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2012 F1F GT5 24 Laps of Le Mans (Sat. 16 June)

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    Right, I’ve finally got a suitable car. I will be driving the Audi R8 2001.

    PSN Name: Silver_keg

    As one of them (two, actually, which I’ll explain if anyone’s interested) will be me, that leaves 15 places.

    @Damonsmedley I think it is about time you explained :P also, what will you be driving??


    If theres space, I’ll join up as shyguy’s teammate in the blue Peug :)

    @sahilf1 I don’t believe were doing teams. Everyone has to pick a car no one else is using. Unless there is another blue Peugout model that differs from what Shyguy is driving, you may have change your car.


    I’d like to change my car to the Audi R8 Race Car (Audi PlayStation Team ORECA) 2005 if that’s okay. :)

    Stephen Jones

    Alright, I’m Steve! and to anyone who doesn’t know me, I raced in the Collantine Cup, and also last years LM24L (with an awesome battle to the finish with @ed24f1 !). Why am I talking to you? well, Damon is at my house (heck, i’m looking at him right now! weird), and he’s kinda busy with other things, so I’m (temporarily) in charge.

    What was that thing about @damonsmedley being 2 people? well, in-case you didn’t figure it out, we’re entering as a team. That’s right! driver changes at every pitstop, it’s like a real race!

    Since it’s just over 24 (real) hours till the race begins, if you’re going to enter, do it now! Entries and car confirmation will close 4 hours before the lights go out (at 12:00GMT), so if you’re still sitting on the fence, don’t! I also recommend that you confirm your car as soon as possible, since anyone can enter before you and take your choice (it’s first in, best dressed). Then you’ll have to pick another car, and that isn’t very fun.. right?

    As for how the race is going to run.. here’s a step-by-step guide to tomorrow:
    Step 1: Friend request iamsa8 on PSN (do it now, i’m not going to stop the game right before the start to accept your request).
    Step 2: Confirm your car/psn name on this forum thread here BEFORE 8:00GMT
    Step 3: Go to the toilet.. Seriously, it’s a long way
    Step 4: Join my (iamsa8) ‘lounge’ room (Community, my profile, coffee logo). The room will be up (at least) half an hour before race start. DON’T leave it to the last minute, you can practice and chat with other competitors there, get in nice and early.
    Step 5: Follow the prompts, respond to chat, get your tyre strategy fully planned, remember how to disengage the pitspeed limiter -cough- @supernicebob -cough-
    Step 6: Race!

    Some final words: @damonsmedley and I are the same person in the race.. It might be damon, it might be me.. don’t freak out or anything.

    If you want to enter, do it! There’s still about 4 spots on the grid, gogogo!

    Finally, for anyone who doesn’t own a PS3, there’s going to be live updates of the race from the twitter account of @damonsmedley. The hashtag will be #LM24L

    Good luck, and godspeed!

    Provisional Entry List:
    @damonsmedley / @aus_steveiamsa8 – Pescarolo-Courage Judd GV5 Race Car 2004
    @matt90doobeedoobeedoo – Toyota GT-One
    @shyguy1992shyguy1992 – Peugeot HDI FAP Oreca Matmut (the funky one)
    @david-atbc – BMW V12
    @slrslrmm – Audi R8 Race Car 2005
    @ed24f1ed24f1 – Mazda 787B
    @olliekartolliekart – Sauber C9
    @thespuditronthespuditron – AUDI R10 TDi RACE CAR ’06
    @silverkegsilverkeg – Audi R8 2001
    @sahilf1SahilSOA786 – Peugeot HDI FAP (the factory one)
    @chopschopsman – TWR XJR-9 Jaguar
    @jonnyw360f1jonnyw360f1 – Ford GT LM Spec II Test CarTBC

    Dan Thorn

    Shame I can’t enter this year. Was great fun being egged on by my F1F audience!

    Good luck everyone!


    Steve’s always in charge. You cannot stop him.

    Also, this is basically Magnificent Geoffrey’s race that I’m helping to run because he has no internet. So yeah, if anything goes wrong, it’s his fault.


    I’ve never done a race with pit stops on GT5, so I might lose the race on strategy (not that I ever had a chance of winning).


    “remember how to disengage the pitspeed limiter”
    Is there a joke I’m missing here, cos I don’t know anything about any pit speed limiter other than auto.


    I would like to announce my intention of racing with the Ford GT LM Spec II Test Car.

    And in case you haven’t read Steve’s list of entrants, my PSN is jonnyw360f1!

    Oli Peacock

    Im pleased to announce i will be driving in the Sauber C9 tommorow! :)


    It is with great regret that I will have to announce my withdrawal from tomorrow’s event due to unforeseen circumstances. Good luck to everyone involved!


    I am absolutely shocked. :P

    Sahil M

    PSN – SahilSOA786


    @jonnyw360f1 But you might still or…?


    I’ll have a bash at this event using the AUDI R10 TDi RACE CAR ’06.

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