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This area is for people who are attending or planning to attend the 2011 Singapore Grand Prix at the Singapore street circuit.

Use the comments below to share your thoughts on the race, where on the track you intend to watch from, how you’ll get to the track and more.

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2011 Singapore Grand Prix

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  1. I attended my first Singapore GP in 2010 and am poised to return for the 2011 race. I did an extensive write up on Trip Advisor in the form a List of tips on how to get the most from the event (rather than a simple review) http://www.tripadvisor.com/GoListDetail-i23030-Singapore_Formula_1_Grand_Prix.html

    and I reproduce it here where it hopefully be of use to a greater number of fans…

    1. Introduction
    The First Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix was held in 2008 at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. It was the first and only Grand Prix to be held entirely at night under a flood lid track. Singapore is due to hold the race till the 2012 event. There is no announcement yet if Singapore will hold a Grand Prix after this date. At the moment the Singapore Tourism Board /Government foots 60% of the bill to hold the event. In addition to worldwide TV exposure Singapore receives around 40000 overseas visitors for the event. As the event is held in the evenings over 3 days, it is entirely practical to use the mornings and afternoons for sightseeing and shopping or any other regular visitor activity and watch the racing in the evenings.
    The 2011 Singapore Grand Prix is due to be held on September 23.24 and 25th.
    (This List was last updated 28th Nov 2010)

    2. Accommodation
    Singapore, Singapore
    To recover some of the costs to hold the event the Government imposes a ‘F1 Levy’ on hotel rooms during the 4 days of the event (Thurs-Sunday). Currently hotels designated as ‘Trackside’ are charged 30% of their room revenue as a levy. All other Tourist hotels are charged 20%. Hence, the prices of accommodation during this period reflect this extra charge the hotels have to bear as well as price rise due to demand. When should you book your rooms? Early!- especially for the Trackside hotels that are occupied by the race teams and officials, and hospitality guests. A lot of hotels block out the Grand Prix dates to early reservation and only release these rooms once other hotels release their rooms and prices. Other offer for a cheaper price initially and then raise the rates as rooms get taken up.
    In 2010 and early reservation at the start of the year would have cost you S$400 per night to stay at the 5* Trackside Pan Pacific hotel (used by Ferrari and Lotus), this gradually raised to nearly S$1000 per night closer to the event. The Ibis in Bencoolen (walking distance to the track) was less than S$200 per night if booked early. In Orchard Road (3 stops or about 6min on the MRT)the 5* Royal Plaza on Scotts and the Mandarin Orchard Hotel consistently had the best rates. For those on a budget the Hotel 81 and Fragrance Chains offer good value. Though some of these are in seedier/more colourful (but very safe) parts of town, F1 fans seem to be the majority of the customers during this period. In the last 3 years prices have dropped in the 2 weeks before the event as Hotel try to fill their remaining rooms. For last minute deals please check the Online Hotel room consolidators like Agoda, Asia Best Hotel, Wotif and Asia Travel. Click on the link (labled Singapore,Singapore) below the title to brings up a TripAdvisor thread on F1 Accomadation.
    Currently (Oct2010) you can book rooms for 2011 at the very popular 4*Traders Hotel on Orchard Road for only S$225+tax per night (this is pretty much the regular off peak rate). ***** Nov 2010**** The 5* Mandarin Orchard is available for S$199+ Tax for the whole Race Weekend.

    3. Tickets
    Tickets prices are normally made known in late January and normally go on sale in early March for the race in September. They can be bought online from the Official Singapore F1 website, the Singapore Ticketing agent SISTIC or from a range of authorised ticket agents worldwide (in your local currency), which will be listed on the Singapore F1 website.
    As per other Grand Prix events around the world, there is a significant discount (nearly 20%) for purchasing your tickets early during the ‘Early Bird’ period. Tickets are either for a seat in the Grandstands (with a view of Big screens so you can follow the race) or for ‘Walkabout’ / General Access tickets – will allow you access to the Circuit park but no access to any Grandstands (unlike European GPs where there is free seating on the Friday). All Grandstand tickets are sold as 3 day tickets only. Initially all Walkabout tickets are also for 3days only but with a month or 2 to the race the organisers normally release individual day tickets for those who can only attend a single day. A small number of tickets are reserved to be sold on the day at ticket booths located next to the entry gates. You receive a different ticket for each day and the tickets are transferable so different people can attend on different days. This also make it easier to swap your Friday or Sunday tickets with like minded fans so you see the action from different Grandstands and vantage points (I got to see the action from Esplande and Stamford Grandstands as well as my ticketed seat in Turn2). Tickets permit entry and re-entry as many times as you like throughout the day (the circuit normally opens at 3pm and closes at 1am).
    One of the advantages of the Marina Bay Circuit is it is right in the centre of the city, walking distance to numerous MRT stations, Shopping malls, food and beverage establishment and hotels. This makes popping and in an out of the circuit after the support races and in-between sessions a practicality. There is a lot of off track entertainment and concerts put on throughout the day when there is no action on track however.
    If buying online direct from the Official Singapore F1 website you get to choose the Block within the grandstand as well as the grandstand itself. Front rows are very popular (you cant choose rows, first come first served, the ticketing system at previous events have released the lower rows first) You get very close to the cars, there’s no one tall infront of you and there is a hand rail in front of you to place a camera atop – there is however slightly less leg room. You can choose to have the Tickets mailed to you internationally (they seem to get sent out in July) or collected from a Post office in Singapore (from August) or the Ticket collection centre next to the Track when you arrive in Singapore (this is the option I choose travelling from the UK – for 2010 it was located at the convention centre of the SwissOtel the Stamford Hotel)

    4. What ticket to buy?
    Grandstands – Grandstands seats generally give the best views, you get a seat and even the lowest seats are well above ground level giving you bigger field of view. Grandstand seats are also in front of big screens (with commentary that you can actually hear) so you can follow the race. The price of the Grandstands generally reflect the view you get. Bay Grandstand has the worst physical seats, cramped and less comfortable than those found in the temporary stands. However for only $80 or more than Walkabout tickets, they are very good value. The lower rows of the Esplanade Waterfront Grand stand allow you to get very close to the cars at a slow part of the circuit. In faster parts of the track it generally better to sit further away to allow you to follow the cars. The Sun normally sets just before 7pm. It becomes bearable (for me ) to sit out in the sun from around 6pm. The Stamford, Connaught and Esplanade Grandstands gets the most shade as they face East and the setting sun is behind you. The Stamford Grandstand also has a hospitality block build above the grandstand that block out the direct sun much earlier in the day.
    The only covered seats are part of Hospitality packages (comes with meals, free bar, indoor air-conditioned area etc), the cheapest being the Green Room package. Pit Grandstand Tickets, together with Turn 1 and Turn 2 are the top price tickets and give a view of the cars lining up for the start of the race as well a view of the pits from seats. Turn 1 Bloack A4-6 seats give close quarter views of the Turn 1, 2 and 3 – and are amongst the best seats in the house.
    Walkabout ? These ticket give you free access to all parts of the circuit park included within the Zones on your ticket but no access to the Grandstands. There are bleachers set up at strategic points where you can see the race. Whilst there are public big screens where you can also watch the race. There arent normally any in front of the bleachers (you can hire a Kangaroo TV handheld unit to follow the race though). Public commentary can be heard throughout the circuit. Some of the Walkabout viewing platforms and areas get you closer to the cars than any of the grandstands and afford excellent views. The bleachers next to Turn 1/2 are particularly good, as well as viewing areas next to Turn 11/12

    5. Free Views?
    Though the organisers do a good job of screening off fences and overpasses, as this is a street Circuit there some public areas that overlook the track where you can catch some live action for gratis. If you bring a small stool with you can get a reasonable view over the barrier from numerous points (though as your often close to the track along a straight, the cars are gone in a flash. Naturally the trackside hotels, especially those with balconies provide a view if you’re a guest there. The best free view I found is from the outdoor balcony area of the Foodloft food court at the Marina Square Mall, which overlooks. Turn 16 and 17. Personally I think this view is better than what you would get from most of the Bay Grandstand. So get there early, get some cheap tasty food and get a table on the balcony.

    6. Zones
    The Circuit is dived into Zones. For 2010 The Pit, Turn 1,2 and 3 Grandstands are located in Zone 1. All other grandstand are located in Zone 4 (except Bay Grandstand which is located in Zone 3). Ticket holders to Zone one (and premier Walkabout Ticket holders) can access all zones and use any of the 10 entry points around the circuit. Ticket holders to Zone 4 (and regular Walkabout ticket holders) can access Zone 4 only. Bay grandstand is the only thing in Zone 3 and Bay Grandstand ticket holders can access Zone 4 as well. In 2010, The Singapore Flyer was located in Zone 2 and was only accessible to ticket holder with Zone 1 access who were able to get unlimited free rides throughout the day and night.

    7. Entertainment
    The entertainment schedule is usually known by June or July. For 2010 the headlining acts were confirmed rather late.The 2 main entertainment stages are the one in the Padang (the big open field with the circuit located in Zone 4 and the Village stage located in Zone 1. There is secondary entertainment held in the floating platform and in the Paddock lifestyle area accessible only to those of the Formula 1 Paddock Club. Entertainment of one sort or another is virtually continuous from 4pm when there is no activity on the track. Maria Carey performed after the end of the race on Sunday at the Padang Stage. There is no additional charge for any of the entertainment laid out within the circuit.

    8. Food and Beverage
    There are numerous F&B stall set up in the Padang and a significant amount in Zone1. Zone 1 has a more premium feel to its F&B establishments with more exclusive units. Zone 4 houses the Hawker village with the cheapest food. Expect to pay roughly twice what it would cost in a food Court. $4 for 500ml bottle of soft drink, $10 for a big plastic mug of beer (no glass allowed in the Circuit), $7 for a bowl of Laksa & $10 for 6 sticks of satay in plastic cup. Between the Esplanade water front Grandstand and the Esplanade Theatres is the food gem of the circuit park – The Glutons Bay Hawker centre. This is a regular popular hawker centre that finds itself ring fenced within the circuit for the 3 day race weekend. Food here is better and cheaper than anywhere else on the circuit – you pay regular everyday prices in general. Of course there are many malls containing food courts and fast food outlets as well as other restaurants literally with 2min in any direction around the circuit park. There are numerous entry/exit gates to allow you to get to food and drink just as quick as it would be to walk to the Food stalls within the circuit park. These malls also provide welcome free air-conditioning and respite in between track activity.

    9. After parties and other Off circuit Entertainment
    There numerous post race parties that regular ticket holder can access with the purchase of the appropriate ticket including the official Amber Lounge event often frequented by the drivers themselves. Lots of clubs, bars and restaurants in Clark Quay offer promotions and discounts for ticket holders.

    10. Transport
    Raffles Place, City Hall, Esplanade, Promenade and Nicoll Highway MRT station are close to various gates around the circuit. This must be the eaiest GP to get to from your Hotel on the Calender (no need to camp out at the circuit) Last train times are extended till after 1am across the network for the race weekend for those not staying within walking distance. Most of the Orchard road hotels are with 30min walk once you have left the circuit, if you rather not take the train. Leaving the circuit is very easy even with the crowds, by heading towards the nearest gate and MRT station. Leaving your Grandstand seat to arriving at an Orchard Road Hotel by MRT should take around 30min or so. The track is opened up to the public after the race on Sunday so you can take the scenic route back, rather than the designated walking route. Taxis are also readily available, however there is location surcharge of $5 for the 3 race days. Singapore is a small Island and the MRT trains are quick so even if you are staying at the furthest hotel from the circuit (Crown Plaza at Changi Aiport) you are no more than 35-40min by public transport from one of the entry gates to the Circuit

    11. Photography
    I am not a photographer and don’t have any gear more advanced than a Compact Super zoom camera. I did take plenty of pictures but these were to remind me of the event rather than have great close up pictures of the cars. It’s dark and the cars move pretty fast. You will need a wide aperture and fast shutter speed. Try and shoot cars at a slower corner to allow longer shutter speeds. Some of the walkabout viewing platforms are great for this. The fencing is a hindrance with auto focus cameras choosing to focus on the fencing rather than the cars further away- manual focus if you camera has that option. Tripod/monopods are not allowed to be used in the Grandstands. If you are in the first row of the Grandstand there is a hand rail in front of you which is a nice sturdy place to rest a camera while zooming and shooting through the fence without any camera shake. On the Friday when the Grandstands are not as busy you will be able to find unoccupied seats so you shoot from different vantage points. In most parts of the circuit you need to be above row 13 or 14 to be able to see completely over the safety fence. The safety fence does not affect viewing the race much but affects photography.

    12. Circuit Changes
    There is some talk that there will be some significant changes made to the circuit for 2011 to reduce the number of turns and speed up the race. This may mean some grandstands disappearing and some new ones appearing. There is talk of removing the now infamous ‘bus stop’ stadium section (Bay Grandstand) and altering T7 to go around the War memorial (removing 2 corners from the circuit and enhancing overtaking possibilities).

