My F1 driver rankings based on race weekend grades (2013)

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    I have an excel going on every year and I’ll share my ranking after every race. If you do the same, share it here, too!
    After 2 races:

    1. Sebastian Vettel 8,5
    2. Jules Bianchi 8,5
    3. Adrian Sutil 8,3
    4. Nico Rosberg 8,0
    5. Jenson Button 7,8
    6. Felipe Massa 7,8
    7. Lewis Hamilton 7,8
    8. Nico Hülkenberg 7,5
    9. Paul Di Resta 7,5
    10. Kimi Raikkonen 7,3
    11. Jean-Eric Vergne 7,3
    12. Mark Webber 6,8
    13. Fernando Alonso 6,5
    14. Valtteri Bottas 6,3
    15. Charles Pic 6,3
    16. Daniel Ricciardo 6,0
    17. Guido van der Garde 6,0
    18. Romain Grosjean 5,5
    19. Sergio Perez 5,0
    20. Max Chilton 4,5
    21. Esteban Gutierrez 4,3
    22. Pastor Maldonado 4,0

    Bradley Downton

    How are Perez and Button so far apart when they’ve done a fairly equal job?
    and how is Chilton behind van der Garde?

    What is this based on? Your personal opinion?


    Ι will definitely make one! Interesting!


    It’s based on my personal opinion of what I have observed.
    Button has been far superior, mostly today, where he dealt with the weather much better and would’ve been able to keep Massa behind him; Perez couldn’t even deal with the Lotus!
    Chilton looks worse than Van der Garde, mostly because of the team mate comparison. He should be able to finish races and qualies in front of the dutch, which he mostly doesn’t.


    Guido van der Garde

    You may want to spell Van der Garde’s first name correctly before you offend any Italian-Americans on this website. :)


    Very harsh on Perez.

    Also, how come Alonso and Raikkonen are so low? What did they both get in Malaysia? I’m presuming Alonso no more than a 5, although he did overtake Webber twice with a broken front wing, Gilles Villeneuve style!


    Such rankings are all rubbish. They’re based on nothing more than personal opinion,even though those who compile them punch in a vast bunch of useless numbers on a God knows what basis for credibility.


    @wsrgo then do the decent thing and don’t come into this thread!

    after china:

    1. VET 8,3
    2. BIA 8,2
    3. BUT 8,0
    4. RAI 7,8
    5. HUL 7,8
    6. HAM 7,8
    7. SUT 7,7
    8. ALO 7,5
    9. DIR 7,5
    10. VER 7,3
    11. RIC 7,2
    12. ROS 7,0
    13. MAS 7,0
    14. PIC 6,5
    15. WEB 6,3
    16. BOT 6,3
    17. GRO 5,7
    18. VDG 5,2
    19. PER 5,2
    20. MAL 4,7
    21. CHI 4,3
    22. GUT 4,0


    @Kingshark He lost to Massa on Saturday, made a mistake against Vettel and then a second mistake of not pitting. Gave him a 4.5
    @slr who mispelled Guido?


    Did you see his one race lap though? It was amazing! In the rain, with his front wing hanging off, Fernando overtook Webber twice around the outside! That was the closest thing to Gilles Villeneuve driving we’ve seen in the past 30 years or so.

    Sarcasm aside, I agree that he should’ve gotten a low score, but mind you I need to point out that the strategic decision to keep Alonso out with a dangling front wing was not his fault.


    I agree with you and thought that was incredible too. Alonso is probably the best driver out there. But I do think he knew how bad it looked; he did trust his team on it, though.


    @magon4 You did on your first post, it’s spelt “Giedo”.


    ups thanks for correcing that!


    Here goes, after Barcelona. I modified my formula a little to include an evaluation of the standard deviation. Constant high grades get you extra points, constant low ones extra minus. With current form (average of last 3 races), top performances (best 3 races) and total average carrying 74% (6% for current form, 12% for stellar performances and 8% for consistency), here is the ranking.

    1. VET
    2. ALO
    3. RAI

    4. DIR

    5. BUT
    6. HAM
    7. BIA
    8. HUL
    9. SUT

    10. RIC
    11. ROS
    12. MAS

    13. PIC

    14. VER

    15. PER
    16. GRO
    17. BOT

    18. WEB

    19. MAL
    20. VDG

    21. GUT

    22. CHI


    Button ahead of Hamilton? Sutil ahead of Rosberg? I have to disagree.

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