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    @mathers I am just a bit confused why one of my drivers has so many points in one championship and the same driver has a different number of points in another.


    @formula-1 The independent’s championship takes the standings and removes the manufacturer cars – all of the points still get allocated. It works in exactly the same way to the WTCC and BTCC independent championships.


    @blockwall2 The championship standings for round three are indeed wrong for your drivers, I will correct them in due course for the next round.

    Lucas Wilson

    I’m rubbish at touring cars :-)

    Bradley Downton

    @RoboCAT, @bradley13, @diceman, @Formula-1, @bnm123,@JamieFranklinF1, @full-throttle-f1, @andae23, @mathers,@pezlo2013, @juan-pablo-heidfeld-1, @sirspuddington, @aiera-music

    Apologies guys but I want to get the EJGPC and IJGPC races up now that the main Qualifying is up but I don’t have time to do things at each stage, so I’m just going to post the grid and the result.

    EJGPC France Sprint Race Grid
    1. Oleksandr Zozulya
    2. Aleksandr Hadžić
    3. Ernfred Jensen
    4. Viktor Östberg
    5. Niklas Kehlmann
    6. Allar Kangur
    7. Juan Alejandro
    8. Ikram Aliyev
    9. Klaas van Snelheid
    10. Nikolajis Christodoulou
    11. Brock Kidd
    12. Callum Brandon
    13. Brittany Johnson
    14. Finn Schnyder
    15. Ellenør Haugland
    16. Steven Kasami
    17. Mirko Vučić
    18. Josep Kírova
    19. Anders Du Plessis
    20. José Correia
    21. Drake Davies
    22. Lucas Tétrault
    23. Artur Słobodowa
    24. Peter O’Riley
    25. Francis Rodríguez
    26. Dino Palma
    27. Rafael Martínez
    28. Vito Certonio
    29. Dominic Hanson
    30. Sandrine Phillippe

    EJGPC France Sprint Race Result
    1. Oleksandr Zozulya
    2. Klaas van Snelheid
    3. Viktor Östberg
    4. Aleksandr Hadžić
    5. Ernfred Jensen
    6. Niklas Kehlmann
    7. Juan Alejandro
    8. Ikram Aliyev
    9. Nikolajis Christodoulou
    10. Callum Brandon
    11. Brittany Johnson
    12. Finn Schnyder
    13. Ellenør Haugland
    14. José Correia
    15. Steven Kasami
    16. Anders Du Plessis
    17. Francis Rodríguez
    18. Josep Kírova
    19. Drake Davies
    20. Dino Palma
    21. Peter O’Riley
    22. Dominic Hanson
    23. Sandrine Phillippe
    Ret. Allar Kangur
    Ret. Mirko Vučić
    Ret. Rafael Martínez
    Ret. Brock Kidd
    Ret. Lucas Tétrault
    Ret. Artur Słobodowa
    Ret. Vito Certonio

    IJGPC France Race Grid
    1. Aron Einarsson
    2. Kiara Thunder
    3. Ivan Fyodorov
    4. Jochem van Snelheid
    5. Stuart Harrison
    6. Daniel Bruner
    7. Bayurn Zrigovic
    8. Luke Stokey
    9. Germund Svensson
    10. Bailey Növak
    11. Mikko Heininen
    12. Didier Arnaud
    13. Keith Murphy
    14. Davide Barone
    15. Luca Andreolli
    16. Jamie Gerrard
    17. Henk Dekzwabber
    18. Yohan Dubois
    19. Pedro Costa
    20. Yrjänä Vähäsöyrinki
    21. Emma Wilson
    22. Eduardo Oliviera-Martins

    IJGPC France Race Result
    1. Aron Einarsson
    2. Jochem van Snelheid
    3. Luke Stokey
    4. Daniel Bruner
    5. Kiara Thunder
    6. Didier Arnaud
    7. Keith Murphy
    8. Henk Dekzwabber
    9. Bailey Növak
    10. Yohan Dubois
    11. Luca Andreolli
    12. Jamie Gerrard
    13. Yrjänä Vähäsöyrinki
    Ret. Ivan Fyodorov
    Ret. Germund Svensson
    Ret. Bayurn Zrigovic
    Ret. Mikko Heininen
    Ret. Stuart Harrison
    Ret. Davide Barone
    Ret. Eduardo Oliviera-Martins
    Ret. Pedro Costa
    Ret. Emma Wilson


    Jesus, Ingram are channeling the Falcon spirit the IJGPC

    Bradley Downton

    @mathers what is the calendar for the BTCS? Also, could we perhaps get an Endurance Series like the V8 Supercars which kicks off this week at the Sandown 500, then the Bathurst 1000 and Gold Coast 600?


    @pezlo2013 it’s on the wiki :) and I’d love to do an endurance series, but I’m just going to take this slowly, if I commit to any more now, I can’t guarantee it will all be done. I might start some sort of series later on though :)


    @mathers I’m only referring to 1 or 2 race events over the BTCS Season, like an ‘Isle of Man TT 500’ or something along the lines


    @pezlo2013 I seriously considered that, and having decided against it initially, now I see there is some interest for such a race I may well re-introduce it to the calendar. Great minds think alike eh Dylan! :)

    Adam Blocker

    @mathers @pezlo2013

    That’s an interesting idea, something I wouldn’t mind seeing.

    Would the races offer like triple points or something?


    @blockwall2 I really haven’t thought that far in to it haha

    Alex Tunnicliffe

    I was wondering what are everybody’s team names for the VTCC I’ll start things off by saying I’m Team Kiwi


    What’s VTCC?

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