    1. Thanks for the comprehensive information. Does anyone have details of the support races please? I heard that the V8 Supercars were to bee there this year but it looks like that has fallen through. Any other details would be appreciated.

      1. Looks like it will the same as last year, Formula BMW Pacific & Porchse Carrera Cup.

    2. You mention “If buying online direct from the Official Singapore F1 website you get to choose the Block within the grandstand as well as the grandstand itself.” None of the websites seem to offer this option, could you give me the website please or is it not available this year? Thanks

      1. http://www.singaporegp.sg/ticket/ticket_price_earlybird.php

        Click “buy” for the grandstand you want. On the next page you get dropdown menus – the first one says “let the system choose the best seats”, but if you scroll through that you get a choice of sections/blocks. Use the map to choose your preferred area. Note also that not all blocks are on sale – for example in the esplanade waterfront stand A2 and A3 are on sale but A1 is not yet available for sale.

        1. Yes just as drmikki says.
          If you want a little more flexability, you can give the Singapore Ticketing agents a ring.

    3. Hi Mankster

      Great write up, from your experience what is the best section & row to sit in the Stamford Grandstand?

      Thanks in advance


      1. Well everyone will have their own preference so there is no definite answer. I will be in Stamford myself this year (T2 last year). I have gone for Seat 1 in the highest row I could get at the time. This means a clear view left to T7 as the aisle means there is a good gap to those sitting the in Block to your left. A higher row gives a bigger field of view as the stand is very close to the track and the racing line take the cars close to the stand for the first few blocks in Stamford. The Giant Screen for Stamford is not the best placed as it is fairly close to the stand due to space constraints. Check videos on you tube if this is important to you.
        I am keeping my fingers crossed that T7 will be at the end of the DRS Zone this year.

        1. Thanks for the advice much appreciated – will buy tickets tonight. Thanks again

    4. Hi can anyone advise I am attending the singapore gp 2011 but due to my flights only can attend the sunday race. I have bought pit grandstand tickets block A6 row 1 seats 12 & 13. Which means I have 2 x fri and 2 x sat tickets I would like to sell them but do not have a clue how much to pitch at. Any ideas??

      1. sorry A16 not A6

        1. Based on the selling price for individual day Walkabout tickets, Singapore GP Charges 12.5% for Friday, 38.8% for Saturday and 48.7% of the full price for Sunday.
          Looking at eBay sales from last year, thats generally about the right percentage but sale prices are lower than box office prices as its not a sold out event and tickets are still available.
          If ever you put your tickets on ebay, let me know. I have a 3 day pass for the Stamford GS but wouldn’t mind spending the Friday in Pit Grandstand.

    5. hi Mankster

      I have posted those tickets on e-bay uk. Can I just say a big thank you the information you posted and provided proved invaluable for booking my trip this year. cheers

      1. Thanks for the great deal on the tickets. Hope you have a great time at the race on on Sunday.

        1. Less than one week to go and counting down – am soooo excited. 7 months in the planning and it finally is arriving – Yehaa! It also adds to the thrill to know I may be sitting in the very seat that Mankster has sat in!!! This was a surprise birthday present for my husband who now knows and is thrilled – couldnt have planned this without Mansters info put on trip advisor so early – so thank you. I hope everyone has a thrilling time. Rock on singapore!!!!

          1. Ha! I’ll look after your seat for you. Yes its all come to ahead. Enjoy the race and the rest of your trip.

    6. Mankster,your are a legend for doing what you have for the F1 fan putting so much helpful info,which covered all the questions the other half asks.
      We have booked and will be there this year and have stand tickets and will be stay inside circuit.
      Love to buy you a beer during the meet,so if you can,let me know a good point to meet during the weekend and its my shout.

      1. No thanks needed, it helps keep my interest in the event up in the many leading months, and doesn’t really take up much of my time.
        I will be popping in and out of the circuit and having informal meetings within the circuit as well as this is a bit of a semi work trip, so can’t really commit to a meet at any specific time at this stage. Maybe closer to the time.
        I am also a DE on the Singapore Forum (same screen name- Mankster) http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowForum-g294262-i1747-Singapore.html if anyone want to ask travel/tourist related questions about their holiday/F1 trip. The site also allows personal messages (unlike this one) if anyone wants to get in touch. Some good F1 threads there as well.
        I’ll be staying at the Pan Pacific during the F1 Weekend and moving to an Orchard Road hotel after the race.

  2. Wow! just sat here and read through your blog, it will help my husband and I plan our trip to the Singapore Grand Prix. I was geting excited reading it and cannot wait for tickets to come on sale so I know that we are definetly going.

    Thanks you for taking the time to write this

  3. Glad it helped, its the best spectator experience GP I have been to by some distance. And the only one besides my home GP(Silverstone) that I am going to attend again.
    Feel free to post any specific questions closer to the time.

  4. Hi, Everyone, Mankster. Thank you for all the info posted above. Can someone help me deciding on what ticket should I purchase? Im choosing between Bay GrandStand Tickets or the Premiere Walkabout.. Which do you prefer? This would be my first time to watch the race.. And I would like to get the best view of the race.. And can you give me an idea on how much the two tickets will cost(base on last year)?
    Appreaciate you response.. thanks

    1. for walkabouts premier per day &1,000++ if u’re grandstand from sistic outlets with+3 sistic fee

  5. Last year if you bought your tickets during the early Bird Phase, a regular Walk About Ticket would have cost SIN$168, Bay Grand Stand S$248 and Premier Walk about S$348 (all are three day tickets)
    Premier Walk about gives you a chance to ‘walk’ the entire circuit perimeter and view most of the corners from some point. The views from the bleachers of the last turn and the T1/2 section are excellent (get there early to get a spot). You will have to stand to watch the race (unless you get there early and sit on the bottom step of the bleachers). If you leave for refreshments etc you may lose your spot. There is generally no view of the Big Screen TV’s from the bleachers so you will want to hire a Kangaroo TV for the weekend. Other benefits are access to the entertainment stages in Zone 1 (though all the big acts have performances in the bigger stage in Zone4 as well)
    A Bay Grandstand ticket allows you to walk about half the circuit (zone 3&4), get close to the action at some of the other bleachers as well as seat in front of big screens. It’s a big stand, it will be crowded on Sat/Sun and will take a while to leave the stand when everyone else leaves at the same time. The seats are not as comfortable as the temporary stands. You want to get a seat in the first 10 rows or so for the best views. You do get a great view across the bay toward the lit up city skyline.
    Check out some of the videos on Youtube to see what the view is like from different stands.

  6. Thanks again Mankster. Another question.. Do i have an option to buy different tickets for 3 days. I mean, for Day 1 and 2 i will buy the premiere walkabouts and for the race night i will buy the bay grandstand? is it possible? or these will cost me more?

  7. All Grandstand tickets have only been sold as 3 day tickets and only regular walkabout tickets were sold as single day tickets closer to the event date.
    You can swap tickets with other fans or keep an eye on the auction sites, plenty of people only attend the Saturday and Sunday and sell off their Friday ticket cheaply.

  8. Alright. Thanks Again.

    1. Hi Gian
      I purchased a 3-day pass in the Turn 1 Grandstand. I arive in Singapore on Sunday morning. Thinking of selling off my Friday and Saturday passes.

      1. Kriengsak Khurewathanakul
        22nd September 2011, 13:29

        Interesting to buy Friday or Saturday F1 Singapore ticket! Give me the price and details stand on my email. Nearly Time Out >>> be hurry.

  9. Mankster
    Brilliant write up lots of information, I will be going to this years (2011) Singapore GP arrive 19/9, two weeks at the Pan Pacific.
    Still trying to find the best seats to get a good view will be doing the grandstand bit as my wife has very bad eyes need a very good view and as close as possible, done the Malaysian GP twice got what I think are the best seats in the circuit for those, done Silverstone last year got walk about tickets never again, after Malaysia we do not know how to organise jack.
    Anybody out there who has any ideas about the best grandstand seats please write up which ones and why
    Thanks in advance

  10. The best close quarter view of the cars from a Grand Stand seat is Turn 1 Blocks A3-A5. If you get your tickets online from the official website you can chose your blocks, pretty much garanteed the the first few rows if you book in the first week.

  11. Thats the Pit Grandstand.

  12. Does anyone know how ‘set in stone’ the publicised dates for the Singa GP 2011 are?
    I want to book ‘non refundable’ flights from London but don’t want to lose out if the dates are changed.

  13. The date is set in stone, it cant be moved, only cancelled.
    I have booked flights from London on SIA with a £65 cancellation fee (in case I cant go rather than expecting a problem with the event)

  14. Thanks for that Mankster and thanks also for the good advice re hotels, tickets etc.

  15. Thanks so much for all that info, much appreciated!

  16. Wow – that was a very complete review, Mankster! Great job! Some tips I can add:

    1. Kangaroo TV = essential for me. The tricky thing about the circuit is for most places (except the double-corner intersection), you’ll only see the cars once a lap. Kangaroo TV allows you to follow the action elsewhere on track, with a choice of feed (incl. onboards) and commentary. Crofty fans are in for a treat as 5Live is a popular alternative available on Kangaroo to the circuit PA. Not sure who was on the PA last year, but in 2008, it was Peter Windsor.
    2. Bring water. It’s about the only food or drink you can bring in from outside the track. It’s a hot track in a hot country, even at night, so it’s nice to have it just in case you’re used to European or American climates. Also, the food/drink available in the stands is yummier than usual circuit fare, but can be a bit pricey, so it’s nice to save where you can.
    3. Maximize your day. It being a night race, it means you have a lot of time to do sight-seeing in the day. Going around in the morning is ideal (as many people probably won’t step out until lunch), but expect a good crowd at most tourist locations.

    Went to the first GP in 2008. Won’t be going this year, but I hope you guys have a great time. The Singapore GP organizers sure know how to have a party!

    1. I’m from the bayou in louisiana, and used to 100+ degree humid weather.

  17. Hi all,

    I’ve booked myself and my dad flights/accom for this year, I’ve never been to a GP before and may not get the chance again for a long time. I’m considering forking out for the best grandstand tickets, PIT? Turn 1? STAMFORD stand sounds good.. I need grandstand mostly because my dad will need a seat but i would love to walk down the pitlane to see the F1’s up close, i think u can do this in some other GP’s, can u in singapore?

    1. I’m a sucker for Stamford because it provides the best value for money for me – it has a great view of the main overtaking point of the circuit, and if you’re lucky, you may actually get to sit in a position where you see the cars twice a lap!

      Otherwise, I hear Turn 1/2 have good seats too.

      You can definitely walk around – it’s a privilege of the grandstand seat. :) Where you can walk depends on what seats you buy, though.

      1. Thanks Journeyer,
        Might try the Stamford then, will we be able to walk along pit lane if we bought one of those tickets? or are you suggesting we’d have to get Turn 1/2 to get near the cars in the pits?

        Thanks again!

        1. I think Stamford is in a different zone, so if you want to be close to the pitlane, Turn 1/2 is for you.

          That said, I’m not sure on the mechanics of the pitlane tour this year. There is normally one on Thursday (you can actually walk round the actual track on this day, IIRC), Friday, and even Saturday (at least in the past).

          Drop an email to the organizers – they’re a well-run operation, and someone should get back to you with a reply. ;)

  18. Hi David, unfortunately pit lane walks in Singapore are only for Paddock Club and certain Hospitality ticket holder (they also run some online competitions for every day folk!). However part of the circuit is used by traffic right up to the end of the morning rush hour, if you want to walk the track and you can walk most parts of it on Thursday night after the Safety Car track inspection. Here’s a pic from Thursday Night of the Stamford GS taken from the apex of T7 http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/7789/dsc00841mm.jpg
    And here was my view from T2

    T1 GS is to the right of the picture looking at the cars taking T1,2 and 3 as well as the pit lane exit. As you can see you can get up quite close to the cars here. The people by the fence next to the pit lane exit are at one of the Premier Walkabout viewing areas – you can ‘almost touch’ the cars here.

    1. Opps, that should say the T1 Grandstand is to the Left of the picture http://img535.imageshack.us/img535/6582/dsc01570d.jpg

  19. Hi, me and my husband are planning to go and experience F1 in singapore on september.Its our first time to watch F1 live so Im a little bit confuse with all the infos im reading in the net. Can we still watch the 3day activities and go around singapore in 4days? we plan to arrive on the 22nd and stay till the 26th or 27th. And is there a possibility that we run out of tickets if we’ll just buy when we arrive in singapore? And what ticket do you suggest for us (not so expensive but still good views).badly need your ideas. Thanks a lot in advance.

  20. 4-5 full days is what I would suggest for a holiday to Singapore. So if your going to be at the F1 in the evenings, you would be able to experience as much of the rest of Singapore in the time available.
    No I would definately buy tickets in advance as many catagories and better seats sell out before (and you get a early bird saving in the for the first couple of months). Have a read of the first post, tells you all you need to know. If your on budget, the Bay Grandstand is good value – but book early to get a seat in the lower rows, the block close to the tunnel under the stand are popular.

