‘I got forced to the wall by some driver’ says Tsunoda after clash with team mate

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In the round-up: AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda said he was unaware how serious the damage to his front wing was after his first-lap contact with his team mate.

In brief

Tsunoda retired from the sprint race after suffering damage on the opening lap. He hit the wall hard at turn 13 but had already sustained damage to his front wing at turn three after a clash with Nyck de Vries, his team mate.

“De Vries hit me,” Tsunoda report on his radio after the contact. He told his team he needed to pit, then added, “what is he doing, honestly?” He then understeered into the wall.

“I just didn’t recognise fully that the front wing is really damaged and as soon as I entered, I just had no grip at all from the fronts,” Tsunoda said after the race. “I got forced to the wall from some driver and had contact with a driver and lost the front wing there.

Asked to identify who he believes was responsible for pushing him into the wall, Tsunoda replied: “I can’t say here.”

McLaren hopeful ill Piastri will recover

McLaren are hopeful Oscar Piastri will be in better shape for today’s race. The rookie driver is suffering with an illness this weekend.

“I think he’s going to be okay for tomorrow,” said team principal Andrea Stella after the sprint race. “But today, yesterday, the day before, it’s been a little bit of a struggle. So he’s actually doing very well, I would say.

“In terms of driving you wouldn’t be able to say from outside that the driver is actually not feeling very well. And also Oscar is impressive also in the way he deals with that, because he doesn’t want to show it even to us. He keeps his calm, keeps his bearing.

“We know that he’s struggling, so he’s doing well. But we are positive that for tomorrow he should be in a better situation.”

No need for late red flag after F2 crash – Bearman

Oliver Bearman believes the FIA were right to not show a red flag in the Formula 2 sprint race which finished under a Safety Car in Azerbaijan.

At the lap 18 Safety Car restart, six drivers retired from the race in collisions including race leaders Dennis Hauger and Victor Martins. The Safety Car was deployed in response and the race finished after 21 laps with the field still neutralised.

Bearman agreed with the decision not to red flag and restart the race, which F1 did following a late incident in the Australian Grand prix at the beginning of the month.

“Of course it was quite a big crash but I didn’t see the extent of it,” Bearman said in response to a question from RaceFans. “I was just trying to avoid it.

“When I looked on the replay screens it looked quite severe, but clearly the drivers got out just fine and there was no need for a red flag.”

Garcia takes two wins as F1 Academy begins

Marta Garcia won the first F1 Academy race and added another victory in race three to lead the championship after the first round at the Red Bull Ring. Garcia had inherited pole from Abbi Pulling, who was disqualified from qualifying with her Carlin team mates after a technical infringement, and lead from pole in the opening race to become the championship’s first race winner.

Amna Al Qubaisi started from reversed-grid pole for race two and converted that into victory. Garcia then held off Hamda Al Qubaisi in race three to secure her second win of the day and take an early 22-point lead in the championship.

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Comment of the day

As Formula 1 introduces its newest race weekend schedule, @vjanik is enjoying all the racing on show…

The format this weekend is great.

Friday: F1 qualifying
Saturday: Six Hours of Spa
Sunday: Grand prix

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Ccolanto, Mike Weilding, Oliver and Jake Kilshaw!

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8 comments on “‘I got forced to the wall by some driver’ says Tsunoda after clash with team mate”

  1. Normally, I’d call a former World Champion with that level of commentary a disgrace.

    But this being Mr Hill, it’s just the usual sad spectacle.

    1. Verstappen the World Champion, or Hill the World Champion?
      Both consistently say silly things.

  2. Yellow Barron
    30th April 2023, 3:20

    Okay, just watched the crash video on the wec channel and I’m amazed again at how slow FOM makes F1 cars look on TV. Those wec cars look like they’re flying. Indycar also does a better job.

    I feel inclined to that for for a Motorsport fan, F1 has nothing going for it nowadays other than being the fastest round a mid or high speed corner. But you wouldn’t even know it watching on TV.

    It’s the pinnacle or hype and status at this point.

    1. Yellow Barron
      30th April 2023, 3:22

      *inclined to say, that for a..

  3. The contact with De Vries went unseen on the world feed.
    The crash itself ultimately happened without anyone behind anymore except Ocon, who didn’t hit him, like Ericsson invisibly, so the ultimate off was all on him rather than De Vries, who only contributed earlier.
    Why the contact went unseen on the world feed, some people had already seen it on F1 TV or via other means, so avoiding to say De Vries was rather useless at that point.

    The budget cap’s absolute limit last year already got increased, so zero need for another.

    1. The crash caused front wing damage that led to the understeering crash

  4. Cut or cap, Mr. Furbatto? ;)

  5. Also on 30/04/1994 , Roland Ratzenberger.

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