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This area is for people who are attending or planning to attend the 2011 Spanish Grand Prix.

Use the comments below to share your thoughts on the race, where on the track you intend to watch from, how you’ll get to the track and more.

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2011 Spanish Grand Prix

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  1. Hi

    We’re looking to buy some grandstand tickets for the 2011 Spanish GP. As far as I see, best valued GS are A, G, H or L in what regards price and view of circuit.
    Which would you reccomend?


    1. A and L are situated elevated over the track, if you take seats in the row at the top you could see a lot track portions. More than a simple straigh. First laps are good from here, specialy the star moment. A with a bar at the back, few mtrs.
      G you are in the middle about 20.000 people. Reactions from the cronw are the best. Also a lot of track portion: 4 bends. Big bar and a lot of toilettes very near and acces and doors exit.
      H is in front of the chicane and also a part of the “stadium zone: zone from B GS to I GS” For the last laps, maybe a GP is decided here….

  2. Just ordered general admission tickets as general comments say they are good value as there are plenty of good spots if you get there early enough. Any suggestions where the best genral admission view points are?

    1. I suggest to be in different places each day and moving during th race. You can make a tour by foot round the track. From bend 6 to 7 and 8 there on saturday. For the race bend 15 and 16 or 3 to 5.

  3. Going agian this year 4th in a row it might be a bit boring on tv but its great there great atmospere. going as a group of ten this time. general admission again cant fault it.see you all there maybe!!!!!

    1. You have the tickets already ? Why not a Grandstand ?

      1. cost the main factor really allways had a good view plus the atmosphere mixed up with all the other fans is great even though they dont much like lewis or mclaren.

    2. hi
      it’s our 1st time. we’ve got weekend general admission tickets. can i ask where you recommend going? looks like turn 3 to 5?

      we too are lewis supporters so could do with a bit of backing ;-)
      also, what time do u recommend getting there on sunday for a good spot.

  4. We have our tickets for the race this year, I have a couple of questions I’m hoping someone will be able to help me out with:

    Do they open the track after the race for spectators like at some other circuits?

    On the Thursday I’ve heard if you have a 3 day ticket you can get access to the pitlane is this correct?

    1. 1
      No, we don’t open the track. Other track do that because is a way to have people on the track and not in the exit doors….Usually they do that in urban tracks, more easy to jump fences and run off areas.
      Yes, this is correct. Only on Thursday.

    2. yes pit lane open twice once in the morning and again in afternoon meeting the drivers is a bit hit and miss, meet webber and seb last year saw massa and alonso no mclaren driver though just jensons dad and lewis brother oh and johanton legard all though hes gone this year he was great with the english fans spent loads of time with jensons barmy army.

  5. hi everyone. my boyfriend and i went to spa last year and it was great. want a change this year. would you recommend spain?! looks like a good track. we got to do a pitwalk/meet the drivers thing on a thursday in spa, do they do that in spain? also can anyone recommend a good hotel, with good track access but also not too far from barcelona. sorry, im rambling. hopefully see you all in spain

    1. Hi, Debbie the Spanish Gran Prix is good better to be there for the race than watching on TV. Any hotel in Barca will do you can get the metro to the circuit bit of a walk but not to bad. I normally stop on the coast and drive there about 30 mins. Pit lane walk is on Thursday morning and again in afternoon. great atmosphere normally great weather , but expensive in the circuit you can take in as much food and drink as you want as long its in plastic bottles . No cans or glass aloud. This is my forth year always loved it!

      1. thanks. this might be another silly question. but we are going general admission for the weekend, and apparently we need to go to entrance 7. does anyone know which car park is closest to this entrance, because we need to book a parking ticket and dont want to walk too far! any help much appreciated! –x–

        1. Hi, parking one is is nearest entrance seven, but you can get in entrance 1,2,7 or 6 with a general admission ticket be there early as the traffic is mental or you might just have to park where they direct you. normally i try and park in the industrial estate its free and not to far away plus you dont get stuck in the traffic arriving or leaving. see map http://www.circuitcat.com/files/91-1039-imatge/mapa2011_F1_EngESP.jpg

          1. thanks, is the industrial estate shown on the map? dont really want to get there and get stuck, especially as we have no idea where we are going!!! –x–

          2. http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Circuit+de+Catalunya,+Spain&aq=1&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=11.540145,39.331055&ie=UTF8&hq=Circuit+de+Catalunya&hnear=Circuit+de+Catalunya,+Carretera+Granollers,+A+PARED,+08160+Montmel%C3%B3,+Barcelona,+Spain&ll=41.577989,2.273483&spn=0.006726,0.019205&t=h&z=16
            This is where i normally park it sign posted media/press when you get near the circuit. loads of locals park here just get as far down toward the roundabout as you can then you can just walk up the road to the circuit about 10 mins.

