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Aston Martin targeting greater DRS efficiency from coming upgrades

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In the round-up: Aston Martin believe they can make useful gains by improving the efficiency of their DRS.

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Aston Martin working to strengthen DRS

Aston Martin are focusing on trying to make their DRS more powerful and efficient with their upgrades to their AMR23 this season.

The team’s performance director, Tom McCullough, says that they have worked to try and emulate the strong DRS effect enjoyed by the dominant Red Bull team.

“That has been an area of focus for us,” he said. “We are working on that, every upgrade we bring to the car, targeting helping the efficiency of the DRS. So further steps on that all the time.”

Piastri will be “more comfortable” at familiar circuits

Over the eight grand prix weekends Piastri has had so far in his first season in Formula 1, he had never raced at three of the circuits before in his racing career – Melbourne, Miami and Montreal. Heading into a leg of European races including the Red Bull Ring, Silverstone, the Hungaroring and Spa-Francorchamps, Piastri says he is looking forward to returning to some familiar venues.

“We’ve got the next four circuits are all circuits I’ve been to – more than once as well,” he said. “So that’ll be nice.

“In saying that, Barcelona was a similar story and our pace was not very good. So it’s not a given that it’ll be better for me. Of course it’s a little bit more comfortable going into the weekend knowing these circuits a bit better. But it’s similar to what I said in Barcelona – everyone can get to the limit quicker and be right on it. So I have to do the same.”

Hamda Al Qubaisi closes F1 Academy gap to Garcia

After winning the first race of the F1 Academy weekend at Zandvoort, Hamda Al Qubaisi took her second in the final race to pull closer to championship leader Marta Garcia.

Carrie Schreiner took her first win in the series in race two, ahead of Garcia and Lena Buhler in third after pole sitter Amna Al Qubaisi crashed out of the lead. In the third and final race of the weekend, Hamda Al Qubaisi converted pole position into victory, taking the chequered flag ahead of MP Motorsport team mate Emely de Haus and Buhler third.

Garcia’s fourth place means that her lead in the championship falls to just five points, with Hamda Al Qubaisi now the clear closest challenger in second, 28 points ahead of third placed Buhler.

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This weekend’s Caption Competition winner is Derek Edwards!:

“Sorry, Charles, we don’t know how to react to a partially wet surface…”
Derek Edwards

Thanks to everyone who came up with caption idea this week and a special mention to Biggsy, RBAlonso and stjs16 who each came up with particularly good captions.

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Happy birthday to Alex Bkk, Greg, Kathryn S, Lemon, Jayson D, Mehtab Ahmed and Derek Nickels!

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6 comments on “Aston Martin targeting greater DRS efficiency from coming upgrades”

  1. Probably all teams should work on strengthening DRS, especially Mercedes & Ferrari, alongside AM.

    1. The difference is Fallows understands how the RBR’s DRS works and he’s obviously designed the AM using the RBR aero philosophy. So, AM is the one team with a good chance of actually getting anywhere close to the RBR’s DRS efficiency. You could see their DRS efficiency had already taken a clearly visible step forward in Canada.

      1. Robert Henning
        27th June 2023, 12:55

        The Aston Martin’s upgrades especially to the engine cover were also RB inspired shall we say.

        Aston Martin poached a few aero engineers as well from RB, apart from Dan mid to late last year.

        I am sure AM has very good intel on RB, and I expect them to be the team to catch up, primarily because they are the only ones who know what RB has been upto.

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  3. Rory Harvey isn’t wrong, Cadillac and Corvette did very well at Le Mans. They obviously had some problems in the Hypercar class as well, which set them back, but for a long time they were putting out fastest laps.

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