  21. Hi Mankster, awesome review. Have a quick Q, my wife and I are looking to go this year, she’s pregnant so am wondering if the Grandstands seats are too loud or uncomfortable for her. One alternative is we go into a box but do they get rammed and will we still have a raw and decent experience of the race? failing that which hotel is best to stay and watch the race from the hotel room window.. thanks in advance

    1. best is to leave her in a hotel. she wont feel comfie with the roaring f1 engine sound, humidity and the crowds.

  22. Hi Hkger, any grandstand other than Bay Grandstand (this is a big permanent Grandstand that gets very crowded, and has small uncomfortable seats) should be fine. The temporary grandstands have pleny of exits and there is never any jam/rush/queue to get in and out.

    I think the Stamford Grandstand is probably best for you its close to one of the entry gates and next to a big airconditioned shopping Mall(Raffles City SC) & MRT station (City Hall), if you need a rest and need to ‘getaway’ for a short while. Lots of hotels within waking distance from this Gate as well.

    You can get ear defenders if you think the earplugs they give you are not too effective- I saw quite a few people especially kids with them.

    Seems little point in going all that way, paying top dollar for a hotel room with a view and not going to the race from the circuit.

    The Hospitality suites are never crowded, all aircoditioned and all have lifts. You get a sit down meal and ‘free’ bar. Of course they cost plenty and IMHO are sterile enviroments and dont give you the full race experience.

    1. …get ear defenders if you think the earplugs they give you are not too effective…

      There’s a hardware store in Marina Square Mall right beside the circuit that sells the Ear Defenders. (HomeFix D.I.Y.)

      I have also seen peddlers selling them at entrances to the circuit. They look official, so i doubt you’ll be ripped off.

  23. Some details from the race organisers:

    1 – Early-bird tickets will be launched on Thursday, 3rd March
    2 – New ticketing initiatives (Group Booking Special), on top of the popular early-bird tickets

  24. The ticket pricing is out on the official website: http://www.singaporegp.sg


  25. Tickets for this year’s SingTel Singapore Grand Prix in September will go on sale from Thursday.

    Some 65,000 general admission tickets will be available.

    Race Promoter Singapore GP has introduced a number of new ticketing initiatives for the event.

    In addition to the usual popular early bird ticket prices, it is offering race-goers a Group Booking Special so that those who buy in bulk can benefit from greater savings.

    The scheme is for the three largest grandstands – the Bay, Padang and Pit Grandstands.

    The Group Booking Special offers savings of up to 16 per cent for fans who purchase eight or more tickets in one booking.

    There are also increased discounts for early bird grandstand buyers, offering up to 17 per cent savings on regular priced tickets.

    By combining the early-bird discounts with the Group Booking Special, fans can enjoy up to 30 per cent off a regular priced individual ticket in selected grandstands.

    For example, fans who purchase eight Bay Grandstand tickets during the early bird phase will pay S$208 each, instead of S$298 at regular single ticket pricing.

    The race promoter also revealed that multi award-winning band Linkin Park has been confirmed as the headlining act on race day, September 25 at the Padang main stage.

    Full details of the complete S$5 million entertainment line-up will be announced in the coming months.

    source: http://www.cna.com.sg

  26. Trying to decide between the Premier Walkbout or the Stamford Grandstand. As my better half has never been to the F1 i’m thinking a Grandstand would be a better idea. It’s just a shame you can only access Zone 4 with the ticket, was looking forward to walking round the circuit.

    1. If you really want to impress the other half, book the Fullerton Hotel chocolate buffet between FP3 and quali on the Saturday – should be able to walk over the bridge with a zone 4 ticket…. (I think!) ;-)

  27. @Matt, I would recommend getting a Grandstand ticket if you want to impress your partner with some racing action – Grandstands at Turns 1,2,3 and 7 will be the best spots.

    You can walk around the circuit on Fri or Sat.

  28. I bought the Premier Walkabout tickets last year, and to be honest, if I were you, I’d buy the PW tickets instead of the grandstand ones.

    When I was there last year, I spent much of my time walking within all 4 zones (which the PW passes allow you to do), and not so much time actually sitting down in one spot at the viewing platform. It’s tiring, but it’s a lot of fun to be able to wander all over the circuit to see which are the best spots to view the race from. If you get tired, you can always get up on one of those viewing platforms and take a seat; to me it’s not really that much of an issue.

    I think it’s more worth it to buy the PW tickets – you pay less (compared to the Stamford Grandstand ones), and you get access to all the zones, not just Zone 4.

    1. Sorry, would just like to clarify that I am only talking about the Stamford Grandstand vs Premier Walkabout tickets, not the other grandstands like the ones at Turns 1 and 2! :)

      1. A seat in a Grandstand beats a walkabout ticket anyday day of the week. The only reason to buy walkabout/General Access tickets are if they are cheap. And the Premier Walk about certainly is not that! The regular walkabout is fine but with the bay Grandstand costing a few dollars more (yet still giving you the same walkabout priviliges as a regular Walkabout ticket), even that ticket looks poor value.
        So yes, get the Stamford Grandstand.

        1. The Stamford Grandstand tickets only allow access to Zone 4, not Zones 1-3.

  29. A seat in a Grandstand beats a walkabout ticket anyday day of the week. The only reason to buy walkabout/General Access tickets are if they are cheap. And the Premier Walk about certainly is not that! The regular walkabout is fine but with the bay Grandstand costing a few dollars more (yet still giving you the same walkabout priviliges as a regular Walkabout ticket), even that ticket looks poor value.
    So yes, get the Stamford Grandstand.

  30. I would say take the premier walk about. I have tried the grand stand at the bay, the pit grand stand, and pw. Pw allows u to walk everywhere and I got an excellent spot to watch the race near the finish line also. Furthermore they always have good entertainment at Zone 1.

  31. I personally prefer a Grandstand seat – I like watching the race sitting down and relaxing. :) But PW isn’t a bad idea at all – especially if you want to see the circuit from different vantage points and you don’t mind not sitting down all race (as I’d expect any and all seats will be taken well before the race even starts). If you’ll do PW, a Kangaroo would be a good idea so you don’t miss anything as you walk around.

  32. Appears as if Hotels do not have any packages with Premier Walk about tickets.. would anyone know why or where I can look. Or are grand prix tickets always independant to hotel bookings.

    1. Try http://mysingaporeaccommodation.com/

      That said, their packages may be limited to Grandstand seats. If so, then you’ll have to buy them separately. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as I reckon you can find cheaper deals when you book things on your own instead of relying on a package.

  33. The only hotel in Singapore that do packages are the Trackside hotels and they charge a big premium for it. This come out closer to the race. Ticketing agent may get packages with rooms/flights but I have always found it to be cheaper to book independently.
    The best deal for a track side hotel at the moment is the PanPacific (5*)via their website useing an American Express Credit/Charge card. Book 4 night pay for 3(they still seem to be honoring the deal). Works out at SIN$413 per night + Tax. Otherwise its $550 per night.
    Best deal for a 4* hotel is the SwissOtel Marchant Court (in Clark Quay) wia Expedia (SIN$330 per night including Taxes). New Boutique Hotel in China Town the Porcelain $150inc tax per nigt via Expedia.

  34. Hi
    Got my tickets last night, straight in as soon as they went up for sale, no i am not sad and lonely but sat at work LOL 4 tickets pit grandstand block A7 front row, hoping that by looking everywhere on the web i have managed to get seats in front of the podium/finish line we shall see, staying in the pan pacific for 13 nights anyone else staying there or in block A7
    Cannot wait for to be there

    1. I think you’ll be pretty close, The start is around A12 and the finish further back.

    2. Nice work! We are in row 2 in the esplanade waterfront and will also be at the Singapore Pan Pacific (NOT the Orchard PanPacific – beware of the confusion!) for 4 nights. Its a great location and last year they had some gorgeous Aston Martins in the lobby and the Amber Lounge was right next door.

      1. drmikki defo the Pan Pacific not the Orchard get there on the 18/09 till the 2/10 did you see anything of the Ferrari and Lotus teams, did you pay to go in the Amber Lounge or do the guest come out

        1. I’ll be back at the PanPacific as well but just for 4 nights before moving. I was at Turn 2 Block A2 last year but am going for Stamford this time to be closer to Main F1 Vilage and to make it easier to pop in and out of the circuit during the day.
          I didn’t see any drivers but plenty of other crew memebers.
          The Amber Lounge event was held at the Temasek Reflection Waterfall between the Conrad and Ritz hotels and creates quite a ding into the samll hours; no wonder the PanPacific provides you with ear plugs next to your bed for the weekend! It is all ticketed and open to anyone with deep enough pockets.
          The Podium Lounge poolside at the Ritz Carlton is more accessible price wise.

      2. LOVE that hotel. Mind you, I think their rates are way too expensive over the GP weekend, but staying there in the off-peak season is a great bargain.

  35. Mankster
    Thanks for that mate as normally the FIA give the first pit garage to the world champions and work down the list was hoping for being around the podium, Red Bull & McLaren garages and the finish line

  36. I’ve been to the 2008, 2009 and 2010 editions of the Singapore Grand Prix and I will be heading back this year 2011.

    2008 sat at Bay Grandstand, got a ticket in Dark Green row 22 but it was way too far to the right. Since there were some empty seats usually, I sat at Yellow Row 10 on Saturday and Yellow Row 50 on Sunday. Unfortunately, row 50 was too high and when the cars spread out, you don’t really need ear plugs. You only need ear plugs when the cars bunch up after the restart of each Safety Car period.

    2009 I got a ticket at Turn 1 A5 Row 1. Bad mistake as a marshal box blocked my view and the fence is not very nice to have in photography. As it was an economically down year, the seats were pretty much empty, as much as 70% full on race day. I moved myself to Turn 2 A1 and A2 and got nice views of the race itself.

    2010 sat at Turn 2 A2 Row 20. Called in to buy a specific row ticket. Had a great start picture on Sunday. In 2010, there was a huge crowd, and raceday Sunday was packed with race fans in Turn 2 Grandstand. Great atmosphere and seeing people cheering for the Alonso vs Vettel battle.

    2011 again I have booked Turn 2 A2, however only managed to get Row 18. Looking forward to the upcoming GP in September!

    1. Hi Lioneldude, I read your reply with interest, as I bought tickets the day they came out and purchased Turn 1 A5 Row 1 – and just noticed your mentioning of the marshalls box – I’ve got seats 17 & 18 and there is a big gap to our left so that sounds pretty much where you were – just how bad was the impairment of the marshal box?

  37. Hey, guys im for Australia. I will be attending the Singapore GP this year (first time international GP). So excited!! Can you guys help out with the best place to buy tickets from? Im looking at turn 2. Also can you choose the seats you sit in? And is it best to pick them up when you arrive or have them poseted out?

    1. Walky you can pick the stand and block after that the seats are sold from seat 1 row 1 they then fill row 1 then step to row 2 all the way to the top, i pay the small extra charge and get my tickets sent to the UK done it before for malaysia, gives you a good feeling when you hold them in your hand, makes it feel very close to race day, we should ALL have a very good time many parties great racing.
      Going out to everyone where are you staying, from when and how long for

  38. Hi Walky, Coincidently Jenny and I are also from Australia(Qld) and we have tickets for turn 2. The best option to purchase tickets is to ring the ticket office +65 6738 6738 or email to [email protected]. That way you can be quite specific where you sit. There are some different opinions on this blog…it really is a personal choice. We are in A3 row 3. We are collecting our tickets when we arrive to be safe. Perhaps we will meet up?

  39. I was in Turn2 A2 last year and the via was great. Picking up tickets in Singapore is the cheapest option. However should you not Ve able to make the trip, having tickets at hand means its much easier to pass on.

  40. Thanks for the responses guys! I will be booking my tickets shortly :) I’m already getting excited! I’ll keep you updated Darryl on where my seats are, be good to meet up with some fellow Aussies.

  41. hi, just got back from sepang last week (crystal section right in front of the podium) and now planning my spore GP trip ;-)

    i had padang grandstand tickets last year (2010), and this year would like to get the pit grandstand near the start/finish line/podium.
    also considering some of the hotels within/close to zone 1 or 2 (marina mandarin, oriental, pan pacific, rizt millenia, or conrad centennial) could anyone advise me which would most likely be the best deal? thanks…

    1. Hi Jev,

      The hotels you mentioned – marina mandarin, oriental, pan pacific, rizt millenia, or conrad centennial- are all 5-star hotels, so it will be quite costly to stay there. But their facilities is also top-class, so you are getting your money’s worth. Also, you can literally reach one of the entrances as they are located near these hotels.

      However, if you are not particular about the comfort level, you can try HOTEL IBIS. It is a no-frills hotel located in the Bugis area, which is just 1 MRT station away from the track.

