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Pictures: F1 Academy’s new field of F1 lookalikes hit the track in Jeddah

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F1 Academy is displaying a much stronger association with Formula 1 as its second season begins at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit this weekend.

The first champion, held across seven rounds last year, was a more low-key affair which took place away from F1 race weekends until the finale at the Circuit of the Americas.

However for its second year F1 is keen to make its connection to the all-female junior series more explicit. Every round this year will take place on the F1 support bill, and 11 of the 15 regular drivers are backed by and carry the liveries of grand prix teams.

To make the association as clear as possible for television viewers, it is reflected on the timing screens as well. Drivers backed by F1 teams appear next to their logos rather than those of the teams which run their cars.

Lola Lovinfosse, Rodin, F1 Academy, Jeddah Corniche Circuit, 2024
Some drivers are backed by sponsors instead of teams
The series is intended to provide a high-profile racing opportunity to women who have recently graduated from karting. While F1 has always been open to both genders, no woman has attempted to qualify for a grand prix since 1992, something their series hopes to change. There are no women competing in F2 this year and only one, Sophia Floersch, in F3.

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc said “it is super-important to see this new series with all the Formula 1 teams involved.

“I think it’s amazing and also to give the chance to all these women that are hoping to one day join Formula 1 and to give them a platform in order they can show what they are really capable of.”

Following this weekend’s two races the series will resume at the Miami Grand Prix in two months’ time. Its final two rounds coincide with the last dates on F1’s calendar: the Qatar and Abu Dhabi grands prix, both in December.

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F1 Academy practice in pictures

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