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F1 FANATIC XBOX CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON 7 – Open for new driver entries

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    The latest season of F1 Fanatic’s XBOX CHAMPIONSHIP begins on Monday 9 June. There are currently spaces for any new drivers who wish to join.

    Consisting of members from the F1 Fanatic forum community, the championship has already had six exciting seasons since it began in 2012. The races are competitive and fun and there have been many twists and turns as the drama has unfolded across each season. Season 7 promises to be just as special.

    We are currently racing on the latest edition of the game – F1 2013. If you’ve got the game and raced in a random lobby online, you may have been put off the sheer madness and demolition derby that occurs. Our league is nothing like that – Although there are inevitably incidents just like in real F1, I can guaranteed that there aren’t pile-ups at the first corner of every race! Our current drivers are a good group of people and you’ll get on with them really easily!

    You don’t need to be really fast or practice loads to race with us either. Last season, we successfully introduced a handicap system – we therefore welcome racers of all abilities.

    If you are interested in joining, please sign up via the link below. The front page of the forum will provide you with instructions on how to join.


    We all look forward to seeing you on the track.

    Adam Blocker

    @maddogmolloy Are drivers allowed to just race in a handful of events?

    Because I am interested in joining, but I would probably only be able to participate in two events.


    @blockwall2 hey Adam – of course you can! There is a championship but at the end of the day, it’s about the actual races – the more who can join the better!

    If you’re interested, drop us a message in the welcome thread.

    Look forward to racing with you!

    Lt Alfred

    Just dropping in to back up what Mad Dog has said, the racing is fair, clean and just lately, extremely close. I started half way through season one and its certainly the best league I’ve driven in.

    there’s also a dropped score feature, so you can afford to miss a few races before it affects your score.


    Just a quick reminder that the new season begins tonight! It’s not too late to register your entry so if you’re interested please head on over to the forum above

    It’s going to be quite possibly our greatest ever season and we all can’t wait to get started! :-)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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