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Should this kind of driving be allowed in the BTCC?

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    Keith Collantine

    A bit of bumping is all well and good in touring car racing but I thought this move by Tom Boardman was a blatant take-out:

    He got a very minor punishment for it and was allowed to keep his win while doing significant damage to another driver’s title chances. Surely driving like this should come with a harsher punishment?


    Now that really was way to much of a “nudge” the second time he did it, I would have expected some meaningfull penalty so Boardman would at least have dropped back in the field.

    Don Mateo

    I was quite surprised that Boardman got to keep his win here, and it certainly took the shine off it being his first victory. That wasn’t the only incident he caused either, his mismanagement of the restart following the safety car resulted in a pile-up behind him.

    I believe James Nash had a win taken off him a couple of years ago for causing a crash during a race, so there’s a bit of a lack of consistency there.

    I will say though, I don’t think he intended to punt Plato off the circuit, and the camera angles that I’ve seen of the incident make it difficult to judge exactly how hard the impact was.

    That said, it doesn’t sit well with me that he was allowed to keep his victory.


    I’m very surprised he kept the win, and only got a grid drop at the next round.
    though I must say the crowd all cheered when he got punted off

    Don Mateo

    Plato’s incessant moaning about parity whenever the camera’s on him does erode your sympathy for him a bit.


    It sure did, I liked him till this year
    I’m now behind the Honda boys, esp after Neals comment about next years car! lol


    To be fair, Plato was holding him up. The turbo cars back then (and even now, to a certain extent) had a much bigger advantage, and the speed difference in both cars was clearly visible.

    It was 100% Boardman’s fault, no doubt, but I think after the amount of times Plato’s layed into Gow, maybe him and the stewards thought to get one back on him? Either way, Boardman was lucky.

    Fer no.65

    The first one was already out of place, a totally unnecesary nudge, specially on a straight.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Eh, I’ve seen worse driving getting out of my college carpark.


    i was really looking forward to a plato explosion.

    “he was holding me up in the corners. there was nothing i could do.”

    really? you had no choice but to hit the car in front of you twice?

    Stephen Jones

    The First bump was ok (touring car racing)

    The Second bump was pretty iffy.. definitely should’ve got a penalty for that

    Mark Giles

    I loved it! haha

    def should have been dsq’d

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