Ferrari's livery for the 2023 Italian Grand Prix

Ferrari to celebrate 2023 Le Mans win with Italian GP livery tweak

2023 Italian Grand Prix

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Ferrari will celebrate their 2023 Le Mans 24 Hours victory with a special livery for this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix, their home Formula 1 race.

The top half of the race suits and the helmets of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jnr will also be adorned with this one-off design, which will use more of the colour that Ferrari was originally associated with: yellow.

Adopted from the Le Mans-winning 499P hypercar, which has them running down its sides, yellow “V” stripes will be added to the SF-23’s nose and engine cover. The drivers’ numbers will be printed in yellow too, and of the items being worn there is an increased use of black on Sainz’s helmet in addition to yellow gaining more prominence.

Last year Ferrari also had a one-off livery for the Italian Grand Prix, which included the brand name typed out in yellow across blackened planes of the rear wing, with the end plates also being yellow. The drivers’ numbers and helmets were also yellow, and the red in their race suits was entirely swapped out for yellow. This year’s design is less extreme in changing traditional elements of Ferrari’s livery and kit.

Ferrari will bring the 499P to Monza, along with a 296 GTE3 and the 2003 Italian Grand Prix-winning F2003-GA. All three will be on display in the fan zone behind the paddock, and nearby a wall will be set up that lists every driver who has won a race at Monza in a Ferrari. That includes single-seaters and sports cars, and racing at every level.

In the city of Monza itself, the 1988 Italian GP-winning Ferrari F1-87/88C will be on display through the weekend.

Ferrari's livery for the 2023 Italian Grand Prix
Ferrari’s livery for the 2023 Italian Grand Prix
Ferrari's livery for the 2023 Italian Grand Prix
Ferrari’s livery for the 2023 Italian Grand Prix

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Alessandro Pier Guidi/James Calado/Antonio Giovinazzi, #51 Ferrari 499P, Le Mans 24 Hours, 2023
Alessandro Pier Guidi, James Calado and Antonio Giovinazzi won the Le Mans 24 Hours for Ferrari

2023 Italian Grand Prix

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9 comments on “Ferrari to celebrate 2023 Le Mans win with Italian GP livery tweak”

  1. Win and Ferrari in the same sentence. That’s rare.

  2. Okay-ish

  3. Coventry Climax
    29th August 2023, 21:36

    Pretty pathetic, when a BoP-based win is all there is to celebrate in, how many years? Or should we count in decades already?

    1. Yawn.
      You clowns who don’t understand BoP used to be comical to watch, but now you’re just boring.

  4. To me it looks more Belgian or McDonald colors….. could be more flashy.

  5. You know what usually happens when running a special livery..

  6. I feel the colour scheme works a lot better on the HyperCar but it is nice that they are promoting another series.

    Leclerc was in the Ferrari garage for the Le Man’s win and I wondered if he fancied a seat for 2024.

  7. When you see the Yellow Ferrari suit Lapo Elkann wore last season. One expects more extravagance from Ferrari when they do special liveries.

    Then again the special liveries from all teams this season have been quite anticlimactic.
    Perhaps it has something to do with a combination of the busy schedule and budget cap that teams are unwilling to run more elaborate special liveries. Since all those parts are being reused.

  8. Looks like German flag… ;-D

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