F1 season

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Aston Martin’s new AMR23 ran on-track for the first time today ahead of the 2023 F1 season.

The team conducted a shakedown test at Silverstone, where Mercedes were also holding the launch of their W14.

Aston Martin’s new car was launched at the team’s base nearby on Monday. Race drivers Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll took turns in the new chassis today.

Although the team was limited to a maximum of 100 kilometres of running under the rules, Alonso said they “completed lots of things” and “got through our plan smoothly.”

Stroll said “everything was working as expected and running smoothly” in the test, “which is the most important thing as we prepare for the upcoming test in Bahrain.”

“We know there is always plenty to be learnt at the start of the year, but we made a strong start this morning and I really enjoyed being back behind the wheel,” he added.

Aston Martin were one of three teams in action today. While Mercedes also conducted a demonstration run at the circuit, Ferrari continued to run their SF-23 at their Fiorano track where it was launched yesterday.

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Pictures: 2023 Aston Martin AMR23 on track

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  1. I thought that Sebastian Vettel drove like a hero in the last few races, brought a tear to my eye. Seemed the team unfairly did not put him #1 with Lance in supporting role. There were two races especially where Seb was slaying and they let him down. Even as a casual fan, I found it hard to deal with. If they do this to Fernando, he will flip out, and there may be team problems as a result. They must not have a pre-determined favourite with Lance if Fernando is to thrive.

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