(L to R): Lando Norris, Oscar Piastri, McLaren, Silverstone, 2023

Piastri not content with being close to team mate Norris

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In the round-up: Oscar Piastri says he’s not content with simply driving on a similar level to his team mate Lando Norris.

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In brief

Piastri not content with being close to team mate Norris

McLaren rookie Oscar Piastri says he is eager to try and beat his more experienced team mate Lando Norris instead of simply matching him.

Piastri qualified directly behind Norris in both Silverstone and the Hungaroring and out-qualified Norris in grand prix qualifying at Spa-Francorchamps. However, Piastri says he’s not content with simply performing on a similar level to Norris.

“I don’t want to just be close to Lando, of course,” Piastri said. “I want to try and beat him.

“It’s not an easy task. I think we all know how good Lando is, but I don’t want to just settle there. It’s been nice to be so close, but until you’re beating your team-mate, you’re always going to feel like there’s more to come.”

Lundqvist to make IndyCar oval debut

Rookie IndyCar driver and last season’s Indy Lights champion Linus Lundqvist will step into Simon Pagenaud’s Meyer Shank Racing car for this weekend’s oval race at Gateway.

Pagenaud has missed the last six IndyCar races after a violent accident in practice at Mid-Ohio. Lundqvist has stepped in for Pagenaud at Nashville at the most recent race at the Indianapolis road course. His race at Gateway will be his first on an oval.

“I know that it is going to be tough and tricky, but I know the team is going to give me a good car to have a solid result like we had at Indy,” Lundqvist said.

“I’m also very much looking forward to working with Helio [Castroneves] as a teammate. Working with him on an oval is something that every driver would want to do and I’m just going to learn from it as much as I can this weekend.”

F1 esports champion Blakeley wins first car race

Reigning F1 esports world champion Lucas Blakeley won his first race in cars at Brands Hatch in British Formula Ford 1600 at Brands Hatch.

Blakeley, who won the 2022 F1 esports pro championship with McLaren last year, has been competing in the Formula Ford series for the last two seasons. He took victory in the third race at Brands Hatch Indy at the weekend, winning from fourth on the grid.

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Comment of the day

With Fernando Alonso admitting his inability to capture a third world title with Ferrari remains the biggest disappointment in his career, MichaelN admires Alonso’s razor-sharp mentality…

Alonso is a great example of a particular trait that seems to be necessary to be a good sportsman: they are very good at isolating their own contribution from external influences, and just focus relentlessly on doing the best job now and next time without getting too bogged down about previous results that they may or may not have had much influence over.

Arguably Alonso takes it a bit too far, because there were definitely moments in 2010 and 2012 where he single-handedly dropped the ball and cost himself points – and in doing so perhaps even the championship. But regardless, it’s impressive to see him still on it 20+ years after his debut. I doubt many people can bring themselves to care that much, and be that dedicated, for that long.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Master Firelee and Kart22!

On this day in motorsport

  • On this day in 1993 Penske’s Paul Tracy scored an emphatic win in the CART IndyCar grand prix of Road America, 27 seconds ahead of Nigel Mansell, who nonetheless extended his championship lead

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5 comments on “Piastri not content with being close to team mate Norris”

  1. @willwood I wrote an article about Crashgate, and all the other instances of cheating in F1 history, and how they would change their championships under Bernie Ecclestone and Felipe Massa’s rule about the entire race being expunged from the history books when one team cheats. Would you be interested in including it as a ‘motor racing link of interest’? Thank you.


    1. Great analysis and write up, @F1Frog.
      I’ll plan to read the other articles as well.

      Under this system, Alain Prost and Michael Schumacher are now the equal-most successful drivers on seven titles each, with Hamilton down to six.

      No worries there. Toto can easily confess they cheated in any of the 2021 races where Verstappen beat Hamilton on points, resulting in nullifying that race’s result and giving Hamilton his 7th F1 title back ;)

      Or even better, they can even join Massa’s legal claim whilst admitting they cheated in Bahrain, Canada, France, or Brazil.

    2. It’s a nice write-up of all of F1’s many controversies over the years. Three not mentioned might be:

      In 2011, there was quite a bit of back and forth over whether or not the blown diffusers were legal. Eventually the FIA declared they should be heavily restricted, and arguably the only ‘proper’ race that season was the English GP. Which Ferrari won (albeit with some help from Red Bull’s pitstop shenanigans). After the race they reverted their decision after loud complaining from the usual folks, and the races went back to being dominated by the Renault powered Red Bull, which engine was particularly well suited to the concept.

      In 2012, Red Bull arguably ‘cheated’ with their floor design in the early season (until Monaco?). They were kindly invited to make changes, and were allowed to keep all their points.

      In 2014, Red Bull cheated exceeding by fuel flow regulations in the first race. They blamed the supplier of the sensor, the FIA disagreed, Red Bull claimed everyone was also cheating, again the FIA disagreed, and Ricciardo was booted from the podium in the Australian GP. In a somewhat ironic twist, Hamilton started the V6 Turbo era with the all-conquering Mercedes engine with… an engine-related DNF. So removing the race wouldn’t matter to the championship.

    3. @f1frog. Nice one!

    4. Excellent article @f1frog !

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