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    Nic Morley

    A new series is born!

    This series will be run on F1 Challenge 2006 mod on the PC.
    There will be 10 teams and 20 drivers.

    The series will need 10 team managers and 20 drivers. It is your choice whether you want to be a manager or a driver; both have their perks.

    As a Team Manager it is your responsibility to sign two race drivers, create a team name, livery and logo; as well as engine supplier. As a team manager you have the added pressure of deciding what driver will be receiving the latest upgrades, when the upgrades will happen; and of course writing up contracts to drivers who you have your eye on. Of course if your team has experienced lesser results; the chance of signing a multiple winning driver is far less likely.

    As a manager you have the opportunity to introduce a -0.1 upgrade to the team for only 10 races of the season. It is your decision which 10 races you will choose; however each time you introduce an upgrade you can either decide if it is for the current season or the next season. Obviously this will have an impact on either your current car or your next seasons car which is being researched. The -0.1 upgrade will need to be added to one of the three ability areas. These are Race ability, Qualifying ability, and Rain ability. However you must decide which driver receives the -0.1 upgrade as only one can. In addition to the upgrades; twice a season every team manager is able to introduce a -0.5 development upgrade to a chosen ability area. These -0.5 development upgrades will be chosen after the fifth, and tenth race of the season; and catered for both drivers unlike the -0.1 upgrades.

    As in real life Formula One there is always controversy and team orders. This is why once a season you are able to deduct -0.5 from one of the three ability areas of your favorite driver and add the =0.5 from one of the three ability areas to say… your number two driver. This could be used for championship strategy in the closing rounds; say if one of your drivers is in with a real shout and the other is down in 9th place. Of course though this is not necessary, and if your the team manager who believes in fair treatment you do not have to use this method… it is not a compulsory part of the game! Besides do you really want to create uneasy tension in the team and leave one of your drivers upset and knocking at the doors of other teams. Though if your drivers are real team players then by all means… use the method! It may win you the championship!

    Like real life it is your job to draw up contracts and send to a driver you have your eye on. However unlike real lifecontracts can not be broken! Sadly this is a shame if you have just signed a driver for two seasons, only to find out he is… perhaps unable to drive fast enough for your team. When a deal is signed you must contact me of the news! Or if your so exited about the signing tell the whole community too, and rub it in to your new drivers previous teams faces…

    As the game is run on F1 Challenge, I will email you the car templates to you; where you then will be able to design the car livery! I usually use simple programs such as Paint, or even GIMP. Simply email the finished product back to me and all is good. Though don’t worry the car templates used for the 2006 mod are easy to edit! :)

    As a race driver it is your responsibility to do your best for the team.. unless you really hate them and want to leave. You as a driver can pick 3 favorite tracks where you will gain a -0.1 in each ability area. As in real life and what is quite necessary you must make pit stops. However because of the way F1 Challenge unfortunately works best, you must make only 1 pit stop on a fuel strategy. Races will be run on 30% race distance; so therefore before each race I will post how many laps it has. You will then pick the lap number you will stop on; barring in mind this will also effect your qualifying performance.

    As a driver you have the right to look at teams you may like to drive for. You can ask them for contracts and maybe get them to like you. You could praise them in the media, or you could just drive really well! If your a driver who has just won the championship, but a Sauber like team wants you: why would you go there! Perhaps maybe because they have offered you a clear number 1 driver role. If they have not; demand for it to happen; as a top notch, perhaps arrogant driver you have your rights! Also if your team add +0.5 to one of your ability areas to favor your teammate… make a stand! Unless your a wuss. Remind yourself to persuade the team that you are the rightful driver to receive all the upgrades!

    As the game is run on F1 Challenge, I will email you the driver helmet templates to you; where you then will be able to design your iconic race helmet! I usually use simple programs such as Paint, or even GIMP. Simply email the finished product back to me and all is good. If you want to run a special designed helmet for your home race etc, just ask me! :)

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    So, it is your very own decision whether you want to be a team manager or a race driver. However make your decision quick; as it is first in first served.

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    In Summary

    – championship is run on F1C 2006 mod.
    – car choices are every team from the 2006 season; exuding Super Aguri.
    – you choose team name, livery, logo. Or helmet.
    – The season will be 16 races long. (calendar to be confirmed!)
    – Points system is: 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Exactly like the 2003-2006 system used in F1 real life.
    – managers choose a -0.1 upgrade to an ability area, 10 races a season
    – managers choose a -0.5 upgrade to an ability area, twice a season; either for current or nest seasons car.
    – drivers pick 3 favorite tracks where they will again a -0.1 performance gain.
    – drivers must make only 1 pit stop.
    – races run on 30% race distance each Saturday (may change).
    – race review videos will be uploaded each week.

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    Example of ability area choice

    – managers and drivers each have 6 points to allocate between three ability areas.
    – each ability area must not be below 1 or higher then 6.
    – decimals are allowed
    – lower numbers are best for F1 Challenge.