    2. The Pan Pacific is likely to give you the best deal out of that lot. Marina Mandarin is will probably be the next most economical.
      I was in the PP last year and have a booking there for this year as well. The hotel has 3 sides, all the balcony side and Suntec side have views of the track.

      1. thanks robert & mankster,

        ive got price quote from marina mandarin & waiting for the other. will aim for PP if the differences is not too significant.

      2. hi mankster,

        i booked Pan Pacific finally, the price difference is not too much from marina mandarin.

        now i need suggestion for the seats (me & the missus). last year i was in padang GS & not too happy about the view. in sepang i had the pit GS in front of podium & it was nice. for spore, which one would be better: pit GS, turn 1 GS, or turn 2 GS?

        1. Good choice.

          Turn 2 A2 or T1 A4/5 would be great. I would go for either of these two.

          From pit GS the cars go by pretty fast during the race for any useful view- but you do get to see the cars lining up for the start, close up of the drivers, the start itself and the action in the pits. So it depends what you place more importance on.

          1. thanks for the insights.

            i think i will aim for T2 A1/A2 if front rows are still available otherwise i’ll go with T1…

            let’s see where my luck is ;-)

          2. Jev
            I think you will be very lucky to get front row i ordered we tickets and completed the buy 6Mins after sales opened at 1:00AM and got the last front row seats in the block i wanted in the pit grandstand, but i whis you all the luck mate, i am at the PP to see you there

          3. hi mankster & dave,

            i’ve booked T2, section A1, row 6…

          4. When choosing lower rows make sure you check out the seating plans and compare with videos from youtube etc to locate the marshalls stations and lighting poles (there in same place every year)- having these close to you in your line of sight is not fun.
            If you have decided you’d rather be sitting elsewhere, the ticketing agent in Singapore is pretty good about changing seats etc if you give them a ring.

          5. noted and thanks for the information again mankster, yup i have checked seating plan and search on youtube, the seats should be free from obstruction. crossing fingers ;-)

  42. Mankster
    I have booked the PP for the race and have got a Deluxe Balcony room and was hoping for a track veiw, from your post above are you saying all balcony rooms do have a track view

    1. Yes all balcony rooms will have a view but as they are not glass faced balconies you have to step out into the balcony and look down to see Raffles Boulevard right infront of the hotel (lower floors are better fot this). Depending on what floor you get, you may also be able to get glimpses between the buildings of Raffles Ave, Esplande Drive and over the Bay Granstand (higher floors are better for these)

      The Suntec side rooms have full length windows so you get a good but oblique view of T7 and the Stamford Grandstand from most places in the room (depending on floor and location)

  43. Theres a new large 800+ room hotel opening in Singapore called the V Hotel.If looks a pretty good 4* business hotel with a large pool. Its pretty much on top of the Lavender MRT station so around 4 minutes to Gate 4 of the Grand Prix at City Hall. It so new they dont seem to have realised there is a Grand Prix on – so promo prices are around SGD 130-140 per night. Bargain!

    1. Mankster,

      Quality advice mate, they should be paying you for this !
      Got row 1 tickets in Turn 1, Section A3. Im hoping from your previous comments these should be good? Cant wait for it !

      Whats the amber lounge event like ? worth going ? What’s the likely hood of drivers being there?

      Cheers mate

      1. Yes that should be pretty good. There is a Marshals box at T1 one but I am not too sure where it is. you should be able to track it down from the seating plan (no seats directly behind it but you dont really want to be next to it).
        Amber Lounge is the ‘Offical’ F1 after party and the race is in the evening so your pretty much garanteed to see drivers wanting to wind down. The website boasts of 15 odd drivers attending in 2009. Too rich for me I afraid, I just head down to Clark Quay with the masses after the race.

    2. Mankster.
      Booked into the V hotel Lavender. £366 for 4 nights, great value. Been to Singapore before but never seen live F1.On a bit of a budget as this is part of a 3 week holiday to Hong Kong, Kota Kinabula and Miri. Booked Bay Granstand, Dark Blue Block, row 35.Your thoughts on these are welcome.

      1. Sound like a great Holiday!
        Thats a very good price for 4 days over the F1. Location is excellant as you right next to an MRT station, lots of cheap eats around the hotel, but as you have been to Singapore before you’ll be aware that cheap food is never a problem wherever you are.
        Dark Blue is fine but personally I would have gone for a lower row. I wondered into Bay on the Friday the last year when the girls that check the tickets weren’t looking and figured row 10-12 was the highest I would want to go in that stand. Still any seat in Bay is well worth the extra over the Walkabout tickets. The ticketing agent in Singapore is normally pretty good if you want to change seats if you give them a ring.
        Getting out of Bay on the Friday and Saturday is a bit of a nightmare so you might want to sit tight and enjoy the view over the bay for a bit whislt the crowd thins out. Sunday is a bit better as they let you walk on the track.

        1. Mankster
          Never been to singapore before where are the cheap places to eat, will be having some good meals whilst over there but we are there for 13 nights so it could get a bit expensive
          Many Thanks

          1. I think food is one of the big attractions in Singapore and IMHO it is one of the best for affordable good quality/hygienic eats.
            You might want to start off at the Food courts in the malls (no fast food joints here like you have in the malls back home. a meal with a soft drink or fruit juice is S$5-6. If you’re staying at the PP, try the Food Loft at Marina Sq Shopping Centre or the one of the food courts at SunTec City. If you wandering along Orchard Road, stop by the FC at Wisma Atria or if you’re feeling plush the one in the ION shopping centre basement. I love the decor of the Food Republic at the top floor of the Vivo City SC (1920’s Chinese street scene)
            The hawker centres have the tastiest food; closest ones to you would be the new Food Trail at the Flyer, Glutton Bay behind the Esplanade, Lau Pa Sat near Raffles Place MRT (my favourite for the Satay stalls in the evening) and the Maxwell Court FC (The stall No 10 chicken Rice place is quite famous). Newton FC in all the guide books and is fine if you avoid the Seafood stalls (good sold by weight and you can end up with an unexpectedly large bill).
            For plusher restaurants (not top end) try the food cluster in Chimjes. Boat and Clark Quay restaurants tend to be over priced for what they offer. You have to do at least 1 Sunday eat all you can Brunch at a hotel restaurant (with or without free flow Champagne) – a Singapore Tradition.
            I would recommend picking you a copy of the latest edition Makansutra Food Guide when you arrive ($$15) or on Amazon so you have a better idea what to order and which stalls have the best examples.

  44. Hi there, is the Premier Walkabout ticket better than the Bay Grandstand ticket? I really want to watch every detail of the race and the only thing putting me off the PW is that you may not be able to see any of the superscreens or hear any of the commentary.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Commentry can be heard through out the circuit. Whilst there are big screens in the centre of the Padang where the stage is that anyone can watch, you wont be able to see the cars from there. There a few select spots where PWA ticket holder can see the bigscreen intended for the Grandstands – you will need to get there very early on race day to claim you spot and not leave!

      If you dont mind following the race from a ‘small screen’ you can hire a Kangaroo TV/Fanvision unit which gives you the main circuit broadcast and buch of different views (as well as BBC commentry if you dont like the circuit commentators).

      1. Thanks Mankster! Maybe I’ll fortify myself with a Kangaroo TV and tackle the entire track. It should be exciting. :)

  45. Hi
    Just booked tickets for Singapore 2011, does anyone know if you can take alcohol into the circuit like at silverstone.

  46. Hi Dawn,

    Alcohol will be sold inside the circuit areas therefore outside food and drinks are technically forbidden to be brought in.

    But then again, if you can sneak them past the security bag checks…

    1. during last year singapore GP, i can only bring one bottle of water from outside…

    2. Hi roberttty,
      Thanks for that, didnt think it would be allowed :( was great being able to at Silverstone, saved us a fortune. That was my first GP and loved it so much I wanted to go to another so booked this, cant wait, Im so excited already. We have booked Grandstand tickets for turn 1 block A7 (I think, bit more expensive, but hopefully worth it.

  47. Hi Everyone,
    Looking to get some advice from you guys on which tickets to get for the Singapore GP this year! Right now I am deciding between Stamford and Bay Grandstand. Anyone can give me some input on which one to choose? (There are still seats for Stamford in A2 section, but I am not sure how far it is from Turn7). Will there be track access on Thursday before the race weekend ?

    1. Stamford for sure. I think A2 or A3 are about right. Close enough to T7 yet allows you to see the cars to T8.
      There is no ‘official’ access but the section of road where the Stamford GS is still open to traffic on the Friday Morning. There were plenty of people walking down this part of the track and taking pictures on the Thursday night after the saftey car inspection (after 10pm)when they move some of the barriers.
      Heres a picture I took of Stamford on the Thursday. The closest seats are A1, then A2 and so on.

      1. Thanks Mankster! will be ordering my ticket today. Any chance the pit lane will be open to the public on Thursday? Also, this will be my first time in Singapore, aside from race do you have any recommendations for places to go to fill up the day before the GP? I am trying to decide if it would be a good idea to stay an additional 1-2 days.

        1. No unfortunately the pit lane is not open to the general public.
          Yes you will easily fill an addiditional1-2 days and I think its will worth extending your stay. Theres plenty to see and do and its very easy and quick to get around on your own. Head over to the Tripadvisor forums where I post as well for some ideas http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowForum-g294262-i1747-Singapore.html
          This site is also a good start http://www.yoursingapore.com/content/traveller/en/experience.html

  48. Dre
    I have not been before but have been looking a lot on the web bored at work, I am there for 13 nights and there looks loads to see and do get the additional days mate you will not be disapointed

  49. Thanks Mankster and Dave for the info!
    Just got my tickets and will get doing some research.

  50. JaneBelinda
    16th June 2011, 13:45

    Can’t wait…sitting in Pit Straights after a 2-week break in Borneo. Have attended loads of races (Silverstone 15+, Hock 2, France 3, Turkey 1, Monza 1, Spa 2, Hungary 1, Spain 1) and am going to Silverstone and Nurburgring this year too…but Singapore has to be the dog’s wotsits!!
    Any tips welcome. Collecting tickets at circuit…too risky to cart around the rainforest for 2 weeks!! :)

    1. JaneBerlinda
      Cannot wait either got pit straight tickets as well,have you got a hotel near the track.
      I have done 4 GPs brands, silverstone, malaysia twice, looking at going to india as well this year.
      You will love Borneo went a coulple of years ago

      1. JaneBelinda
        16th June 2011, 20:41

        My third time in Borneo :)
        Staying at The Movenpick, Sentosa, for the Grand prix.
        I chose block A12, near the back…rang rather than booking online

    2. Pit GS gets alot of Sun, you may want to catch the support races from elsewhere on walkabout or in front of one of the big screens in the F1 Village.
      The back of the stand where a lot of refreshment stalls are has a lot of shade and breeze and is right by the waterside.
      Unfortunately the Pit GS location is not conducive to poping in and out of the circuit and into the malls.
      You do get free rides on the Singapore Flyer, Friday is the least busy day. There is a new food court at the base called ‘Food Trail’ which will be much cheaper and tastier than the circuit food and drink. Go on the flyer once during the day and a second time at the start of FP2 when its dark
      (you will still be able to walk back to your stand and catch the last 45min of the session from there.
      Pit Grandstand guests also have access over the Helix Bridge to Marina Bay Sands (the Observation Deck is notmally booked out for private functions during the GP but you can access the rest of the development)
      I would take the monorail from to Sentosa to Vivo City and then hop on to the MRT. If you want to take a taxi off the Island, get the Driver to drop you off at a near by MRT station rather than drive up to the circuit as traffic is very heavy arround and on roads leading up to the circuit.

      1. JaneBelinda
        16th June 2011, 21:46

        Thanks! Much appreciated :)

  51. JaneBelinda
    We are staying in the pan pacific.
    Sitting in block A7 front row, done on line the night they went on sale 10Mins after the lines opened stuck at work with nothing else to do

    1. JaneBelinda
      16th June 2011, 21:47

      I am short and prefer to be near the back row :)

      1. I can understand i am only 5′ 6” and the wife is only 5′ but she has very bad eyes so i thought the closer the better for her

  52. Cant hardly wait for going to S’pore GP,bought ticket T2/A4 row 4 is it a good sit?Btw do they have somekind of exhibition inside the race track? What time should we be in the track for qualiying or race day?Anyone knows if there is autograph sessions?because i belived they will have it somewhere sometimes in the mall or somewhere…need the info for this,Thanks

    1. You can hardly go wrong with T2. I would have prefered A2 myself as it looks down the main straight.
      There is plenty going on within the circuit from pretty much when the gates open at around 3pm. Its so easy to pop in and out of the circuit at will, it matter little at what time you turn up – turn up 3pm have a look around, head back to you hotel, go back at 4pm for one of the support race, leace the circuit to find some food, retun at 6pm for FP1 etc….
      The organised autograph session is pretty much a closed shop affair, open only to paddock club and competition winners – no access to regular ticket holders. Individual teams do hold special events (usually in conjunction with their sponsers)where you get a chance to meet drivers and get autographs etc. – you will need to check around closer to the time as these are not organised by the Singapore GP.

