Piastri gets biggest ratings boost in F1 23 August update


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Oscar Piastri has received the biggest attributes boost in the latest driver ratings update for F1 23, the official video game for the 2023 Formula 1 season.

EA Sports have released the August update for their F1 game, developed by Codemasters, corresponding with the launch of the second season of the game’s Podium Pass.

All 20 drivers included in the game – with Nyck de Vries still present in the game and Daniel Ricciardo to be added in a later patch – have received attributes adjustments, with 13 drivers having their overall rating affected.

The biggest change comes for McLaren’s Oscar Piastri, whose overall rating jumps three points from 76 to 79, making the Australian driver even clearer on top as the best ranked rookie in the game over Logan Sargeant, but still only the 18th-best rated driver on the grid.

Piastri’s ratings buff has been bumped by his three latest race weekends across Silverstone, Hungaroring and Spa-Francorchamps, in which he benefitted from a major upgrade package to the McLaren MCL60. He’s received a gain of six points on his pace rating and three to his racecraft.

The three top rated drivers in the field, Max Verstappen, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, have each had their overall ratings increased by one in the latest update. Verstappen remains the best rated driver in the game, now at a 96 overall as each of his four attributes rose by one point.

Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll has received the biggest drop in his overall rating for this latest update, dropping two points to an 81 overall after losing two to his racecraft and pace attributes. Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz Jnr has dropped from 88 overall to 87, while Charles Leclerc has lost four points to his awareness rating, but remains an 89 overall.

George Russell, Sergio Perez and Valtteri Bottas have all dropped one point overall, while Alexander Albon, Pierre Gasly, Yuki Tsunoda and Nico Hulkenberg have each been boosted by one.

F1 23 driver ratings August update breakdown

Max Verstappen8597869896
Fernando Alonso9993809393
Lewis Hamilton9794899293
Charles Leclerc7891829089
Lando Norris7788799289
Carlos Sainz Jnr8592798888
George Russell7790818887
Sergio Perez9294878387
Alexander Albon7684798986
Pierre Gasly7989778686
Valtteri Bottas8884968686
Esteban Ocon7892768485
Yuki Tsunoda7179748783
Nico Hulkenberg8678818382
Lance Stroll8088767981
Kevin Magnussen8278828180
Zhou Guanyu6681798180
Oscar Piastri5678828279
Logan Sargeant5775747071
Nyck de Vries5682756570

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12 comments on “Piastri gets biggest ratings boost in F1 23 August update”

  1. Frankly, the amount of coverage an arbitrary driver rating system in a mediocre F1 game receives, is astounding. It’s not just here by the way. Also, it’s almost an insult to relevant news that gets less coverage because of this.

  2. Coventry Climax
    15th August 2023, 16:08

    Oh good, I had trouble sleeping already.

    The wildfires didn’t bother me at all, but this..

  3. I’m surprised how long replacing De Vries with Ricciardo takes in the virtual world.

    1. Maybe virtual Marko is a much nicer guy than the real world version. Can’t imagine he didn’t drop a couple of points in the game though.

    2. @jerejj Gamewise De Vries doesn’t have to do so badly as in Real Life it’s stats and a randomizer so in your game he could be the wondrous rookie everyone thought he was.

    3. F1 23 is not as quick as someone photoshopping Ricciardo’s head onto De Vries’ body in Alpha Tauri kit, as soon as it was announced.

  4. Stroll is better than Piastri. I understand when you’re incapable of working on good physics, or you give up because it’s hard, but this is just playing dumb and making the game less realistic even where it doesn’t have to be. This is kinda insulting to Piastri actually, I’d take it personally if I was him.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Stroll should be dropped massively.

      Clearly part of the issue is the simplistic rating system. Stroll has flashes of speed, but for the most part is just slow. Pace should be split into speed and consistency: high speed but low consistency is low pace with flashes of speed (like qualifying flukes and the odd fast lap).

      I get that the ratings need to simple, but it’s just too simple when consistency is a key factor in the truly quick drivers.

      1. My thoughts exactly. There needs to be a consistency factor along with pace to balance the performance. Stroll though, should have a really low rating on both pace and consistency.

  5. Rubbish game. They’ve needed to get it out of Codemasters hands for a long time. They never bettered their first game F1 2010. That was actually fun to play.

  6. Apparently Bowser is getting a top speed bump in Super Mario Kart too, so a great day all round…

    1. Bowser’s Pace and Experience is pretty good, but Stroll has him beat on Racecraft and Pocket money.

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