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2023 Monaco Grand Prix qualifying day in pictures

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Pictures from qualifying day for the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix at Monaco.

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3 comments on “2023 Monaco Grand Prix qualifying day in pictures”

  1. I’m sure that RB19 floor looks even better. Car no 11 was ‘airborne’ as well but no photos on Racefans. Any explanation?

    1. Yea mate. Racefans may have some undercover red bull fans who do not want us to see what its like under there

    2. I came here just to get some pics of the Red Bull being lifted up, since everyone was talking about it, but did not find any pic here. Strange! I wonder why no one talked about seeing the Mercedes-AMG underfloor. Perhaps that’s because it’s the team playing catch up. But with the improvement Mercedes has made at Barcelona, rival teams might want to check these pictures too along with those of the Red Bull underfloor.

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