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Formula E CEO Jamie Reigle is to step down next month after four years in charge of the all-electric single-seater world championship.

The series has announced former Virgin Media O2 CEO Jeff Dodds will replace Reigle on June 5th.

Reigle took charge of Formula E from founder Alejando Agag in September 2019. He faced a series of challenges as the Covid-19 pandemic struck three months later, forcing the cancellation of many races and drastic changes to its schedule.

He also oversaw the introduction of the new ‘Gen3’ car for 2023. While Formula E has won praise for the quality of its racing this year, several manufacturers have left the series in recent seasons including BMW, Audi and Mercedes. The latter specifically cited Formula E’s poor viewing figures as a contributing factor in its decision to leave despite winning back-to-back championships for both teams and drivers.

Reigle said it had been “an honour leading Formula E for the last four years.”

“I was initially attracted to Formula E’s unique position as a sport at the intersection of innovation, sustainability and electric mobility,” he continued. “What I found was far more ambitious and humbling; a passionate group of people committed to building a global sport while changing the world.

“This mission continues under new leadership and as someone who benefitted from a partnership with Alejandro I’m happy to support Jeff before reverting to life as a passionate Formula E fan.”

Agag thanked Reigle for his period in charge of the series. “I enjoyed partnering with Jamie to build upon my founding vision while reimagining the definition of success for Formula E,” he said. “It has been a pleasure working with him and I look forward to welcoming him back at Formula E races in the future.”

Dodds has also previously worked for Honda UK, where he was head of marketing until moving on in 2007. He is also a non-executive director at the UK government’s Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

Agag said Dodds “brings a proven track record of dynamic leadership and impressive execution to Formula E, and the board looks forward to him unlocking the full potential of Formula E, for the benefit of our fans, teams, manufacturers, partners and stakeholders.”

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  1. Quick correction, Jeff is the COO at VMO2. Great guy btw, this is a good move for him and staying in the Liberty family.

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