Half-term Driver Rankings

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    I haven’t been here for a few weeks, and I’ve checked around the site (including these forums) for an answer as to when they’re going to be posted, but I can’t find one.

    I don’t hope to be a nuisance, and I don’t mean to be pushy; I’m just asking when they’re going to be up, because I thought it was normally around this time.



    Keith has said:

    As usual I’ll be doing my (slightly-later-than) halfway driver rankings during the August break

    Were you after something more specific than that?


    @mmc The thread’s here:

    2012 F1 driver rankings: half-season

    I haven’t said exactly when they’ll be up yet but it will be during the August break. Glad to see they’re so keenly anticipated!


    I have no clue how I missed that thread, I’m sorry about that. But thank you to the both of you for replying, I look forward to them sometime later this month.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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