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    First, thanks to Keith for allowing a little bit of promotion here.

    I’d like to extend you all an invite to join Really Rubbish Racing. We’re an online racing club formed over a year and a half ago now on this very site no less when a group of us thought up the F1Fanatic Forza Motorsport 3 championship.

    We’re looking for new members to join the club. Many of us originally met on this website, so you’ll be in good hands. We’re not the fastest of online racers (although some of our members have got rather good since joining the club – but thats one of the perks of helping each other out), but we like to race fairly and we like to have a lot of fun. We have a wide range of skill levels so you’ll always have someone to race against. We’ve even got some semi-famous members, including the younger Collantine brother, the founder of wtf1.co.uk, that guy who does the F1 posters, and have even had a few Collantine Cup driver cameos. Our race series are well-thought-out and structured like real championhships. We usually race on Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 7:30pm UK time. 85% of our membership are in the UK, but that doesn’t mean you have to be.

    To this day we mainly race using the Forza Motorsport series (currently on its 4th iteration). We’re just about to start our 7th season of competition which is a 7-week long GT championship along the lines of the GT1 World Championship and Blancpain Endurance Series.

    Our previous seasons have featured Touring Cars, DTM, Superminis, Mid-Engined classics, and a mixture of a little bit of everything. We’ve also raced 3 seasons of F1 using the Codemasters games, and we’ve also dabbled with Race Driver:GRiD and Race Pro.

    If you have an Xbox360 console (and microphone headset) and a copy of Forza Motorsport 4 and you’d like to live the dream of becoming a world-famous race driver/team owner, we have a forum you can sign up to and join in the banter and the racing.

    We also have a wiki-powered website that keeps track of all our facts and stats, a YouTube channel full of our videos (which you’re welcome to contribute to), and a twitter account to follow.

    And to start you off… some videos:





    Come join us! I want fresh blood beating me every week :P
    Have to say joining the RRR club has been the best gaming decision I have ever made. Pop on over and say hi!


    Got to say it’s been a really great year and half for the club! Being part of it as the 9th person to join to seeing where it is today is really very satisfying! I would recommend joining to anyone who enjoys good fair fun racing – intense and hilarious at the same time, with a sense of humour.

    If you are worried that you aren’t good enough – don’t be. We have members covering the entire speed spectrum already – you’ll always have someone to race. If you are worried that you won’t fit in – don’t be. These guys are extremely welcoming people many of which have become good friends and after meeting some of them I can confirm are definitely not axe murderers!

    I can’t praise this club and it’s attitude enough. If you’re still undecided, here’s yet another awesome (yet perhaps outdated) video:


    Hope to see you on track soon!


    I too would advise people to join :)

    The club caters for everybody, from the hotlappers to the HRTs of online racing, the painters, photographers tuners etc. It’s all good, clean racing too!

    Here’s some photos of the various championships/cars that have been run in the past:


    I don’t have Xbox, but I wish you ”Good luck”.


    The latest season starts tonight. That does not mean you can’t join up though and enrol in a classic racing series that has featured some truly great teams such as POWA, ATTK, FART and of course, the world famous Indypendables.
    If anyone has any questions then ask away either here or on the forums. We don’t bite much.


    This season looks to be great fun!
    the first round last night was fantastic to take part in, and so many different cars competing.


    Here’s some pics from Thursday night’s races :)

    Hacked By @bboscat

    got forza 3, forza 4, soon to have forza horizon, and f1 2012,

    do i join from your website, looking for proper races on f1., not just sprint as that seems to be the only lobby ppl go to#


    Hi @mat-k , Sign up to the Really Rubbish Racing forum here:


    And introduce yourself and join in the banter! We arrange proper club races (as can be seen from the wiki website) but there’s always plenty of members on having casual or practice races. We have done full length F1 races before, but usually the competitive races are 20-40% distance.

    Currently we’re having a break from the F1 games until they fix the online bugs that always seem to crop up, but we are always playing Forza Motorsport 4 (and a few of us have Horizon).

    Come join in!


    We have Season 9 about to start soon.
    The Main Season is SEAT Leon Supacopa with a support series in Fiat 500 Abarths.
    European rounds with 1 race at Sebring.

    Come on over and take a look at our club if you are interested.


    I really need to get my Forza 4 disk fixed – big circle scratch on it, and these events look really fun.


    @bendada … we’re not just Forza though. GRiD, iRacing, RacePro/07

    if anyone wishes to join us, you’re more than welcome to. I know there’s an Xbox F1 championship going on, I’m sure a few of you must have Forza Motorsport 4 as well.



    Don’t recognize those series you mentioned there @ratboy ;)
    But yeah, get yourselves over for some fun and laughs!
    If you don’t have the game, buy it!
    If you don’t have an Xbox, buy it!
    I did both and over a year on don’t regret it one bit :)

    Aish Heydrich

    Wow I’m impressed. Is it really as rubbish as it claims to be? I’m a fresher and I wanna join, but unfortunately I’m pressed for time. Let’s see.

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