‘Nothing to suggest’ Singapore GP contracts compromised by corruption case

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In the round-up: The Singaporean government says that there was “nothing to suggest” that contracts for its Formula 1 race were compromised by a corruption scandal.

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In brief

‘Nothing to suggest’ Singapore GP contracts compromised

The former transport minister of Singapore who allegedly received around £100,000-worth of bribes from Singapore Grand Prix chairman Ong Beng Seng, including tickets to the race over multiple years, did not compromise the Singaporean government’s deal with race promotors, they claim.

Subramaniam Iswaran resigned from his position this week after he was charged with 27 corruption-related counts relating to alleged gifts he received from Ong over several years. In a statement released by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Singaporean government said there “is nothing to suggest as of now that either the F1 contracts or other contracts were structured to the disadvantage of the government.”

Iswaran pleaded not guilty to all 27 charges. An investigation into Ong is underway.

Martins confirms second F2 season with ART

Alpine junior driver Victor Martins will compete in his second season in Formula 2 for 2024 with the same ART team he raced with last year.

The F3 champion of 2022, Martins finished fifth in the championship last season with a single race victory at Silverstone, 53 points behind his team mate Theo Pourchaire, who took the title.

“Together with ART Grand Prix, we have a mutual past that is made up of passion and success,” said Martins. “One which has seen the crowning of several titles, I hope to add another in 2024, a decisive season for my development.”

Weug to represent Ferrari in F1 Academy

Ferrari have confirmed that academy driver Maya Weug will race in the team’s scarlet colours in this year’s F1 Academy championship.

The 19-year-old will race with Prema in the second season of the series this year after racing in the Formula Regional European Championship in 2023. Each Formula 1 team will support a single driver each in the all-female category this season.

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Comment of the day

With the CEO of Ford talking up the American motoring giant’s entry into Formula 1, Tristan is a little cynical…

High expectations. This doesn’t sound really good – not their team, just there for F1’s technology. It sounds like they’re already one foot out the door ready to cut and run.

That being said ,if their battery tech is as good as they’re claiming, Red Bull and Ford might work their way into a Mercedes situation with how they got their engine advantage.

It’s a bit suspect that R&D has begun on the engine while the car development is disallowed, they’d have to be thinking about packaging and how the car could be taking shape around the engine. Also, so much for budget caps.

Sounds like what is happening in meeting rooms today is of more consequence than what will be happening on the track in two years time.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Markg!

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9 comments on “‘Nothing to suggest’ Singapore GP contracts compromised by corruption case”

  1. I wonder if they execute people for corruption in Singapore or if that’s just for drugs offenses.

    1. Yeah please don’t paint us as some human-rights infringing state. If you must criticise Singapore it would be for our substandard state media and high cost of living and typical congested city stuff. Most of us are fine with our laws. We’re not oppressed or anything.

  2. Very interesting note about Victor Martins being re-signed by ART. He surely has to be the favourite to win the title. He is so much older than the two Prema drivers.

    Some F2 seasons can influence the Formula 1 grid for many years to come (see 2018) and I suspect 2024 will be one of those years. The interest is also high to see how the new car works. It is still without power steering, but is supposed to be more accessible for a variety of drivers of different strength levels. It’s also a move to ground effects, so it’ll be interesting to see how different drivers handle it.

  3. The Singapore-related matter was already reported before last season’s event, firmly assuring the event isn’t under threat, so I don’t understand why the same matter is suddenly re-reported on some sites.

  4. Corruption has never stopped F1 before, so why would it be different now?

    1. If I was feeling cynical I’d say corruption draws F1.

    2. There are 5yrs of Bernie’s life that are unaccounted for.

  5. “Iswaran pleaded not guilty to all 27 charges.”

    He later admitted he did release 27 lizards. A few of which made it onto the track!

  6. Slyvain Filippi: ”It’s all about the downforce. Today we can make an electric motor that can beat a Formula One engine in acceleration, and even deliver the same high speeds. However, so much of lap times come from downforce. Formula E also runs tyres that are half road, half racing. The weight is the same already, and with the same aero and grip it would be similarly quick.”

    I admire the excitement, but it isn’t so simple, is it?
    – FE could brat F1 on acceleration… Perhaps from standing still up to some arbitrary speed, but not really out of a corner on a race track. We could look at Monaco telemetry to check how close this is to reality.
    – Deliver the same high speeds… doesn’t look like it’s close to that, currently with 470 HP and low drag cars you can go fast, but it seems pretty far away from F1 top speed fast.
    – lap time comes from downforce… True, also drag comes from downforce. A car will need a lot more power output to overcome the additional drag, 1200HP+ instead of 470.
    – to output 1200HP you either lose your range completely or you add an unreasonable amount of weight in batteries. Then you are too heavy to compare with F1 or don’t have range for a full lap.

    Technology will optimize and solve some of these problems. If the elettic hype doesn’t die first. Fossil fuel or a sustainable replacement have such a huge advantage on power density, it’s hard to imagine a comparable performance over a GP distance or even a lap relying on batteries.

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