Alexander Albon, Williams, Monaco, 2023

Disappointed Albon “was licking my lips but my lips went dry”

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In the round-up: Alexander Albon expected the Monaco Grand Prix would come his way when rain started to fall, but it didn’t happen.

In brief

Albon left dry-lipped by rain

The Williams driver started the race on the medium compound tyre but felt the circumstances of the late rain fell into the hands of those who left the grid on hards.

“It felt like a lot of people started on the hard tyre and then a lot of people changed the hard tyre as early as they could,” he said. “We tried to hang it out on the mediums, but when that many guys are on hard tyres so early on, there was a train.

“We actually had good pace midway through the race, catching the hard guys, but we were just waiting for them to pit. And it rained so it worked out for them.

“It is a shame because I think we were on the fringes of points until the rain happened and then it basically went in all the hard starters’ favour. It rained, I thought that was going to spice things up a bit, but somehow it didn’t, at least for me. So everyone stayed stagnant. I was licking my lips, but my lips went dry.”

Martins given three penalty points

Formula 2 driver Victor Martins was given three penalty points on his licence after the stewards ruled he failed to slow sufficiently for yellow flags when he arrived at the scene of Jack Doohan’s crash during yesterday’s feature race in Monaco.

“Under Safety Car, full course yellow and double waved yellow flags at turns two and three, car six passed through the incident area at turn three where firemen were attending to a fire on car 14 from exposed positions on the track,” the stewards ruled.

“Car six’s speed was significantly higher than that of other cars going through the area. Because of his excessive speed, the driver of car six had to make a very quick, last minute change of direction to avoid the incident and the firemen, thereby creating an unsafe situation.”

Merhi to make Formula E debut

Formula Manor Formula 1 driver Roberto Merhi will make his Formula E debut in Jakarta next week. Merhi will take Oliver Rowland’s place in Mahindra’s line-up.

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Comment of the day

After last year’s Monaco Grand Prix start was postponed merely because rain was on its way, seeing yesterday’s race run Safety Car-free was an encouraging sight:

What this race showed beyond doubt is that it is still possible to race in the rain. There were a few drivers who out-braked themselves, but no big accidents and no need for the race to be interrupted. If they can do it at Monaco, they can do it anywhere.

This race should be remembered whenever there is the instinct to deploy a safety car or throw a red flag at the merest hint of rain. No doubt if those had been the conditions at the start, we wouldn’t have got going – but today shows that such caution isn’t necessary.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Chris, Hughes, Silverkeg and Danny11!

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9 comments on “Disappointed Albon “was licking my lips but my lips went dry””

  1. Yes. COTD is spot on. Today’s race was handled very well by all concerned.

  2. I feel that Martins got off lightly with only 3 points. Should get more in my view.
    Agree with COTD and Stefan Wilson (good to see his recovery has started well).

  3. Did he actually lick his lips dry? I’ve never read or heard of a driver doing so.

    I also think Monaco GP will remain yet again, the next time renewal is necessary, although that shouldn’t be about sponsorship & TV production anymore since these two aspects outliers just got taken away for this year.
    The long-time tradition of holding the first two practice sessions on Thursday ended last year, TMC directing the world feed coverage & mixed-up trackside advertisement ended this year, so only one more clear-cut outlier aspect left, which is shorter race distance, so perhaps this will end next year.
    92 laps can definitely get done within two hours in an entirely dry Monaco GP, & even more so without neutralizations.
    Yes, lower average lap speed than in Singapore, but still no higher risk of ending up beyond the two-hour limit with 92 than 61 in the latter.

    COTD couldn’t be more spot-on.
    Hopefully, race control would indeed take note of this race whenever similar conditions appear in future races.

    1. So your obsession with “entirely dry Monaco GP” continues… any “predictions” for Barcelona this weekend, Michael Fish?

  4. We had another “stroll incident” in the tv room but nobody seem to have noticed it. I think it was Yuki and Lando fighting and just as Lando got past we see pierre going straight after the tunnel…

  5. As replied to the COTD:
    There are two reasons to stop racing in the wet: Danger of aquaplaning, and no visibility.
    The fact that racing in a 60-120 kph wet zone was safe in Monaco says nothing about racing in the rain elsewhere.: It is mainly an issue of visibility that prevents the racing to continue. How is a driver to react on a flag or incident in front that isn’t even visible? Who wants to bear the responsibility of a fatal accident?

    1. There is a third reason that the medical helicopter might not be able to fly. I don’t know if that’s an issue in Monaco if a hospital is right by the track somewhere.

      1. True, the main problem with wet running has been visibility. Whether or not that argument stands the test of comparison to older wet races is debatable, but it has been the official reason.

        Also, the Monaco race has top tier marshals.

  6. playstation361
    7th June 2023, 14:15

    Rowland had a very good weight which Mahindra also used to show off. All the best for you bright future. It’s party time for a while.

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