Alpine has ‘small’ operating window with ’23 car – Gasly

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In the round-up: Alpine driver Pierre Gasly says his team’s car has a narrow window of best performance

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Alpine has ‘small’ operating window with ’23 car – Gasly

Alpine driver Pierre Gasly says that his team’s A523 has a “small window” where it performs best.

The team are currently sixth in the constructors’ championship with Gasly admitting Alpine have been “disappointed” with the first half of their season. The team replaced team principal Otmar Szafnauer and sporting director Pat Fry during the summer break.

“I think it’s consistently trying to chase a bit the balance that I like from it,” Gasly explained. “If anything, it [balance] felt slightly better balanced at the start of the year compared to at the recent events. So we need to figure out whether it’s upgrades related or track or tyres, etc. But there is some work to do.

“Obviously the overall potential is not quite there compared to our competitors. But it seems also quite to be quite a small window to really make it operate at its best. So it’s not easy, but F1 is not easy. I’m sure we’ll come back stronger for the rest of the year.”

Miyata extends Super Formula lead over Lawson after horror crash

Ritomo Miyata extended his advantage over Red Bull junior Liam Lawson in the Japanese Super Formula series from a single point to eight points after Lawson was involved in a horrifying opening lap crash at Motegi.

Reigning champion Tomoki Nojiri took his second win of the season with Miyata in fourth after Lawson spun on the exit of turn one while fighting for the lead with Nojiri. As Lawson skidded in front of the pack, both Tadasuke Makino and Yuhi Sekiguchi were launched over Lawson’s car, putting both out of the race with Makino taken to hospital.

After the race was red flagged, Lawson finished in 13th place following a drive-through penalty for having his car repaired during the stoppage.

Moto GP’s Quartararo compares Bagnaia to Verstappen

Fabio Quartararo, the 2021 Moto GP world champion, has compared current champion Francesco ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia to reigning F1 champion Max Verstappen.

Bagnaia extended his lead in the current Moto GP championship standings to 62 points with victory at the Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring. It was Bagnaia’s fifth grand prix win in the first ten rounds, with four sprint race wins.

“Pecco is a bit like Max Verstappen now, I think,” said Quartararo.

“He also had the best bike in the past few years, I believe. But you can have the best bike and still not achieve the results. It’s about the combination. But now it seems like he has the feeling that he’s unstoppable. I don’t see any rider now who can be faster than him.”

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6 comments on “Alpine has ‘small’ operating window with ’23 car – Gasly”

  1. An unusually chaotic start for a Super Formula race & even later, drivers seemed unusually feisty in battles.
    I view the Mugen battle as more or less 50-50, although Nojiri could’ve still given a bit more space because that corner is wide enough for two car widths.
    With the eventual outcome, the championship is effectively Miyata’s to lose.
    Finally, I doubt the unfortunate incident will impact Lawson’s chances of getting an F1 drive next year.

  2. Yellow Baron
    21st August 2023, 8:18

    After watching just 30 seconds of that superformula video I was blown away with how nimble the cars look. I assumed they just do a much better job with the cameras than F1 in conveying the speed. Although this may be true it turns out the superformula cars are 130kg lighter than F1 cars!!!


    Having said that the top class wec cars often look faster (or at least just as) and more nimble than F1 cars too. Again it must be down to the awful job that FOM does

    1. I noticed that too. It was like F1 used to look 20 years ago (not a precise estimate).

    2. All the more surprising that Super Formula cars aren’t exactly short either; they’re about 5,2 meters long which is a bit shorter than F1, but not a whole lot.

      Hypercars are quite a bit shorter than F1 cars, but heavier too.

      1. But surprising that, thought it would have been the other way around with the hyper cars and SF cars

    3. There was a suggestion from Dallara to use this new (what became) SF23 in an interest to move the ancient technology forward in Indycar as well, but the response from Penske Co. was something something…grumble ‘Muricans aint playin with others toys, grumble grumble..

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