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    I went to the race in Atlanta last week and it was AWESOME to see it in person. Highly, highly recommended for anyone who can do it as they put on quite the show and they are very fan friendly.

    The 908’s and the R18’s were awesome to see in person. They look like they want to eat you if you stand in front of one :-) Most surprising was that they were relatively quiet flying down the back straight when they were by themselves and you could isolate them. The GT cars on the other hand were LOUD. The Vettes made the earth shake, the Porsches and Ferraris were also loud but kind of nice.

    The Jag’s…For God’s sake, somebody please shoot those things and put them out of their misery! They sounded like a leaf blower being tortured by a chainsaw!!! :-)

    Seriously, really, really cool. I’m going to Le Mans next year now just because that was so cool.


    I’ve been to the past two Petit LeMans and I must agree, it is AWESOME! Last year was my first major motorsports event ( I had to pinch myself when I saw both R15+’s sitting in the pits) and the most astonishing part was the NOISE. Quiet diesels, roaring Corvettes, and those GOD AWFUL Jaguars (they did sound pathetic). I just with I could afford to go to Le Mans, lol.


    Are those 908’s and R18’s really as quiet as everyone makes out? Apparently the gearboxes on those things make more noise than the engines!


    @GeeMac Actually, they probably make less than you think! I went to the last 4 12 Hours of Sebring, and camped out at 2 of them. You get to wake up to the sounds of the cars, and when at 8 you hear (Or rather you don’t hear) the 908’s and R18’s flying bye, it seems surreal. They make almost no noise, just a bit of a hum and a high pitched squeal of the turbos. Then you hear the growl of the Corvette’s and you just think, ‘that can’t be possible’. It’s great, you have to go to one of the endurance races one day, the cars are unforgettable.



    Yes, they really are that quiet. I think Polishboy808 nailed it, it’s almost more like a powerful humming noise as they go by.

    And I’m with you DamionShadows…I want to go to Le Mans itself now. Luckily our headquarters for my company is in London and I have an excuse to be over on that side of the pond so next year I’m going to try and catch Le Mans as well as one of the F1 races in Europe.

    Now that I’ve done the motorsport in person…I’m hooked!!!

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