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New tracks for F1 Race Stars: India, Canada and China (and Europe)


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    Codemasters have announced three new downloadable tracks for F1 Race Stars: India, Canada and China. They join Europe which was made available a few weeks ago.

    Video, pictures and press release below.

    Codemasters has announced new downloadable content for F1 Race Stars, the game that takes Formula One racing over the top, with four diverse new circuits expanding the game’s solo, split-screen and online modes available from today.

    The new tracks will be available from the Xbox Live Marketplace for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and, via Steam, for Windows PC today, January 8th, across Europe and North America. The tracks will be available for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system in Europe from Wednesday, January 9th; the content is already available for PlayStation 3 in North America. Each Track Pack is priced at 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live and €4.49 / £3.59 / $4.99 on PlayStation Network and Steam.

    Canada Track Pack

    The Canada Track Pack presents players with the ultimate winter racing wonderland! Speed past snowmen, dodge grumpy groundhogs, race across a frozen river and more as the F1 Race Stars get cool and crazy in Canada.

    China Track Pack

    Who will become the glorious leader in China? The China Track will see players join the cast of F1 Race Stars in the electric East. From a Shanghai start, it’s a race through ornamental water gardens and past a huge dragon statue that hides a surprise short cut.

    India Track Pack

    The heat is on in incredible India! In the India Track Pack, players must make their move through a mountain railway pass, overtake in the overgrown ruins and power through a palace’s gardens and more.

    Europe Track Pack

    The Europe Track brings the F1 Race Stars to Valencia. Race through a marina, slice and dice through the docks, speed across super-slippery ice and dodge flying tomatoes as the F1 Race Stars speed through Spain.

    Europe track video


    India track pictures




    Canada track pictures




    China track pictures




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    I love how they call them “Track Packs” even though it’s just one track. I can’t believe they can charge around £5 for each track. This game is great but I’m not paying pretty much the price of the game again for 4 new tracks.

    I miss the days when you bought a finished game.


    If it was all 4 for something like 600MSP I’d buy it right away, but 400 per track? No thanks, not for a game I’ve completed already.


    I miss the days when you bought a finished game.

    Cant see us ever really having a mainstream game in this vane anymore. Games companies are nowadays all about screwing over their customers and squeezing every last penny out of their wallets. Add to that talk of stopping pre-owned games working on next gen consoles as well as increasing prices for new titles and you soon realise that the games market has become totally self-centred. Can you imagine buying the original Super Mario Bros and it saying that you needed to buy something else to use that warp zone? Or the start of Zelda? “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this (Cost: 400MSP)”
    I weep for the future of videogames :'(


    I got it as a gift, but it was at around USD 40. The total price of the tracks now is at around USD 20. I’d normally wait for the price to go down. But since I got the main game as a gift anyway (and it’s only the second video game I’ve played all year), I decided to go for it. I’m hoping the sale doesn’t happen anytime soon, though, or else that would hurt.

    Of the four tracks, I liked Canada the most to race on. For the uniqueness factor, I think India nailed it best.


    @benh Thing is, people will still buy anyway. Partly out of lack of choice, but also partly out of a certain love of gaming. It’s kinda like F1: a lot of people like to moan about it (including me), but they keep coming back anyway.


    I got Valencia edition of Race Stars so already had that. 400 is a chunky amount of Xbox live points per track though. Still will get them though.


    Lol, I love the look of the Canadian circuit. You can’t get any more stereotypical than a moose totem pole XD

    But I’ve been to the Canadian GP, and there actually are groundhogs running across the track all the time.

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