F1’s run of wet weekends could continue in Zandvoort

2023 Dutch Grand Prix weather

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Formula 1 finally returns from the summer break this weekend with the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort – and rain may be returning too.

Rain has become a a major character in the 2023 F1 season so far. The last time that teams and drivers enjoyed a grand prix weekend without rain having an impact on any F1 session was the Miami Grand Prix all the way back in May.

This weekend sees F1 return to the Netherlands for the third time since the Dutch Grand Prix returned to the calendar in 2021. While there has never been a wet session at the modernised Zandvoort circuit over the two rounds held there so far, that could change this weekend.

Teams may have to get the intermediate tyres out as soon as Friday. There is a moderate 40% risk of showers on Friday afternoon at present, scheduled to clash with the second practice session of the day.

Saturday’s qualifying day is currently on track to be the driest of the three days of the race weekend. It is forecast that Saturday will be cloudy, with the biggest risk of rain being in the morning – although much lower than Friday.

For the grand prix on Sunday, however, the chances of rain picks up again. Systems currently predict another 40% chance of rain on Sunday, although again that risk is at its highest in the morning, when Formula 2 and the Porsche Supercup races will be taking place.

Aside from the risk of rain, it certainly will not feel like summer for the drivers after returning from the summer break. With its beachside setting, high winds are expected across the weeekend – increasing in intensity as the days progress. Gusts of up to 35kph are currently forecast during the race, which could cause headaches for drivers around the narrow, twisty circuit.

It’s also likely to be a much cooler Dutch Grand Prix that previous seasons. While last year saw ambient temperatures average just under 23 degrees, it’s currently expected that temperatures will only breach 20 degrees once over the five F1 sessions – that being during Friday afternoon’s second practice.

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16 comments on “F1’s run of wet weekends could continue in Zandvoort”

  1. Looks quite windy on Sunday – which usually also means rain won’t hang around too long. One of the most accurate websites for weather forecast in Zandvoort is probably: Windfinder

  2. I’m surprised how often wet weather has managed to affect events this season, mostly on Saturdays, & the Miami GP already otherwise feels like it happened forever ago, so even more so when considering this weather aspect.
    If the rain-affected consecutive GP streak continues yet again, Qatar GP, at the very latest, will end that streak.

      1. You really do seem to want to harass Jere off the site with these sorts of stupid posts.

  3. Well it really depends which weather website you look at it, so which weather model is used. There is a high pressure area with high uncertainty how it will move in coming days.

    One website shows pretty much only sunshine with less than 1mm of rain during the day while the other website shows 70% of rain during the days with total rainfall exceeding 10mm.

    1. Jonathan Parkin
      22nd August 2023, 10:25

      Which then allows me to quote a motorsports journalist from the nineties who once said about the weather;

      ‘The only accurate weather report is the question, What is it doing now?”

      1. Coventry Climax
        22nd August 2023, 12:27

        In my company, I overheard a telephone conversation about people going for a walk during lunch hour:
        “Weather forecast says it’ll rain within half an hour, we should go now!”
        I looked throught the window.
        It was pouring.

    2. Indeed, and Zandvoort being on the coast complicates this further.

      Given how long they’ve been around, and how much data is gathered all around the world, it’s actually quite surprising weather models are so bad at the specifics. Not necessarily now, on Tuesday, but even just a few hours out.

      1. Coventry Climax
        22nd August 2023, 12:33

        Where I live, we haven’t had an accurate weather forecast in over three years. Temperature, wind, both force and direction, it’s just never correct. And it doesn’t matter much which site or app we look at.

        This, if anything, shows how difficult local weather systems are to predict.
        On a larger scale though, they’re all quite good.

      2. I actually work at a weather and climate institute. The data in fact contradicts your statement, but the problem at hands is basically the amount of coupled variables to be computed, all based upon observational data with limited resolution and accuracy.

        Honestly F1 CFD simulations, while an art of their own, are a dream in terms of simplicity to me.

    3. I ask a local weatherman who lives in front of the circuit how the weather is going to do yesterday and he said:

      They wil need both tyres on all days (rain&slicks) and he can see for 5 days in advanced with great accuracy So as someone already said it will be wet and dry (short showers and hard winds) as normal on the Dutch coasts.
      Last weekend was even beter then last year but will change this week.

      1. I hope he’s right, because when I see 40% chance of rain lately I’m assuming it’s gonna be bone dry, there usually needs to be a higher %, like 80-100% to make rain actually happen during a competitive f1 session.

        1. It’s not raining continue but just showers coming over but the size of the showers will be different so if it’s short enough i think they can drive with slicks except in the biggest showers which are on Saterday.

  4. Coventry Climax
    22nd August 2023, 12:37

    F1’s run of wet weekends could continue in Zandvoort

    Yep, that a 100% correct. It could.

    1. At the coast means you will see the showers flying over your face will be wet and after a few minutes blown dry again (rinse and repeat..)

    2. Yup. Another click bait non-story

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