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Pictures: New views of McLaren MCL38 seen in testing

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McLaren revealed the first images of their MCL38 last week. However the team was careful to obscure much of their new car’s significant details.

But with testing underway at the Bahrain International Circuit today we can now see the team’s current design in full.

The team’s new car is one of the most keenly anticipated designs of the new season, following the remarkable gains they made in their pursuit of Red Bull last year. Two significant upgrades, which were introduced at the Austrian and Singapore grands prix, transformed McLaren from Q1 strugglers to regular podium finishers.

The team made no significant changes to its car over the final rounds of the year, which they believe was the reason why the likes of Ferrari edged ahead of them by the end of the season. But they believe they have a realistic chance of closing the gap to Red Bull in the year ahead.

“If we keep the development rate that we had in 2023 onto the 2024 car then I think we can be in a strong position,” said team principal Andrea Stella at the car’s presentation. “Whether that’s enough to challenge Red Bull and the other top teams that certainly will have made good improvements, we will find out. But we think that this is a strong development rate but like I said, it’s now up to us to try and consolidate over time.”

The car seen in Bahrain is much the same as that launched last week, but the team already has its first updates in the pipeline. “We are working on delivering some projects to the MCL38 but these will come later, after the start of the season,” Stella added.

Pictures: 2024 McLaren MCL38 on track

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  1. I can’t help feeling that things are going to be less than great for McLaren at the first couple of races, like last year. I hope to be proved wrong, though.

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