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Seventh “is not success” for Williams, insists Vowles

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In the round-up: James Vowles says Williams taking seventh in the constructors championship in 2023 does not count as a success

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Seventh “is not success” for Williams, insists Vowles

Williams team principal James Vowles says that taking seventh place in the constructors’ championship does not constitute ‘success’ for his team.

Vowles joined Williams last year and led them to seventh in the standings, their best finish to a season since 2017. Speaking on the High Performance Podcast, Vowles says he’s wary of the team getting too happy with their results.

“When there’s a taste of success, you want to hold on to what you’ve got,” he said. “But putting that into a little bit of context, we scored as many points as a top team would score in one weekend.

“It was a success by the measure of where we were, but it’s not success. I don’t want that for this team. I don’t want that for the future of this team. I want more than that.”

Hunter-Reay and Daly get Indy 500 seats

Ryan Hunter-Reay and Conor Daly will both compete in this year’s Indianapolis 500 with Dreyer and Reinbold.

Hunter-Reay, who won the famous race back in 2014, will compete in his 16th Indy 500 this year, while Daly will race for the 11th time in the showpiece event, looking to improve on his best finish of sixth in 2022.

Lego launching new F1 sets

Lego will launch a series of racing car sets, including the McLaren MP4-4, the 2023 McLaren MCL60 and the 2023 Mercedes W14.

Released in the Speed Champions range, the W14 model features a ‘working V6 engine’ and comes in a 1:8 scale.

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Social media

Notable posts from X (formerly Twitter), TikTok and more:

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Comment of the day

On the day when Lewis Hamilton was confirmed to be leaving Mercedes to join Ferrari for 2025, Red Andy cannot wait to see it happen…

I like this move a lot. Breaking up the ‘dream team’ feels like the right thing for building longer-term interest in F1.

So – who will win a race first: Hamilton in a Ferrari or a Hamilton-less Mercedes? At this moment, I’d be inclined to say the former, but it will be fascinating to see how it all plays out.

Can we fast forward through 2024 and get straight to the good stuff? I feel like we all know how this year is going to turn out anyway.
Red Andy

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Invoke, Oliver Queisser, Sriram, Photozen, Cucamest, Michael Brown and Noah!

On this day in motorsport

  • On this day in 1989 Dallara launched its F189

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15 comments on “Seventh “is not success” for Williams, insists Vowles”

  1. Completely agree with the cotd and the point is hammered home by the online reception. Movement in the driver market is so good for F1. I can’t wait to see how Leclerc and Hamilton go head to head, even if they aren’t fighting for a championship. (My money’s on Hamilton.)

    That UAOA is fair enough I think. The technology is there for social media to be filtered enough for any kind of abuse to never make its way through to the recipient. The really disgusting stuff should definitely be punished to the full extent of applicable laws. Most people dumb enough to do it aren’t smart enough to protect their privacy anyway, again it’s just a matter of applying existing technology to identify them.

    1. It becomes a lot harder when said platforms are located in the United States, where there is simply more room for ‘nasty speech’ than in other parts of the world. And all the more so when said platforms seem to take pride in allowing the most nonsensical idiocy just to prove a point to their critics.

      You can already see (European) public organisations, politicians and businesses moving away from the Twitter platform. It’ll take some time, but after a while the only people left on those online free-for-alls will be the folks who chased everyone else away. I suppose they’ll then finally achieve peak freedom, and… turn on each other, I guess.

      1. I registered a secondary Twitter account, but haven’t yet used it so it doesn’t know my preferences and the default setting / feed is literally all crazy, far right conspiracy theories Musk promotes due to the major axe grinding he can’t seem to resist. It’s pretty unconscionable.

  2. Well done Keith to point out that age isnt always a factor when it comes to doing your job, the view that unless your in your twenties then its off to the knackers yard is quite the thing in the sporting World.
    As for Carlos Jnr, perhaps he should, as they yoot say ‘Get Gud’ :-)

    1. It’s not ageism what the OP wondered; it was even mentioned that the move was ‘bombshell’. Pro’s and con’s to any decision.