    Driver 1
    Race ability – 1.1
    Qualifying ability – 1.1
    Rain ability – 3.8

    Driver 2
    Race ability – 1.0
    Qualifying ability – 1.3
    Rain ability – 3.7

    Team (chosen by team manager)
    Race ability – 2.0
    Qualifying ability – 1.8
    Rain ability – 2.2

    The driver and team abilities are then added together to create THE ability for a driver for that season.

    So now if we had Driver 1 and Team together we get this. Driver 1’s final ability.
    Race ability – 3.1
    Qualifying ability – 2.9
    Rain ability – 6

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    So if we can get enough interest for this the game can run! More details soon!


    I would like to be a driver thanks

    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    This game looks awesome!

    Will do either, which ever needs more!


    I will be a driver, thanks.

    Can I choose for what team? If so, Ferrari please. ;-)

    Nic Morley

    Awesome guys, it’s a start at least! To be a in a team we need team manager. Also you won’t be in a Ferrari; as all teams are completely fictional for team managers to create.

    I also just want to add this game doesn’t require a heap of amount of commitment; which is great for those who have little time. Just send me your strategy (for drivers) or development and research (for team managers) just once a week.

    Races will be simulated on EA Sports F1 Challenge every Saturday. I will then upload a race review video to the forum as soon as I can. All you have to do is watch the videos, see where you are in the pecking order (either driver or team manger”, and see where you need to improve your race strategy or car development.

    Also please send me your ability areas as I had posted an example of in the first post. You may be wondering why lower numbers are best; that’s because of how F1 Challenge works. BUT choose wisely with your chosen ability areas as this will be with you for the whole season; you can use decimal points!

    Hopefully some more people become interested in this! Thanks guys! :)

    Nic Morley

    This is the form you will fill out….

    Team Manager

    Manager Full Name:
    Manager Nationality:
    Team Name:
    Team Nationality:
    06car: **meaning which base car you will use, eg ferrari, midland etc**

    Race ability:
    Qualifying ability:
    Rain ability:


    Driver Name:
    Favorite tracks (x3):

    Race ability:
    Qualifying ability:
    Rain ability:

    Nic Morley

    Confirmed Season One race calender

    1. Australian Grand Prix Albert Park
    2. Malaysian Grand Prix Sepang
    3. Bahrain Grand Prix Sakhir
    4. British Grand Prix Silverstone
    5. Spanish Grand Prix Catalunya **Development Upgrade
    6. Canadian Grand Prix Montreal
    7. United States Grand Prix Indianapolis
    8. French Grand Prix Magny Cours
    9. German Grand Prix Hockenheim
    10. Austrian Grand Prix Red Bull Ring ** Development Upgrade
    11. Belgian Grand Prix Spa-Franchorchamps
    12. Italian Grand Prix Monza
    13. Chinese Grand Prix Shanghai
    14. Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka
    15. Brazilian Grand Prix Sao Paulo
    16. Mexican Grand Prix Mexico City


    would like to manage. Do I need the game for this or is it all a simulation down your end?

    Nic Morley

    No you don’t need the game. I will run the simulation, then post the race review video here. Please fill out the form I posted above. :)


    Team Manager

    Manager Full Name: Magnificent Geoffrey
    Manager Nationality: British
    Team Name: Magnificent Racing
    Team Nationality: British
    06car: BMW-Sauber
    Engine: Mechachrome

    Race ability: 1.2
    Qualifying ability: 1.8
    Rain ability: 3.0


    I would love to be a manager, thanks. Will there be a race already in this Saturday?


    Team Manager

    Manager Full Name: Jamie Franklin
    Manager Nationality: British
    Team Name: Franklin F1
    Team Nationality: British
    06car: Honda
    Engine: Honda


    Race ability: 2.5
    Qualifying ability: 2.2
    Rain ability: 1.3

    Edit: Thanks @andae23 ^_^

    Antonio Rossi


    Driver Name: Antonio Rossi
    Nationality: Italian
    Favorite tracks (x3): Monza, Spa, Sau Paulo

    Race ability:1.5
    Qualifying ability:1.0
    Rain ability:3.5


    Team Manager
    Manager Full Name: Kazuki Armos
    Manager Nationality: British
    Team Name: Meteor Racing
    Team Nationality: British
    06car: Renault
    Engine: Renault

    Race ability: 2.5
    Qualifying ability: 2.2
    Rain ability: 1.3


    Team Manager
    Manager Full Name: Andae d’Hazorme
    Manager Nationality: Dutch
    Team Name: Team 23
    Team Nationality: Dutch
    06car: McLaren
    Engine: Cosworth

    Race ability: 1.1
    Qualifying ability: 1.4
    Rain ability: 3.5


    @jamiefranklinf1 – I suspect the embedding doesn’t work because you’ve labeled your image as ‘private’.

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