        2. Debbie, the parking ticket is less expensive in comparation with the general entrance ticket. Is better and safe to park in a circuit parquing than other areas, specially if you have a car with foreign plate number. You can park in granollers city, or Mollet and take the train to montmelo.

          1. thanks, never thought of doing trains. what time does the circuit open in the morning, do you know

  6. Debbie, if you have general entrance all parkings are valids to be booked.

  7. Hi, my wife and I are going to the GP this year. We have a weekend ticket for stand L. Does anyone how how easy it is to get to the stand from the main entrance? It looks to be on the inside of the track so which bridge do we use? Can’t wait, I’m an Alonso fan and would love to see a competitive Ferrari in Barcelona. One other thing, you can go to any stand on Friday, so where on the circuit is the best to see an F1 car look spectacular? Was thinking of turn 9 for the change of direction over the crest of the hill.

    1. there is a bridge near entrance 7 that will get you to the area your stand is in. turn 7,8 or nine are good to watch at. this is where i normally try and watch on the sunday.

  8. Debbie, the parking ticket is less expensive in comparation with the general entrance ticket. Is better and safe to park in a circuit parquing than other areas. You can park in granollers city and take the train to montmelo.

  9. Hi, going to book tickets soon and since it could be really hot am going to get a coverd grandstand ticket. Which do you think would be better stand I or M?
    Any advice would be great.

    1. I is at the entrance of the main straigh. The starting grid moments before the start, also the firsts laps, or the last ones if some drivers are close in the main positions. Also for the ambience at the end and you can go to see the podium if you go near the Main Grandstand and the Comercial Area.
      M more close to the track, view over turn 5 braking point, also is a belvedere over some other track parts at the landscape (main straigh). Near to the bar and toilettes. For me better the M.

  10. Thursday and friday at 8, saturday and sunday at 7.

  11. I will be in Barcelona this year. I have a seat in Grandstand K. I was there in 2006 and there were buses from the city centre to the circuit. Do they still operate?

  12. Yes,the will do again the service. The company is Sagalés.From Passeig de Sant Joan crossing Diputació street.

    By bus from Barcelona
    Sagalés:Trip duration: 45 minutes. Ticket sales: Sagalés ticket offices. Passeig Sant Joan, 52 From 07:00-13:00 hrs. and from 15:00-20:00 hrs., on working days, from Monday to Friday. For further information: http://www.sagales.com

  13. Hi Guys,

    Will be going to the Barcelona GP (as well as Monaco) from Australia this year. Sitting at the Australian GP this weekend, I have a question about the commentary.

    In Australia we have a radio service where the broadcast the commentary via FM radio. Do they do this also at Barcelona and in English?

    Thanks in advance for your help, and Jordi – thanks for the heads up on the bus service.

    1. Please send to my address a phone number to contact you on the track.

  14. Yes there is enlish fm commentary, they also have english over the loud speakers too they speak spanish for a bit then english. This happens right from the build up and includes the odd interview with driver and team. Hope this helps.

  15. Thanks Mark – that’s very helpful, was tossing up whether to get a FanVision unit, but commentary and a big screen will be fine.

  16. Another question – does anyone know what sort of support program there is?

    We only have from Friday to Monday in Barcelona before making our way to Monaco for the GP. Is there much happening on Friday, or is it better to use that for sightseeing and then go to the GP on Saturday and Sunday? I can probably cope with missing FP1 and 2 on Friday if there’s not much else on that day.

  17. Bob Constanduros is the speaker in English. The commentaris are on FM radio dial. Use friday to sightseeing. You can acces to other grandstands to check another vision matbe if you wish to change for next year. Also is Mini Challenge Cup.

  18. Jordi is there no gp2 practice or porshe or formula bmw on the friday i been to circuitcat website and its still not got the times for each day yet? .

  19. Not yet. Asap we will up date the time table. For sure we will have gp2, Porsche, etc

  20. My husband and I are going to the Spanish Grand Prix 2011 – first time ever.

    Haven’t bought our tickets yet, but will soon.

