Button's robbery attempt could have been faked

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    Military police who worked in the safety of Formula 1 Brazil GP suspect the British driver Jenson Button, world champion of the class, suffered no robbery attempt in Sao Paulo during the last weekend, as stated in interviews and published as the McLaren through a note. Button, according to this version, was the victim of a hoax armed for their safety, perhaps someone interested in impressing the pilot and thus enhance their services. The suspicion is based on a list of contradictions and oddities about the case.

    According to the story told by Button, six armed men tried to surround the armored Mercedes drove him to the Interlagos track for the hotel on Saturday night (6). “At least one of them had what looked like a machine gun or a high caliber weapon,” he said. The pilot was accompanied by his father, a physiotherapist and his manager. Button’s driver, according to McLaren, was a Brazilian policeman expert in this type of service. In interviews about the case, Button mentioned the ability of police-driver. Seeing the movement of criminals, he would have maneuvered, forced to pass other cars on a congested track, causing some bumps and made several passes. “He was a legend,” said the pilot.

    The report notes Button and McLaren have been reproduced by sites, news agencies, radio stations, TV stations and newspapers in several countries. The mayor of Sao Paulo, Gilberto Kassab (DEM) has expressed concern. Other drivers in the category, like Brazil’s Rubens Barrichello, regretted the episode.

    The first oddity of the case is the lack of any record or formal complaint about the event. The military police said he received no call on 190 or 911 (calls to this number are automatically directed to 190) to discuss the case. Captain Emerson Massera, spokesperson for the special operation mounted to the GP said that was not wanted by the team, the pilot or any other person involved. The Civil Police also ignores any complaints in police stations or police reports on the case. “We do not know where the street would have occurred this robbery attempt,” says Massera. “We have no hard data to say what happened, if it happened.”

    Another oddity is the jam of the alleged assailants. The image of six men brandishing guns in the middle of a major road would be quite impressive, but in the opinion of some police officers is unprecedented. The most common in a robbery attempt, say, would be to disguise a surprise approach.

    The presence of a police Brazilian driver as the driver also causes concern. The Public Safety Department of Sao Paulo says that no police officers available to monitor the professional F1. The strong suspicion is that the officer-driver who drove for Button was staging, which is vetoed by the standards of the police.

    The PM says it has identified this officer, but does not disclose his name. If the nozzle is proven, he could face administrative punishment. First, by the staging. Then, for not reporting the occurrence. Because it is precisely the area of occupational safety, the MP-driver who drove for Button would know the necessity of making the formal record of a real attempt to assault, especially in a case with the involvement of so many armed bandits, as described in the pilot.

    The account of the flight also has doubts. Police are sufficiently well informed to know that the shield of a lightweight car ride is not strong enough to avoid penetrations of shots fired by a long gun. If the burglars were threatening with some type of rifle, it would not be recommended trying to escape.


    A friend send it to me, translated with Google anc corrected with my median knowledge of the language.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    There’s oly one small problem with this elaborate theory: Button doesn’t stand to gain a singel thing from staging the incident.


    I didn’t read this post. But I think it should be in the conspiracy theories thread.


    @PM I don’t think it suggests that Button was in on it – just that his driver was

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