      I guess promoting your own tweets on your own website is a bit like Aston Martin letting Lance occupy one of their seats. Get Gud doesn’t count in those instances;)

  3. “90% saying that this is likely to lead to them quitting the sport”

    How many have quit due to ‘abuse’? Don’t like online ‘abuse’? Stay offline. Problem solved.

    I’ve had ‘hate and abuse’ online since the 90s. It’s real simple, ignore it. And if you think you can remove that kind of behavior from online, how’s it working out in the real world? More hate and abuse than ever. It’ll never be rid of. Toughen up and suck it up.

    Also, there are teams and drivers that I hate but I’ll keep it to myself because I have a bit of class!

    1. This was my first thought, but it’s undeveloped. The answer is to give up and accept that humans will always be terrible to each other so why even bother trying to communicate? It’s not excellent. Sports people just shouldn’t use social media? Why not? It’s just like saying women shouldn’t walk alone at night.

      No one should have to “suck up” being abused, we can strive to do better as a society.

      1. Tristan, the problem is, the attitude of the original poster will probably be to ignore your response.

        It’s also, in many ways, an attitude that actively helps make the problem worse – going “it’s not my problem – get lost and toughen up” isolates those who are being harassed in that manner and makes them feel even more victimised, whilst those who do engage in such behaviour have the feeling that they can act with impunity and see the attitude of the previous poster as evidence they’re effectively condoning such behaviour.

        1. Sadly, we’ve seen trying to legislate against hateful speech or creating an equally radical oppositional culture actually leads to an increase in hate and hate speech. So, denying it oxygen seems a lot more likely to work than some ten-point CSR plan to make SM a safe space. Sadly, social media is a poison and it ain’t going away or getting fixed.

        2. I didn’t ignore his comment but thanks for assuming! I suppose ‘silence is violence’ too huh?

          These drivers get paid millions, have life coaches and health coaches.. How about someone to toughen them up mentally? If a couple words on the internet ‘trigger’ you, you aren’t mentally prepared for top level sport, period!

          I don’t condone mean words, often times I think it’s pretty vile but they are after all, just words. Letters on a computer. They aren’t even vibrations from someones mouth to the ‘victim’s’ face.

          There’s a lot more dangerous things than words! If you’ve ever been a victim, you’d know.

    2. You forget one thing; there are companies who make billions facilitating the sorts of the abuse. They should be held accountable. You can both defend freedom of speech (opinion), and fight (online) abuse.

      Abuse will have much less impact if it’s reduced to a weirdo shouting in his/her mum’s cellar.

    3. @Jay
      Wow, the most surprising thing is that you were online in the 90s! I only got on the internet in 2005. Where could you obtain online hate&abuse in the 90s other than chats you attained yourself?

      Nah, I dislike your comparison. It’s a wrong one.
      Women being afraid to walk alone at night is a result of a threat of real physical harm. Online “abuse” is when people just read stupid texts written mostly by kids, teenagers and young people and treat them too seriously. It’s like entering a kindergarten and treating all nonsense kids say as as truthful as if they were uttered by Jihadi terrorists. That harm is self inflicted. Internet is not a new thing, people new to grow up and learn how to use it.

      1. Chat rooms, video game lobbies, I even had my own website with a ‘guestbook’. I learned a lot of new words from people in that era! It stung at first but then I realized that I’ll never know these people in real life, so who cares what they say about me or my work.

        I even dished it out at times. And I look back on that era with shame and humiliation. Especially after 9/11. Attitudes and emotions were very strong. It took me years but I took all of these experiences and learned from them.

        I’ll never accept hatred directed at me online again, nor will I hate anyone else online. I root for peace and love, even if things seemingly never get better, online that is.

    4. Not everyone comes at this from the same place. Some people will indeed be able to shrug it off, ignore the nonsense and move on with their day. But this is not a universal position.

      A lot of people are influenced by their online interactions, and all the more so when they’re younger, less confident, less sure of their own path and place in life. And not all online interactions are the same; an open forum like a message board, Reddit, what have you is very different from an Instagram page where each interaction its much more personal.

      Keeping certain comments to yourself is commendable, but sadly that’s not something everyone else does.

  4. Those Lego sets are awesome…

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