    I am wondering – roughly what time does qualifying start?

    What about the race?

    Will there be time to do any sight seeing on Saturday? or even on Sunday?


  21. Qualifying at 1 on sat and race at 2 on sun but times have not been confirmed for this year yet. Its very busy getting to the circuit on sat and sunday would set off early, so no sight seeing in the morning. Normally i can get back to the coast about five or six on sunday so there is time in the evenings.

  22. Thank you Markd, this information will be very helpful in helping us plan our trip.

    Also, another question – does anyone have information on any pre/post race events?

    Is there for example a gathering of F1 fans anywhere in Barcelona on say Sunday night after the race or Saturday after qualifying??

    1. Not so sure in Barcelona went there a couple of years ago and they had lots of old gp cars on the marina and simulators and go carts, I normally stop on the coast further north and there are f1 meeting points at a few bars and club’s there they always have big banners outside. I’m sure you will be able to find a good gathering especially if Alonso is near the top of the running. There is always a great atmosphere at Spain they love Alonso so if he does well there will be big partying.

  23. Myself and my husband are going to our first grand prix, we have hired a camper van and have got camping parking. Can you tell me is there any entertainment after the races on the grounds or will we have to go into the city for some nightlife????

    1. Hi Emma Lou, My partner and I have camped at Spa & been to a few other Euro, Aust & Asian F1’s but I’m dying to go to Spain next year – 2012. I would def prefer to go the camping option again – can you tell me how it was, where you stayed and any other info you think is relevant?

  24. For a nightlife you will have to go to Barcelona. But if you have time you can go shopping at La Roca outlet near the Circuit or go to Granollers for shopping (not so crowned as in Barcelona) or some good restaurants.

  25. does anyone know if your allowed to take bags into the stands,with your own refreshments in through out the day?

    1. yes you can take bags,coolers they are checked when you enter the circuit. No glass or metal cans allowed just plastic. Would advise this as prices of food and drink are a bit high.

      1. markd. Are there any shops near the circuit? We are arriving by train, so it woul dbe good to buy stuff on the walk to the circuit.

  26. hi, getting excited now!! tickets have arrived in post (which is great) but when we went to spa we had 3 cards that went on a clip around your neck, and these ones for spain are just a single ticket. all the info on them is correct, but i just wanted to check. are these the usual tickets for this circuit? or will i need to exchange them for the 3 cards when we get there? somebody please help… to stop me worrying. thanks

  27. debbie – I hope it’s correct, as that’s what I received in the mail too.

    Does anyone have any hints as to the schedule outside the F1’s – the official website is still listing “timetable to be confirmed”.

      1. thanks for the schedule, great help. are we allowed into pit walk in morning and afternoon, or do we pick one or the other. i will walk round all day if i can, love it!

        1. The tickets allows you to the pit lane visit on thursday, all the day.

  28. I’ll be in Barcelona next weekend, would love to get a general admission and just walk around to check out the place on Thursday.

    1. Does anyone know if I can still get a general admission for Thursday?

    2. How much access is possible with this type of ticket? Should I just get a seat to get access?

    I’m not expected to get to the pits, just want to be able to see the track.

    1. hi bc general admission is is for all 4 days thursday till sunday on the thursday you can get to do a pit walk once in the morning and again in the afternoon and you have access to the whole circuit to have a look around here is a link to get tickets

  29. Is it possible to get a one-day ticket for Thursday, perhaps in Section C?

  30. No for Thursday. And sorry….to acces only for the pit lane visit ?

    1. Thanks Jordi.

      I will be in Barcelona next week for business. I hope to spend a day at the track to see qualifying and to walk around and see the facility. It’s great to watch a race on TV after you’ve actually seen the track.

      Until your message, I did not think that pit lane was a possibility. If I can get there, that’s great, but I would be happy to just see the starting line and first turns!

      I don’t want to spend too much money, but I know that F1 is not free.

      So even if I just want to go for one day, sounds like the 4-day general admission is the best way to go.

  31. Try to buy a C grandstand ticket for friday only. Thats give you the acces for thursday to the pit lane visit.

  32. Hi guys
    My partner and I have just been lucky enough to win tickets for the 3 days – I cant find on the web anywhere to say where zone d16 is – but the tickets were 428 euros each. Does anyone know where that is please? Also if I decide to sightsee instead ( cos my guy is a total F1 freak but I am not ) does anyone know how I could sell one ticket?