      1. Will there be Usher to guided us to our pointed sits?what happend if someone else accidentally sit on our sits?
        Even on the race is on,we are able to walk around to get some F&B?

        1. Yes, plenty of ushers to show you to your seat. Yes you can get F&B through out the race (best not to get up when there are cars going round in your part of the circuit so as not to annoy others).

          1. Thank you…it has been really helpfull. Now just counting days to Singapore GP.

  53. Btw where is the best club go to after the race?where is the Amber lounge,is it really expensive?

    1. The Amber Lounge is certainly the best if you want a F1 theme as its attended by drivers. Its around the EUR 2000 a person range, but you need to book a whole table.

      1. EUR 2000??what are we going to do in Amber louge?

  54. Yeah it too rich for me aswell. Includes unlimited drink and champers as well though!

  55. You can get tickets for 500 euros but not sure what you get for that, the site says
    ‘Receive unrestricted VIP access, seating on the chill out Moroccan terrace, unlimited Champagne and all other drinks from the bars.
    But if you are with the F1 guys?


  56. I bought the walkabout zone 4 tickets and was wondering what the best time to show up on race day is? When does all the entertainment get going?

    1. Entertainment starts around 4pm, first of the suport finals around 4.30. Drivers parade at 6.30pm

  57. Hi all,

    I’d really love to walk the track at some point. Can someone tell me if this is possible during the day or after one of the practice sessions?


  58. No, not possible. Your best bet is after the safty car track inspection on Thursday night from around 11.30. Enter from Nicoll Highway next to Suntec City – this part of the road is open to traffic from around 5am to 9.30am on Friday morning, so they start taking some of the barriers down for this which allows you to get onto the track on Thursday night.

    1. Thursday night is a very good time to walk the track – if you’re lucky, the drivers will be on the track the same time as you! Perfect time to ask for autographs or get some pictures.

  59. @Dom,

    you can walk the track after the race has ended.

    1. Yep you can definately walk the track after the race.

  60. Hi
    Got the email last night tickets will be sent out 1/8/11 cannot wait looking at the tickets will make it feel like it has all come together

  61. JaneBelinda
    26th July 2011, 13:22

    Well….Nurburgring was AMAZING…froze my wotsits off though :D
    Can’t wait now for Singapore…where I am pretty sure I will be whinging about the heat :p

  62. is it possible to look at driver interviewed by media behind the paddock after the race?
    is it possible wait for driver autograph on friday before 1 st practice?

    1. 1) No, not possible. Definately not with a regular ticket. It is normally shown on the big screens though.
      2) There is no organised driver signing available to everyone, just competition winners. Sponsors do hold events in the few days leading up to the race where thier dirver are present. If you happen to bump into a driver entering or leaving the circuit, you may get lucky.

      1. Thanks Mankster. Your wide spread knowledge has healped me out heaps. Cheers

      2. oh cool…if possible to bump into drivers,but which enterence though they might often seen?

  63. Finally saved enough money to go to the Singapore F1 Grnad Prix. I have done all my research on this site so thanks for that. I purchased a 3-day pass in the Turn 1 Grandstand. I arive in Singapore on Sunday morning. Thinking of selling off my Friday and Saturday passes.

    1. There were people selling Friday passes on eBay last year and I picked one up myself to get to see the action from another grandstand. I am in Stamford this year and will probably seekout a different grandstand for the Friday again this year.

      1. Are the 3 day passes, 3 seperate passes or one single pass? That will determine if I can sell off the Fri and Sat.

        1. Yes they are 3 individual passes.

      2. Hey Mankster, I have a Friday and Sat im prepared to sell if your interested in any of those days, Turn 1 A4 front row, My Girlfriend only wants to go on the sunday but in order for her to sit with me i had to get her 3 day tickets.

  64. anyone know which GP will allowed spectators to have tour on the garage/pit before they start practice?because i think we can do that in singapore GP.

  65. Anyone who is holding T2 tickets and Mark Webber’s fans…would like to meet in Singapore GP?

    1. Darryl & Jenny
      28th July 2011, 5:22

      I assume T2 means turn 2 … Jenny & I would love to meet Mark…thanks.


      1. I meant meet to get together cheer for Mark Webber,not to meet Mark ha..ha…btw..where are you from?

        1. Darryl & Jenny
          1st August 2011, 22:28

          Sorry misunderstood lol. Reluctantly confess to being Queenslanders!

  66. Pretty much all the teams will walk from Gate 2 or possible Gate1 if they are staying at the Fairmont or SwisaOtel. Plenty of team member to be seen all the time. If the drivers decide to take a less public route, they will be driven in via Gate 1 to the back of the pits. This are is only accessible to Paddock Club tickets holders. You can often catch then cycling or scootering the course on the Thursday eveing when there is public access to some parts of the circuit.

    1. oh..thursday already open to public?do you know which sector?

      1. I have mentioned before in some earlier replies, but some of the track is actually open to ruch hour traffic on Friday morning. They start moving the concrere barriers and fences for this on Thursday night along Nicol Highway after the track inspection. Everyone one in this picture are members of the public on Thursday night infront of the Stamford Grandstand.
        This would be a good place to enter.

        1. ok thanks…it has been really helpfull…and from now on just start counting days to singapore GP and hopefully champhionship is not over yet,so we will have interesing race in Singapore.

  67. Hi Mankster,
    So for the premier walkabout tickets, will they release single day tickets a month before the grand prix?

    1. Hi, no, the only single day tickets are the regular walkabout tickets that are available now.

      1. would you be missing much if you are restricted to only zone 4 with the esplanade grandstand tickets? would you at any stage be able to walk in zones 1-3 any of the days?

        1. Zone 3 is just the Bay Grandstand, nothing else there.
          Zone one has some nice views of the 2nd and final turn from relatively close up. And free rides on the Singapore Flyer and the ability to walk across the the Helix bridge to Marina Bay Sands. Entertainment and food is much better in Zone 4.
          No you wont be able to go into Zone 1 without a ticket (other than after the race when they open up the track – but everyone will be heading the other way to Zone 4 for the exits and concert on the Padang)

          1. thanks for the info, much appreciated

  68. Hi,

    Can you go everywhere with a turn 1 ticket? What does everyone think of the entertainment line up lol? Only 7 weeks and 2 days until I set off :)

  69. They tried to deliver my tickets yesterday but i was out, big ouch but they will be redelivered today oh yes

  70. Tickets are here oh yes yes and do they look good

    1. This years ticket design is much nicer than last year.

      1. Really…I thought this year ticket is ugly..specially the colours….

  71. Hello, does anyone know what support races will be on before the F1 cars come on, thanks

    1. Yes, same as last year. Formula BMW Pacific and Porsche Carrera Cup Asia. Pretty lame IMHO.

      1. Cheers, thats well good, this will be my first F1 event,so any support race is gonna be amazing in my eyes, im really lookin forward to it now :-)

  72. Is it possible to purchased Redbull replica team shirt on race weekend,are they more expensive than we purchased from internet?
    Btw…I believed everyone seen Mark or Vettel with redbull water container during the race….any idea where can get them?

  73. Hi guys, do you think its possible to pass the tickets to other persons (after the race) who want to catch the post race concerts? i wont be going to watch the concerts and dont want to waste the entry..might just give it away to linkin park fans.

    1. I would like to have (buy) your tickets! please let me know :)

      1. hi, do you still have your ticket? my friend are selling one, bay grandstand area, if interested let me know k, she really need to sell it (she couldnt make it to singapore)

  74. They stamp your hand when you leave, if you want to re-enter , but only somtimes. Easily defeated…

  75. I’m all booked up for the race weekend. I fly out the weekend before & meeting my brother later. It’s his 40th on raceday so we’re making a trip of it.

    We have grandstand tickets in the Marina “dark green” section.

    Can’t wait!

    1. Hi tobinen, did you manage to “let the system select the best seats” when buying your tickets? I tried that option for the light green section but it wouldnt proceed..i think most of the best seats have been taken up.

      1. As I booked after my brother and his Mrs, we’re not seated together but we are in the same dark green section.

        I chose my seat nearer the front whereas they’re a bit further back. I think I used the “let system…” but I can’t remember for sure.

  76. Anyone know what other support races there are, other than the Porsche Supercup? Also, how do you go around to get the driver autographs? Is there a session sometime for that?

    1. No Porsche Supercup (thats Euro F1’s only). We have Porsche Carrera Cup Asia and Formula BMW Pacific.
      There is 1 autograph session orgained by Singapore GP but that is invite only.
      Sponsors however will hold individual events where their drivers will be present.

  77. Aha. Right. First time at a big grandstand for this race :D

  78. So; who else around here is going to the Singapore GP? :D

  79. raymondu999 I am mate get to singapore on the 18/9 got my GP tickets at home can not wait

    1. fantastic stuff. I wonder if anyone here is interested in meeting up. Anyone going for F1 Rocks? Anyone else in Turn 2?

  80. Hope you guys enjoy yourself, attending the my home grand prix for the third time this time. If anyone needs help getting around feel free to ask me.

  81. goondu86
    Thanks for your offer this will be my first time to singapore i arrive late on the 18/9/11 for 13 nights wanted to see singapore as it looks a fantastic place as well as watching the race and the after parties it is also a long way for us to go.
    Looks like there is loads to do but any help from yourself on stuff that is not that well know would be good places to eat things to see andd do,we could take it away from here but i think the information that you have will be good for everyone that is going
    Many Thanks

    1. Just email me on your plans and i’ll tip you on what to do. Email’s my F1Fanatic name @gmail.com. For sure, I’ll have you avoid all the tourist traps. Same goes for whoever reads this. :)

  82. hi does anyone know how much a kangaroo tv/fanvision set costs for saturday and sunday?? Also, is it better to order online than to wait in queue on race day?? Thanks!!

  83. Rental is the same price regardless of days. Yes much better to reserve and you pay less when you reserve as well.

    1. did you get a fanvision? how much did you pay for it?

  84. goondu86
    Please share the information you have with everyone not just who email you, also it means you will only have to write it once and help loads of people.
    I will be in singapore for 13 nights staying at the Pan Pacific, i normally try and eat in local type places the food is normally better but will go to a couple of good restaurants can you give some good of both types and how much cash should i bring for food and drink, are there good reasonable priced places to go for a beer
    Many Thanks

    1. Food can be very cheap or very expensive in Singapore. Thankfully the cheaper food and Hawker centres and food court tates the best.
      Figure on S$5 for a meal/dish. $1-$2 for a soft drik or juice drink. $7 for bottle of tigre beer. The PP is about 5 min walk from 2 pretty good eating places Markansutra http://www.makansutra.com/eateries_mgb.html
      and the the food Trail at the Singapore Flyer http://www.singaporeflyer.com/food-trail/stall-profiles/
      Both are with the circuit and are also open during the 3 days of the race.
      For high end dinning there are 2 well renowned resturants at the Pan Panpacific- The indian Rang Mahal and the Chinese Hai Tein Lo. For more indulgent dinning with a view try Ku Da Ta atop the Marina Bay Sands. For mor mid range resturants try the resturant cluster at Chijmes (next to Raffles City shopping Centre) http://www.chijmes.com.sg/index.php.
      For the more adventurous, the Hawker centres at Lau Pa Sat (go in the eveinging when the satay stalls take over the adjacent road)and Maxwell Food Centre are not too far away either.
      Or you could to the standard tourist thing and go to Clark Quay and Boat Quay for food and night life and pay the high prices.
      Alcohol in bars is cheapest in the afternoon and early eveings – prices can double by the more established drinking times (Figure $15 a pint in a bar.

      1. hi mankster,

        thanks. alway a good insights coming from you. i will try those out ;-)

        now waiting for my tickets to arrive, turn 2 section a1. will be staying at ritz carlto millenia for 4 nites…

        1. Ah! A1. Close enough. I’ll be in A2 :P

          1. That is the best section in turn 2 i believe, a2. Didnt manage to get them when i booked my tickets.

  85. Wondering if can see ex drivers around the circuits specially in Zone 1 and Zone 2 area?any pointers?

  86. I booked zone4 walkabout ticket & got it collected this morning from one of post office. I live in singapore & this is my first race & very excited to see how it goes. I have also booked fanvision so that i can follow race while walking about.

  87. Anyone know where we pick up reserved fan vision units? What do we need to present?

    1. You’ll need your reservation letter and possibly a credit card for the deposit. They have a stall in Zone 4 near the Padand and in Zone 1 on the way from Gate 1 to the Grandstands. You can pick up at either.

      1. Got it. Do I have to bring my own earphones? Or does the unit come with them?

        1. Comes with ear phones (which are yours to keep), not the best in the world so you may want to bring your own.

  88. Hello!

    I’ve booked Premiere Walkabout tickets and arrive early morning on Thurs 22nd. I’m starting off my backpacking travels with a good old grand prix :)

    Is anyone else going on their own and looking to meet up? Also is anyone collecting thier tickets at the grand prix?

