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    Ben Furtula

    I’ve been doing my F1 2012 career for a while now and I need a bigger and better challenge. I’ve been playing on legend and have medium TCS.
    In my first season I started at Force India and had 3 podiums and scored around 60 points. At mid-season I signed a contract with Sauber and started driving for them after the german grand prix. I scored 1 win and anouther 3 podiums. (including the win). I finished the year with 134 points and beat my rival Felipe Massa. I started the next season won 2 races and at mid-season I was just off the championship lead. At mid-season I moved to Red Bull to get a greater chance of winning the world championship. I won quite a couple of races towards the end of the year much like Vettel’s
    4 wins in a row in Asia. I went to Brazil and beat the silver arrows boys who were also in the championship battle. I came out on top and won the championship. I sighned a contract with Lotus alongside Kimi Raikkonen. I’m not at mid season and I’m still with Lotus. I’m leading the championship by 34 points.
    Please tell me a team that will not be so slow that I won’t be fighting for 18th places every race.
    I need a bigger challenge!

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