    1. d16 is the main granstand oposite the pit lane lucky guys. try ebay it should be easy to sell with that view

  33. we’ve got tickets for the full 3 days,,how often and if -is the pit walk allowed – and times over the weekend?

  34. also what time is the last bus to the station on the last day from the track?..cheerz

    1. not so sure about this one when i have been by train i just walk to the track there is a shuttle bus/train that you can get from the station but cant find any info about it.
      guess it just goes back and forth till most people have left. try this link it might help.

  35. Row 13 to 22 (high floor) D16 is in front of starting line. If is 1 to 12 (lower floor) zone 16 is after the red light garages 29 and 30.

  36. Thank you guys … that is really helpful

  37. Hi Guys
    I have a 3 day grandstand pass on ebay – at a reduced rate – hope someone is able to make use of it – user name is jeansmiles
    Enjoy the race !

  38. Does anyone know if you can buy lanyards at the gate? I have a 3-day ticket, but it is only a ticket stub and I am likely to lose it ;-) Do they convert the ticket to a lanyard at the gate?

  39. Hi there,
    I’m going to be in BCN Wednesday – Sunday but can only go down to the track on Friday. Does anyone have any information on how I can get a general admission ticket for just Friday? It’s hard to find on the net.
    Or can I just buy them on the door?


      1. Thanks, but that only limits me to grandstand C, is there no way of getting a general admission ticket for Friday only so I can sit anywhere?


        1. You can sit anywhere in the general acces (Pelouse) or access to other grandstand without taking a seat

  40. Just home from qualifying and our first day at the Catalunya Circuit. I would like to thank all on f1fanatic for their help and advice.

    The Segales Bus this morning was efficient and easy to get to the circuit.

    We are sitting in Grandstand H which is a fantastic location, and after qualifying went for a walk to see the circuit. It’s a great circuit.

    All topped off today by Mark Webber getting pole, and hope he repeats his last year’s race success.

    Jordi – I saw your note late and didn’t have your contact details (didn’t want to post phone no on internet) so I sent a note via LinkedIn.

  41. My partner & I are hoping to go to Barcelona & possibly Monaco next year – 2012. Has anyone camped at Barcelona and if so, can you give me advice on it and where it was etc? Thanks Everyone

  42. Subscribed to this thread as we’re looking to head over for 2012!

    Keep those tips coming? What does one suggest for a couple of F1 Mad followers (TV only), and first timers to ANY GP. Barca seemed a good choice, but we are now looking for advice on GA tickets, where to stand etc etc

  43. Forgot to ask

    We’re coming over Wednesday to Monday (hopefully with 3 day GA tickets.. Is that Fri, Sat and Sun?, and if so, would these tickets allow us to do the pit walk on the Thursday!)

    Would you recommend a train or car hire, if we’re coming from Barca (or nearby) each morning. What time would we need to be there for a good spot with GA tickets?

  44. GA tickets allows you to pit lane visit on thursday. 3 days is fri sat and sun. Train or bus access are good from the city. Doors opens at 7 on day 1 and 2 and 6 30 at sunday so maybe at 9 but on sunday 8. Tickets will be very soon availables….. But try to take GS first :)

  45. Hi Jordi

    Thanks for such a swift reply. I take it GS = Grandstand? I looked at prices for GS, and don’t think I can afford this, hence why GA looked a better deal.

    Can you point me in the right direction for ticket sales (is there 1 or 2 sites you always buy from?)

  46. Yes, GS is for grandstand. What a pitty about no chances to take it for budget reasons. But I can understand it. Our official website circuitcat.com or grandprix tickets. I remind you that prices will be on line at the end of sept or first october.

  47. Jordi

    When you factor in flights, accommodation (both yet to be booked!), what was supposed to be a mini-break to the F1 then becomes somewhat more like a All-inclusive holiday (price wise!).

    Can you recommend anywhere to stay, in respect of;

    a) hotels/BnB
    b) camping? … is there on site camping, and would we need a car/tent to do this?

  48. A) hotels in barcelona means a big offer, from tourist class or bnb to high class ( sorry the budget :) ok forget this one….Transport to the track is by train or bus. If you stay 4 days you can visit also the typical places as Ramblas Picasso Muse etc.
    B) around the Montmelo area, more offer of bnb or little hotels but then you need a car or motorbike to get to the track. Maybe not if is a city with train station like Granollers Parets or even Girona (big city at north of the track).
    C) hotel in Maresme Area (premia de mar , mataró, vilassar, el masnou. Coast area near barcelona. Beach, sea but you need a car.
    D) hotel in la Costa Brava, Lloret de Mar. Same to C. Some ticket agencies offer a pack with ticket plus hotels and transfers.
    E) yes, we have a camping area. You need a car, caravan, motorhome or tent to stay.