    I’ve never been to Singapore before and looking forward to it! Looks like a gorgeous city.

    1. Hey RayRAYTee I will be arriving on the Saturday early afternoon and am also going alone, starting my travels with an F1. I’ll be heading to pick up my tickets saturday afternoon and then head to the track. I’ve got a connaught ticket but am keen to meet up with other fellow travellers

      1. Hi! Great to hear from another traveller. I’d def be up for meeting – not the same watching a race on your own is it? Where are you travelling to? I’m off to Australia for a year!

        1. I will be coming from Australia, few days in Singapore before heading over to Europe where most my time will be in Spain catching up with extended family.

          1. I am also starting off my trip with an F1 race. Wouldn’t mind meeting up with fellow race fans!

  89. I’m heading to Singapore to watch my first ever F1 Grand Prix this year, so needless to say I’m incredibly excited! Luckily I grew up in Singapore so I know my way around the city. I got Stamford Grandstand tickets (Section A6), and was given Premiere Walkabout tickets by a (crazy) friend who didn’t want them ;-). Lucky me! Any tips on best places to watch with the walkabout tickets? And is Stamford grandstand any good? I think I’m row 7. Any other tips for a first time GP’er?
    I’m going on my own but I figured I wouldn’t be the only one doing this, so I’m sure making friends there will be easy enough. :-)
    Hope to see some of you there!!

    1. I would use the Friday to ‘Walkabout’ to scout ot the circuit and adn for photography. FP1 starts of in daylight so its the esiest time to take pictures, also less crowed on Friday. A good spot is at T1/2 next to the pit exit. You get very close here. For Qualifying and the race itself you will be wanting to take a seat in the Grandstand as you really need to have sight of the Big Sscreens to make head or tail of what’s happening.
      You may want to make use of the PW ticket to see some of the entertainment in Zone 1 and the Free Rides on the Flyer. Also your ticket will allow you walk acros the Helix bridge which is closed to non Zone1 ticketholders for the duration of the GP.
      I think Stamford will be a good spot- I am in A2 higher up. I managed to pick up a Pit Grandstand Friday Ticket from someone one here so I will be there as well, but I think Stamford will have better views of the race itself.

      1. Ah you’ll have to get some great photos from the Pit Grandstand on the Friday then! Cheers for the info though, it’s given me a better idea on how to plan my days. Would you happen to know if there is wi-fi available around the track? Or is it possible as a tourist to pay for wi-fi on, say, a daily basis? I’m not too worried about how much it’ll cost, I just want to stay connected. :-)

        1. You can sign up for a free wireless@sg account when you arrive at a mobile phone store like Singtel. Or if you set you mobile to roam, you will probably get a free password by text automatically). You may get coverage around the periphery of the track from the malls and coffee shops.Speed on the free covergage is not great but plenty fast for emails and browsing. Other wise if you have an unlocked USB dongle or MiFi unit you can get 3 days of mobile broadband for around $18.
          I use an unlocked ‘3’ MiFi device and connect it wirelessly to my phone for whenIi am out and to my laptop when I in the hotel. i you have a smart phone, you get live F1 timings on your phone.

    2. Hi Chelsea

      I am going to my first Singapore GP and am also in Stamford Row 10 if you want to meet up.

  90. Hi, I am all of set up for the trip towards my 1st Grand Prix weekend! but problem is that I have 0 tickets in my hand.
    If any of you have 2tickets for 3days (or sunday will do) zone 4 walkabout please email to [email protected] with price :)

    I really need your help.thank you

  91. I am going to Singapore GP for 3rd time ,this year.
    I’d love if we can meet up.

  92. Hi Mankster,

    Thank you so much for all the details. I’m heading over for the first time next month, and all your information was so helpful, thanks a million. I’ve got a premier walkabout ticket, and I was just wondering if by any chance there is any possibility of getting anywhere near the podium celebrations. Thanks again for taking the time to answer all our questions, much appreciated!

    1. Yes they do indeed upen up the track after the race at specific points (nomally the marshal stations)

  93. Hi this is my first Singapore GP. Unfortunately I can only go on Friday, so is it going to be less crowded? Do people usually watch the practice? Also, my daughter is coming with me, she’s not into F1 and more interested with the entertainment line-ups so I finally decided to buy Zone 4 walkabout tickets. I read all sorts of things about PW but I’m curious about Zone4 walkabout, what can we get? Is it very limited?

    1. Hey! I have zone 4 walkabout tickets too. My aim is to get closer to the F1 environment as it is usually less crowded during Friday.

  94. Apologies in advance if this has already been asked, but is it possible to take your own beer into the grandstand? Or is security really tight? Cheers.

    1. Security is tight, but very friendly and done with a smile. Every bag is hand searched. No cans or glass bottles. You are allowed to bring water in a plastic bottle.
      There is 7-11 type convenience store in the small mall at the Esplanade theatres(within the circuit) that sells beer and other usual stuff at their regular prices (gets cleared out of stock quickly so go early, stock replenished everyday). Otherwiae Glutton Bay Foodcourt just behind and Foodtrail food court in the base of the Flyer.

      1. Thanks Mankster

  95. I read somewhere here about swapping tickets with other fans to get different views during the race. Similarly, will it be possible to swap PW tickets with GS tickets? I guess, what I’m saying is, is there a common area for both?


    1. Yes, Zone 4 which incudes the Padang (big field in the middle where the F1 village and main concert stage are) is accessible to every ticket holder.
      So if you have a PW ticket and want to sway with a Zone3/4 GS ticket (Bay, Connaught, Esplanade, Stamfors or Pandage Grandstands)then you can meet up anywhere in Zone 4.

  96. I’m a bit confused. Where do you know where you can/can’t go? I have Turn 2 Grandstand tickets; where else can I go other than the Turn 2 region? Also, T2 GS is on the “outside” of the circuit (unlike Padang GS etc where it’s on the “inside” of the circuit.

    Would this make it harder for me to actually move over to the “inside?”

    1. With a T2 ticket the only Grandstand you can enter is the Turn 2 Grandstand. But you have walking access to the entire circuit (except the hospitality Paddock Club area.

      You can enter the circuit via any Gate you like and go walkabout like PremierWalkabout and regular Walkabout ticket holders. Yes its abit of a trek from T2 to the Padang (where the main end of day concerts are held) – You can walk (croweded stright after the end of racing – if you look at the map you can see there are only 2 walking routes and these narrow to choke points along the way), you can go by MRT Train and re-enter the circuit at Gate 4 for the Padang. Or walk through the malls for a bit of free airconditioning and cheaper food and drink.

      1. For Ticket Holder of the Bay, Esplande, Connought, Stamford and Pandang Granstands as well as regular Walkabout ticket holders, you have to restrict yourselves to Zone 4 only. On the walking route at the boundry between Zone 4&Zone 1 there are ticket inspection points to prevent those without the right tickets entering Zone 1.

      2. Cheers Mankster. Thanks. I’m hoping to see a WDC crowning result to the race :D

  97. Christian Ocampo
    1st September 2011, 13:05

    Im selling my pair 3-day walkabout tickets for the upcoming singapore gp for just under 400sgd, send me an email if youre interested.

    [email protected]

  98. i went to singapore gp last year and bought a walkabout zone 4 pass.This year i bought bay grandstand. i am going with a friend and we have two tickets. it’ll be fun to watch from different grandstand. does anyone interested in swapping tickets (2 tickets) for friday?

  99. Yes! I finally got my zone 4 walkabout tickets! I will be going on Friday by my self, and Sunday with a partner.

    This is my first GP since I fall in love with F1 4years ago. My aim is to get the closest possible to the F1 environment.

    Anyone have any idea how much kangaroo tv is?

    I hope to meet everyone here on friday! we should set up a mailing list or smth.

  100. Eric
    £50.00 for the weekend and they are well worth it mate always get them go direct to them
    Just hover over the Singapore banner and then click on rent

    1. i have booked one for my self! really excited for my 1st GP

      hope to meet some of you frm here

    2. anyway i heard about the long queue after the race for returning the fanvision. is this true?

  101. Has anyone been to the grand prix with a Premier Walkabout ticket before? I was wondering:

    1. When the ticket says you have access to the F1 village, does it refer to the place at the back of the teams’ motorhomes?

    2. Can you see a pit stop being done?

    3. Will you get a chance to get autographs from the BBC F1 team? (PLEASE SAY YES I WANT TO SEE EDDIE JORDAN!!!)


    1. 1) No, The F1 Village is a place with bars, food stalls, outdoor seatinfng entertainment stage and merchandise stalls.
      2) You may get an oblique, partially obstructed view of the first and and last garages if you stand on the top of the bleachers- but too far to make out much
      3) Only if you happen to bump into them as they entre and leave.

      1. what are the chances of you bumping into the driver?

        where are the best place to bump into drivers,team staff,and the other? (i have zone4 walkabout ticket)

  102. What.A.Disappointment…..

    The only reason why I got this ticket is because I thought I’d be able to get much closer to the drivers and see a pit stop! Should’ve gone for those Stamford grandstand tickets.

    Mankster, I’m getting conflicting reports about the Singapore flyer rides – will it be free entry if I have access to zone 1?

    1. Yes, free rides on the Flyer for Zone 1 Ticket Holder (only on the dys of the GP ofcourse)

  103. Hi Mysum and all
    I attended last year and we had PW tickets and Kangaroo TV’s. We had an amazing experience and are doing it all again this year.
    We managed to bump into Eddie Jordan and DC after quali, had a good chat, a few photos and ended up in a lift with them…Both were really lovely!
    We were surprised at how many drivers we met – at least half i would say, around and about the circuit over the weekend.
    We also had a free ride on the Flyer after quali.

    Have a fabulous time all – pray for no rain! (like last year) :)

  104. I’m going to the race (super excited) and am looking for a schedule of the on track activities for the weekend. I know when the F1 sessions are on but I also know there are some support races and I wanted to get an idea of when they started.

    Does anyone know if there is like a weekend program availalbe online anywhere? Any help would be much appreciated!

    1. Last years support races and times:

      Sunday 15:30-16:00 BMW race
      Sunday 17:00-17:35 Porsche Carrera Cup

      Am assuming the format will be similar this year.

  105. Can’t wait….fourth GP this year for me :) But this is the one I look forward to most (pit straight tickets). That’s after a two-week hol on Borneo… :p
    I flipping well need it after the past few weeks I have had at work!!

  106. I’m selling my tickets for the upcoming Singapore GP.
    Send me an email if you’re interested.
    [email protected]

  107. hi, i have bay granstand ticket for whole 3 day if you’re interested, will let go under the price from website,
    my friend could not make it, so we need to sell it(we really need to sell it), if youre interested let me know k

    mods: sorry if this comment kinda not appropriate

    thanks :)

    1. Would be interested in the ticket, although i don’t get there until the Saturday evening…
      Email me back with the details
      [email protected]

      1. Hi,

        What section and row would these tickets be for?

  108. Got my Fanvision in last week. looking forward to my first race ever.. (zone 4 walkabout ticket)

  109. My wife just bought me the premier walkabout tickets, organised the flights, hotel and annual leave at my work as a surprise birthday gift!

    This is going to be my first GP and I love Singapore! Been there a few times – it’s an amazing place.

    Really looking forward to it!

    Bring on Singapore GP!

    1. Stingray
      Hi I am in singapore with the wife and another couple we are there for 13 nights any suggestions on what to do and see and where to go good places for eating and have a drink would be good to
      Many Thanks

      1. Hi Dave,

        It depends on what you like and if you have kids or not. In general the 1000s of hawker stores/food court provides good value for money. It also depends on if you like to try local food or not!

        I’ve been to a lot of restaurants, most of them I can’t recall (but they are all really good). One that I remembered is Jambo (http://www.jumboseafood.com.sg/).

        Chinatown is worth a visit. Pop over to Santosa if that’s the thing you like to do (easiest to just look on google). Check out the Duck tour (amphibious WWII vehicle).

        As for nightlife goes, there are just 100s of pubs and bars.

        Of course there’s the shopping…

        And.. don’t forget to check out the fish head curry! :)

      2. Oh if you really, really run out of stuff to do you can always pop next door to Malaysia…

        1. Exactly what we’re doing. Air Asia flight to Penang on the Monday morning after the GP. Stay there for 5 days and back home

          1. Nice! I love Malaysia too! :)

      3. We are also flying out to Kuala Lumpur after the race, we will have 5 nights in Singapore and then 4 nights in KL. We managed to get very cheap flights with Air Asia in their sale at the end of last year.

        1. If you guys make it to Malaysia make sure you try to source some “toddy” which I think is fermented coconut flower sap. It’s not for everyone but I like it a lot.

          I had it mixed with stout and it’s very, very refreshing!

