DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters)

Hockenheim season finale

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    3 drivers are competing for the championship:
    Gary Paffett, Bruno Spengler and Jamie Green

    Also it’s the end of a long career for David Coulthard.

    Can anyone give me a link to watch the race (in English if possible)?


    That’s it for Coulthard. He ends something with retirement again.

    Boxcar Racer

    What are the chances of Bruno Spengler joining the F1 ranks after his DTM victory?


    @mojopixel Not very much IMO. Tin-top racing and openwheel racing are very different animals, and very few have success in both.

    Sigh… now I can’t call Spengler the Stirling Moss of DTM anymore (I used to call him that because he used to always get runner up)


    I don’t see any chance for that but I’m delighted that he actually won. It was the fifth time he went into a season finale with a shot at the title and finally he made it.


    BMW had a great comeback season, constructors and driver’s champions


    I usually watch the last race of a DTM season (I try to watch as many races as possible but the final race is a must) and yesterday was no exception. It was a great finale and a very tense fight between Paffett and Spengler. It was great to watch Paffett fighting until the end, his eyes looked as if he was ready to eat Spengler if that would give him the championship. And it was painful to watch Gary lose it.

    Paffett lead the standings after each of the first 9 races but not after the 10th when it mattered most… On the other hand, Spengler had a similar experience in some of the last seasons so this was kind of revenge.

    Anyway, a great season for Spengler, BMW and for DTM in general. Coulthard is now leaving, Michael Schumacher won’t join the series and hopefully we won’t see his younger brother there in 2013 either. DTM should have the best touring car drivers in the world, not lost ex-F1 drivers.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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