  49. Jordi

    What is the campsite like? Do you have a link to a website perhaps? How much does it cost for a Car, 4 people with tents?

  50. Let me a couple of days, from my office is possible to send you some pictures and more info than my iphone. Sorry.

  51. Brilliant Jordi.

    Anything you can offer, (advice etc) would be great. As 1st timers need we all the support you can give :-)


  52. HI Jordi

    I see the 2012 dates are confirmed. Did you manage to get that info I asked for?

    11-13 May 2012 is the Barca GP dates ;-)

    1. The Circuit has a Camping Car facility, which is a dedicated car park for motor homes, caravans and cars with camping tents. This area has basic services, WCs and showers. It is available from GP-Wednesday morning to GP-Sunday afternoon.

      Map link http://www.circuitcat.com/files/91-1039-imatge/mapa2011_F1_EngESP.jpg

      Price: 45€ for the three days. Limited space. Sales points: Circuit de Catalunya, Servicaixa, Carrefour, El Corte Inglés, Halcón Viajes and Viajes Ecuador.

      Camping is forbidden in any other area of the Circuit.

      Pictures on internet:

  53. Not yet. Next week. Sorry.

  54. cheers Jordi

    them pics are excellent. I’ll await your info next week and make a decision on accommodation, as we don’t have either a tent or a car (at the moment)


  55. Jordi

    Now that 2012 as been confirmed, when do tickets go on sale for the 2012 race in barca?

    Does the Gen Admission tickets allow you to choose from any GA position, or are they certain tickets for each GA area?

  56. The GA tickets allows you to all GA sections.
    Let me try to attach a ticket purchase form.

  57. Thats Brill Jordi

    Least it gives you free reign to walk about etc.

    Do you know which website is best to purchase tickets from, and do you get them cheaper the earlier you book?

  58. -Least it gives you free reign to walk about etc.
    YES and access to thursday pit lane visit
    -Please send one e-mail to tickets@circuitcat.com asking for the prices list and order form. Then you could fill in your details and pay and get your tickets.Now until 30 nov, GA is 96 eur and Camping Park 45 eur.

  59. Jordi

    Thanks for the reply. I’m still looking into the accommodation side of things as we don’t have a car (or plan to get one yet!), so may stay in Barca?

    Can you suggest a BnB / Hotel somewhere in perhaps Montlemo? (not camping)

    1. The Montmeló Hotel is booked by F1 personnel and media. Maybe the Express By Holiday Inn Montmelo Hotel Address: Cami de Can Gordi,15 Granollers, 08400 Spain,(5KM miles from Circuit Catalunya).

      O send one e-mail to the RACC Travel Agency


      O enter to

  60. question about the 2012 race really…
    can someone advise what kind of times you left the circuit… trying to work out if we can get on the road home after the race on the sunday or if we will need to stay locally and head off early monday.

    thanks in advance :o)

  61. You can get on the road again after the race. At maximum 1h after the race. No need to stay locally.

    1. what time roughly does the race finsh?

  62. Carbioo…

    Where are coming from / stopping? Have you booked a Hotel in Barca, or are you camping?

    We’re flying Easyjet Newcastle to Barca, but still undecided on car hire/hotels etc…

    I’m looking into a villa but thats a better option for a group of people rather than two the 2 of us

    1. Dave – not sure what we are doing yet, looking at costs but will be travelling with my parents and kids so they can baby sit, so not camping for sure LOL

  63. Kids get in free to the GP on a Gen Admission Ticket if that helps!

    I think a Villa will be the best best. Google “ownersdirect” ;-) Its a proper website recommended to me by a friend. Its basically a site for landlords to let out their villa/apartments in Spain etc..

    1. Kids get in free to the GP on a Gen Admission Ticket:

      Age under 5 years. Have some ears protection.

      1. under 5? i was told under 12?? grand stand under 5 so long as they dont occupy seats…
        hmm seems i need to double check this!


        1. Children under 12s General Admission free ticket. Free entrance at Grandstand for children under 5 without occupying seat.

          It’s correct. So you don’t need to double check.

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