      4. Hi

        I would recommend you to visit Pulau Ubin (Island). Escape from the city, back to nature and experience what Singapore was like in the 1950s-60s. Will be nice to rent a bike and cycle around. Or hire a van to various attractions on the Island. Check out the visitor centre near the Ferry Point on the Island. Min 1/2-day, inexpensive (Ferry ride – S$4, 2-way, Bicycle S$5-10 per day)



  110. Greetings all. Due to a ‘mate’ dropping out of attending the Singapore GP with me, I too have a three-day pass in the Bay G’stand (Light Green, Row : 6, Seat(s): 15 or 16. You’d have to sit with me, but I’m OK… really…! Happy to sell below face value of S$248 within reason.
    Reply if you’re interested.
    I’ll be going from AUS for the third year running, so highly recommend the event to newbies, or for those looking for a last minute ticket in a reasonable spot.

    1. Would be interested in taking you up on that offer, however i am not getting there till Saturday evening.
      Email me if they are still available
      [email protected]

      1. If PG not taking them then I might be interested as well

    2. PG, Ali – I’ve emailed PG re the above, will post on here as to outcome/availability. Thanks for your replies.

  111. Tripadvisor is a fabulous place to start planning your trip to Singapore. You will be able to do a lot in 13 days!

    My personal favourites; Night Safari, Chilli crab, Singapore flyer, river cruise.

    For those asking about support races etc, the details for these have now been released:

  112. does anyone know if we’re allowed onto the track when the podium proceedings are underway?

    1. Yes you are, they open up the gaps in the fencing at the Marshal stations.

  113. A link to a useful website on where to go in Singapore:

  114. Hi,

    Quick thanks to mankster for the info. I’m going over to Singapore for work, was debating whether to go early for the GP or not – decided to go for it. 1st GP! Now just wanting to source some decent tickets – official ones don’t have good seats left.

    Anybody know how to look out for ‘fake’ tickets? How much of a problem is it in F!, if at all?

    1. I doubt you will find fake tickets. The worst would be be somonee selling original tickets which have been reported missing/stolen. These would have been cancelled and would show up when the ticket is scanned on entry. So avoid maybe someone with a large number of tickets in different parts of the ground and go for the guy selling the odd ticket because he cant make it or his companion cant. Ebay Singapore is a resonable place, and most people there tend to meet up at a MRT station for a transaction so no worries about posting them.

  115. I’ve got a few options, your thoughts would be appreciated. Stamford stand A7 Row 3 or bay grandstand yellow, red or light green row 10-20?

    What do you think would be the best view? First ever GP


    1. If you want to see the cars, The Stamford GS is way better.
      Bay GS has nice city scape views, very crowded, hard to get out of at the end of Saturday and Sundqy and the seats are uncomforable.

      1. Thanks mankster, I think I’ll be going to see the cars then!

  116. Hi Mankster
    I am from Indonesia, and I purchased bay grandstand tickets, but I don’t know how to get to my seat :( is there any idea which entrance gate should I take? Thank you very much for your info and assitance.
    By the way, I bought 2 for 3 day pass tickets, and I am arriving on Sunday, so I want to sell Fri and Sat tickets (for cheap, just want to let it go). Please email me ([email protected])if anyone interested. Thank you

    1. If you want to take in the atmosphere and the F1 village, enter via Gate 3 next to City Hall MRT station. then follow the signs to the Bay GS. If you just want the fastest way there then take Gate 7 (you have to go through the Marina Square Mall- follow the signs). The closest MRT station is Esplanade.

  117. Thank you for your explanation Mankster. You are really a master hehe. It’s highly appreciated. :)
    I am still selling 2 tickets, seating in Bay Grandstand but only for Fri and Sat. Please email me ([email protected]) if anyone interested. Thank you.

  118. Hi can a premier walkabout ticket holder walk on the grid before the start of the race? Thanks!

    1. No only Paddock club ticket holders get paddock walks. Grid walks are even more exclusive.

  119. I have Zone 4 Walkabout tickets. Best places to take pictures? Watch on-track action? Maybe catch glimpses of drivers too? I am assuming the three are mutually exclusive.

    Also, which one is the paddock access gate? Gate 2 or 8?

    1. Hi!

      The number one best place to watch is at the hairpin after the bridge leading to the straight on the highway (Turn 13). I went in 2009 and the sounds of the cars braking, shifting down to 2nd gear then going up all the gears on the straight is just… amazing. You can even take off your earplugs to hear it.

      I am going this year and the thing I’ll be watching out for is the unique sound of the exhaust gases as they turn into the highway!

      You can also get great photographs at that corner as they slow down for the hairpin (you can check out my flickr, http://www.flickr.com/mysumncc to see what I mean!).

      The other place would be the corner just before the bridge (Turn 11-12). You get to see the drivers ride the kerbs, especially during the practice sessions. It is better to come early to make sure you get a good position on the bleachers.

      Hope you enjoy your grand prix experience in my country!

      1. Thanks a lot. I am planning to try Turns 11-12-13 for sure, and maybe sneak in a bit of Turns 8 and 16 as well. So practice sessions will be spent clicking lots of pictures, and thereafter planning to stick to the Turn 13 bleachers for quali and the race.

  120. Hi All,

    I’ll be sitting front row on a grandstand in an acceleration zone. This is my first GP, obviously I will have earplugs, but are ear muffs a good option as well? if so, are they reasonably priced at the track? or should i track down a pair before heading to singapore?

  121. Hi
    Does anyone know about the entertainment, I have a zone 1 ticket so I thought I could see all acts, I have just seen this on the website…. ‘2,000 Fan Zone wristbands will be given out from 3.00pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday on a first-come-first-served basis’ what is the fan zone? Do only 2000 people get to see the top acts?

    1. The Fan Zone in concerts where there is standing room rather than seats is a cordoned off area right in front of the stage. It there to prevent overcrowding at the front of the stage by limiting the number of people who could enter. Then someone thought to call it a ‘Fanzone’ and charge fans extra to be right at the front.

      So in Singapore, those with a (free) wristband get to be at the front (if they wish). But yes, you can see all the entertainment around the circuit with a Zone 1 ticket, but all the headliners perform at the bigger stage in Zone 4. It might well be quicker to take the MRT after the race (depending on your seat position) than walking back to the Padang Stage.

      1. Thanks a lot Mankster, thats great :)

      2. I am a bit confused so do we need the free wristband (limited number) to see the concerts ?

        1. No you dont need a wristband to see the concerts, only to get near the front of the stage.

          1. Thanks Mankster

  122. Have a fabulous time everyone!
    Flying out tomorrow afternoon – must start packing…

    You never know, we might see the 2011 Driver World Championship being decided!

  123. Premier Walkabout is the place to be….check out who we got to rub shoulder with in 2010. Will be at the same spot this weekend http://www.flickr.com/photos/37455962@N05/sets/72157627713723382/


    After Monaco’s Tunnel (which only marshalls have the privilege of entering), the next best spot in all of F1 circuits to experience the speed and fury of F1 cars is Turn 6 (Raffles Boulevard) outside Marina Square Shopping Mall’s Carl’s Jr and beside the staff entrance to Ritz Carlton Hotel. This is not a ticketed area and will have black sheets cordoning off views. But if you tip your toes at strategic spots, you will be able to see the cars zoom past. Better still bring a stool. Outside the Ritz Carlton staff entrance, you will be standing just 4 metres or so from where the cars go past, incredibly close! Because this area is closely walled-in by malls, 2 hotels and 2 bridges over the circuit (part of Marina Square Mall), a tunnel-like effect is present. And since this is the fastest part of the circuit, cars go past in 7th gear on full throttle at 280km/h, the noise is absolutely unbearable without earplugs and and the cars’ engine notes will reverberate THROUGH YOUR BODY! No kidding. At this place, your feet will FEEL the cars go past. This section of the track is also bumpy and you will not fail to see sparks flying up from the diffusers. It is the most awesome place you can experience F1, short of being a marshall stationed at Monaco’s Tunnel.

    Further up Raffles Boulevard, you can stand outside Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub (ground floor and part of Marina Square Mall) and be within 10 metres of the cars. This is the braking zone into Turn 7, the prime overtaking spot of the circuit. Again this is not a ticketed area and there will be black sheets to cover up the track. But tip your toes or bring a stool and you will be able to see the cars overtake. Should have lots of action here as it is the end of the DRS zone. Last year, Webber and Hamilton had a wheel banging moment at Turn 7.

  125. Repost from the other article on the main page:

    Every year, I pray for rain on race-day. Perhaps this will be it.

    There has been rain just about every day for the past week or so, sometimes even through the night. It’s seldom heavy at night though, but one can hope. ;)

    Just like the past three years, I’ll be going every single day. Managed to snag a pair of tickets at the Stamford Grand Stand, COME ON DRS. :D

    Maybe a meet-up, Mankster? :)

    I’ll be tweeting from @czhihong again (like last year) so feel free to follow again! Got to go dust off my twitter account..

    Some titbits of information:

    – The race is 98% sold out as of yesterday. The Bay Grand Stand (the largest one with 24,000+ seats) is completely sold out.

    – I still see plenty of buying and selling activities on local forums, one should still be able to get some last minute tickets easily at reasonable prices. In fact, I actually have singles for all three days at the Bay Grand Stand row 6 (probably the best tickets and about as close as you can get for this zone). If a fellow F1 Fanatic is interested in buying them, you can leave a message here.

    – Loius Vuitton managed to get their island maison up in time for the race, it officially opened last Saturday. Watch out for the helicopter shots of it during the race.

    1. Maybe, just maybe this year there’ll be a little rain during a session under lights, but hopefully not (as Mankster says) to the extent we have a safety car procession.
      First time for night race under lights and rain?
      Packing tonight for departure from Melbourne, AUS tomorrow morning. Third Singapore in a row and as excited as the first one in ’09. Can’t wait.
      Cheers all

  126. Thanks for the update! Hope it isnt too much rain or all that will is we will count down the laps behind the safety car. Yep I am in Block 2 Stamford but have Bay and Pit Grandstand tickets for Friday. I will be having some lite bites at the Glutton Bay Food Court behind Esplande at 5pm on Friday- all black Mclaren cap. If anyone fancies some cheap food and refreshments, this is the place to get it inside the circuit. Its normally quiet at this time (if you get there before Bay Grandstand empties after the Porsche support practice).

  127. Hi

    I am there got here late monday rained most of Tuesday rained a bit Wednesday so their might be rain race day,
    But what a place it is great go out on my balcony look down and see the track, seen Heikki Kovalainen, the lotus team and the Williams team , and been informed that Jarno Trulli Nico Rosberg, and six other drivers are in the hotel I am in, out and about last night and Michael Schumacher cycled passed 3 times but looked away when he saw us so we could not get a good picture BOO, walked most of the track will get it all done at sometime

  128. Just finished the walkaround of the track and ran in to both Rubens and Webber !

  129. Anyone know the best way to meet drivers? I was out walking the track for an hour from 8 to 9 and not many drivers were around. Trulli whizzed by on his bike as usual, and he lapped me 2 times without me being able to get a shot. On his 3rd time around I got 2 photos in, buy he seemed a bit camera shy and looked away. All that on a bike.

    Anyone know the best times/locations?

    1. I was at the track around 10-11, both drivers were running around the track. There were a few other people from redbull and williams also on the track during that time.

      1. Darn. I should’ve stayed longer

      2. Did you meet any other drivers Bushin? Maybe we could meet up and hunt for drivers tomorrow :P

        1. I might head to the track later but with the weather looking like it is I am not sure anymore.

  130. Bumped (metaphorically of course) into Button at the foyer of his hotel and Hamilton about 20min later. As a Mclaren fan these were the only two driver I really want to see up close. Havent seen drivers at my hotel but plenty of support crew/mechanics.
    Just walked a short stretch of the track but didn’t see anyone I recognised.

    1. Mankster
      What hotel are the McLaren team in

      1. Mclaren are at Conrad Centennial. I was staying at Pan Pacific last night and saw Heikki Kovalainen, and shared a lift with Timo Glock. Also seen lots of crew from Ferrari and Torro Rosso there. Unfortunately no longer there :-/ Might have to pop back for a drink though haha!

      2. Yep Mclaren are at the Conrad. They are Sponsored by Hilton Hotels, so always stay in a Hilton brand hotel where possible.

        1. i am staying at Conrad.Have met Jenson and Ron Dennis but couldnt see Hamilton..What time did you see Lewis today?

          1. Its weird.I am writing this at 23rd 2.33 in the morning..But above the time is 6.24pm on 22nd.

          2. That’ll be because you’re in Singapore but the site is hosted in the UK!

  131. Nice what hotel is this?

  132. Oh also..is the track open for public to walk tonight (thursday)?

    1. Yes after about 11pm. The road infront of the Stamford Grandstand opens to traffic on Friday morning.

      1. Any ideas if it will be open on Friday after practice ?

  133. Hi,

    Where abouts is the podium normally? I’m getting jealous – everybody meeting drivers and teams – I’m on my way – landing in Singapore at 21.15!

    czhihong how much fortickets for Saturday and Sunday?

    1. Podium is on the pits straight at about block A2,3,4

  134. Hi all. Made it! Great to be in town. Buzz seems biggest out of previous two years. Could just be my ears ringing though.
    I still have one set of passes for all three days in the SOLD OUT Bay G’stand (close to turn 18 in Light Green, Row 6, Seat 15 or 16). As before, happy to sell below face value of S$248 within reason and also happy to split and sell for any of the days (Fri, Sat or Sun). Leave a reply if you’re interested.
    Enjoy the race everyone.

    1. Hi,

      I’d been keen for a ticket for Sunday. How much would you want? My email address is [email protected] Thanks

      1. Hi SAli, I’ve left you a reply at your gmail address.

  135. Hi all!
    Day 2 in Singapore, just had some lovely chilli crab at Jumbo’s!
    Yesterday we got to see Martin Brundle, Timo Glock and Pastor Maldonado.
    Today we have met Mark Webber, Jenson Button, shared a lift with Karun Chandhok, had a chat with Eddie Jordan, seen Heikki Kovalainen, Paul Di Resta, Jarno Trulli and Jaime Alguersuari.
    Great circuit to bump into drivers.
    Hope you are all having an equally fabulous time!

    1. Congrats! I dont think anyone is going to beat that little lot. I have spied a few cycling and walking the track from my Balcony, but you can only make them out with a zoom lens. Its coming up to 2pm now and it seems to be the busiest time for people out on the track and the foyers is fully of other team members.
      I am doing what the the teams are doing and almost keeping to European time :)

  136. Just got back from walking around about half of the track. Tried to get access near T7 (Memorial) on Nicoll Highway but they weren’t letting anyone without proper accreditation on the track. Managed to get on after walking past the paddock club/flyer at T16 behind the bay grandstand.

    Was nice to walk around most of the track, but saw no one of interest on track. Saw Sebastien Buemi in on of the bridges going over the track though.

    1. Were you inside the circuit?How did you get in? I was walking around there for hours and got lost in the marina square mall.Got back to the hotel like 30minutes ago.

      1. You wont get in through the official gates. Gaps in the Fenceing hen them move it and access gate for vehicles.

        1. Also rember some of the track is open to traffic for the moring rush hour on Friday and Saturday.

  137. I suppose everyone out here already has tickets but I found another great spot for free viewing. If your in Marina Square Mall follow the signs to Level B1 and the Esplande station. just before you go down the escalators there are sliding doors to take you outside and the track is right in front of you. As you are on a higher level that street you can see pretty clearly over the blacked (greened) out sheet on the fencing without having to stand on anything. You can see the cars appraching and from a reasonable distance and passing you 12 feet away.
    The other spot is the balcony of the Food Loft food court – more expansive views but from much further away.

  138. Anyone have an idea which hotel Lotus Renault are staying in?

    1. Hi Chelsea
      Based on their twitter, i’m thinking they are at the Mandarin Oriental.
      More info on drivers appearances here (but you could do better on your own probably!):

      Off for breakfast now – unlike Mankster and the F1 bods, i’m on Singapore time!! ;)

      1. I forced myself to get up early, on Singapore time now as well.Might bump into you at breakfast :).

  139. Does anyone know where the red bull drivers are staying? Any tips on getting autographs from the drivers at their hotels or at the grand prix location? I’m looking for BUTTON, ALONSO, CHANDHOK and SCHUMACHER.

    1. I know for sure that Button is staying at Conrad.Rest of drivers you mentioned probably at PanPacific.Try the lobby.or gate 2

  140. Was pretty humid today. Par for the course for us (but still rather uncomfortable), I can’t imagine how those of you from places far less humid must be feeling!

    Tried to worm my way into the Bay and Padang Grandstands to take a look (my tickets are at Stamford), but the ticket checkers were resolute. Ended up mostly soaking it in at the barriers very near the cars at various turns.

    Got Fan Vision (think it was Kangeroo TV last year) again, I think they raised prices a little.

    Anyone keen for maybe a quick meet-up and chat, maybe over drinks or food. Let me know, will be at the track from around 5 tomorrow!

    1. I am also at Stamford so wouldn’t mind meeting up before FP3. Can also share some pics from yesterday, I was at Skypark during FP1 and T11(?) and Stamford during FP2

      1. Hey, what are your seat/s? I can email you my mobile, a few of us might be meeting up today. There are a few of us here at Stamford, one of them is Mankster, which I still haven’t contacted. Can’t find his email, if he has left one on here..

        1. I am in Stamford too. A2 Row 11 Seat 1, black polo & Mclaren Jenson cap. Setting off now for some chow and to see Astley (hey I grew up in the 80s!) Will be there for FP3 and Qualifying. Rather not put an email down on a forum. Its pitty this site does not do PM’s.

  141. Just reached home, I’m seated at the Bay Grandstand and got a fair share of the action from Fireman Heikki. Marshals were indecisive when they spotted the fire from the overheated brakes, Heikki had to demand the extinguisher from the nearest person. Concerts were good, merchandise selection quite bad for the lesser known teams. For those with the walkabout tickets, try to worm your way up to the rooftop of the Esplanade.

    1. Oh, for whoever wants to meet up, just drop me a mail to goondu86 at gmail.com. I don’t use Twitter, and not really privy to putting my number here on a public forum.

      And mark down 8PM for Shakira’s concert!

  142. At Stamford myself. Bit annoyed the viewing area next to the stand doesn’t allow you to see down the straight… Fenced off with a bunch of bins and security guards and cleaners in there watching the race. Was it like that last year? From what I heard there was a viewing platform and you could see down the straight…?

  143. Despite my winge, having a great time :-) Happy to meet up with anyone. My email is [email protected]

  144. My email is [email protected], twitter @czhihong, will also email some of you my mobile number. I’ll be with my brother and carrying a Ferrari flag, shouldn’t be hard to spot if I’m at Stamford.(I think? Don’t see too many Ferrari flags).

    My seat is in A4, row 11, 4 and 5, but will be trying to get to the front if there are empty seats during qualifying. Might be walking around a bit during FP3.

    We still can meet up even though I’m supporting Alonso…. right? Right? ;)

    Dan333: Oh, didn’t notice that they fenced off that area. I didn’t go there the past two years, but I remember well standing at a platform there during FP1 in 2008.

  145. RBRs going off throttle at Turn 18 during P2 in front of Bay G’stand. Only phone camera quality, but what a sound!

  146. We’re in Stamford A3 row 4, seats 1 and 2 (two white Aussies with a fanvision).

  147. I am sitting right beside you mankster

    1. “I am sitting right beside you mankster”

      Hey sorry, I only read this after I got back to the hotel, other wise I would have said Hello! Were you the chap in seat 2? Catch you tomorrow.

      1. Now worries, sorry I was a bit out of it must be the jet lag.. I thought you were saying the big guy up front was taking your seat.

        1. Ha, yes the big guy. I hope he bought two seats because he was taking them both up!
          Yes for FP3 we were both sitting in Row 12 not 11 (well thats how I read the numbers and thats what I ment when I said he was taking up my seat – I just moved to the next row up instead of asking him to move – I guess you were were in row 12 because he was taking up your seat as well!). For Qualifying I got there early to get row 11.

          1. Yeah I was really out of it, I was moving around early FP3 and I thought I was in row 11.. well guess not…
            Yeah I felt bad for the 2 girls that showed up and was saying I don’t see any empty seats :)

  148. Anyone in Turn 2 grandstand? I’m in block A2

  149. If you guys want to try something fantastic, stand at the overhead bridges and feel the engine sound and power under your feet. About as awesome as standing under the Esplanade bridge and having a proper V8 roar over your head.

  150. Probably will see a few of you others at Stamford later, we’re all in the A2 to A4 area. Let’s hope we get a good one!

  151. Wow what a good race. The best Singapore F1 so far. Had a little bit of everything, even Button catching Vetal at the end, though most of the fun was happening behind the front 5.
    Great to meet up with some of you guys at Stamford. If you can email me back sometime I can store your addresses if ever you need any assistance in London or if you facny catching Silverstone sometime. The Stamford Grandstand definately saw the majority of the action, and the end product of the DRS assisted overtakes.
    I am going to do my best to get back for next year race, otherwise for 2014.

  152. What impressed me was Webber being able to overtake at several other places where no one else does. Taking Alonso at Turn 10 and someone else (Button?) at Turn 14. Poor Alonso, he has been the victim of 3 Red Bull on-track overtakes since Spa, 2 of which (Eau Rouge, Curva Grande) are super impressive.

    While we have lots of DRS overtaking at Turns 6 and 7, I actually preferred the overtaking there in the previous 3 years. Without DRS assistance, it was clearly more difficult (often have tyre smoke from late braking during past overtakes there), more guts and skill required, but demonstrably doable and I’m sure more satisfying for the drivers to pull off.

    Button reeling in Vettel kept us on the edge of our seats and I thought he would run out of laps or race time even without backmarkers getting in the way. Even if he caught up, I’m quite sure Vettel would be able to keep him behind. I think this year’s race is the longest ever in Singapore, just 54 seconds short of the 2 hour limit. Any more laps with the safety car or rain and they won’t be able to complete the 61 laps. They seriously should eliminate 2 or 3 corners and get rid of the Turn 10 mickey mouse chicane to shorten the lap time.

  153. With some experience of the Adelaide and Melbourne GP’s let me share my thoughts on coming to this years Singapore GP. Firstly, congrats to Singapore on an excellent show. A little on where I sat – the Esplanade grandstand in section A3. If sitting in this grandstand go for A3 as far right as you cans that you can see the cars coming through the corner and heading down the short Bay straight. Don’t sit too far right as the far right aisle is full of people taking photos. Aim for middle to back of stand as low is blocked out by fencing and a marshals post. Good stand with plenty of food options (hawker market, Esplanade restaurants) all close by.

    As for the race experience – if you’re looking for track action besides the F1’s then you’re not getting it here. With only two support categories there’s only at most 3.5 hours of track action each day. Plan you’re day is a good tip.

    On track big screen TV coverage is poorly produced with often errors, clumsiness and liitle content repeated over and over and over again. My home town Melbourne shows this side of the event up a lot!

    The event is mainly built around the F1’s with the entertainment line-up as almost equal billing – looking at the adverts around town I would suggest for the locals the entertainment is a higher priority than the race. Even then they had to change the start time of their headline act on Saturday from what was being released a week earlier – just a little embarrassing. Looking at the track preparation as evident by the delay to the start of P1, I think this carries through all aspects of the event.

    Security and ushers are very friendly but can be a little over zealous at times and completely overwhelmed at others. Had plenty of walkabout ticket holders get into my grandstand and heard my reports of people sitting where ever they liked, blocking others, having tripod and monopod camera stands in the stands. Had a gentlemen fall down the steps and hit the concrete hard as I was leaving in Sunday and the ushers were completely oblivious to it – only by someone yelling to the first aid stand 10 feet away did someone come to his rescue.

    Where to stay – I stayed at the Swissotel Merchant Court. Not close to the track but easily accessiable by MRT. Comfortable and close to everything. Everywhere is expensive in Singapore but plan and book early for the best prices as sometimes you can get good pricing a fair way out. With many different MRT stations to access the circuit by, as long as you’re hotel is close to a MRT station than you will be OK depending on how much $ you want to pay.

    That’s my thoughts.

  154. Hi people did anyone get any good pictures of Seb Vettel crossing the finish line, i got some other good photos but hit the shutter button bit early and got a back marke, good camera bad finger

  155. A feedback letter I wrote to Singapore GP. Generally it was a good event, but the security in the grandstands being pesky and black canvases covering good parts of the track made it really difficult for the Fan Photographers. In a way, they expect you to remain in your seats for all the sessions only.


    I was in the Turn 2 Grandstand during the qualifying session, with ticket for A2, Row 18. I have some comments on the general inflexibility of your security staff.

    As I had saw there was an empty seat on Row 20, and wanted to get a better view, I made my way up there. The moment I had shifted to Row 18, your security guy in charge of A2 block (just by the FIA Media Photographers Box) had come over to me immediately to check my ticket, and requested I return to my seat.

    However, my point of view is that I wouldn’t be at that seat for too long, and it didn’t make sense of him to come and check every single patron. By arguing with me when the F1 cars were on track didn’t make sense, because I wouldn’t be able to hear him, and neither would he! I had wished for Singapore GP to be more flexible, however by doing so he had ruined my mood for the qualifying session. Why aren’t we allowed to move to an empty seat?

    Additionally, when a European/American tourist went to take a seat at the same seat in A2 Row 20, the security guy didn’t check him. Was he tasked to close one eye on the tourist?

    Additionally, on Sunday during the race, the Singapore GP security guy manning the FIA Media Photographers Box in Turn 2 grandstand (in Block A3) had to check every single FIA photographer. If the photographer was wearing the FIA Photographers Jacket or the 2011 Singapore Grand Prix Photographer’s Bib, why does he need to check one-by-one? Doesn’t it make sense that the photographer wearing the bib is authorized to enter the reserved box? Where is the common sense of your staff?

    Please feedback on the outcome accordingly.

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