What is your F1 routine during a race week?

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    how is your routine?


    What kind of routine are we talking about here? Other than turning on the TV during free practice, qualifying and the race?

    Me personally, I watch F1 with the audio piped through home stereo getup – surround sound complete with subwoofers, for a massive F1 experience :D

    Data-wise, I have my iPad stood up on the table in front of my couch on the timing screen, and my iPhone is showing a live driver tracker.

    While all that is going on, I’ve got a recorder recording the race as it goes along, so that I can rewatch it. Rewatching throws so much more clarity in the picture. You see a lot of things that you would have missed in the live screening.


    @raymondu999 true, i donĀ“t uses the live timing app i use the live timing web site even they troll me for that on twitter.


    Yes – the communication between the cars’ data boxes and the embedded chip in the tyres don’t seem to be working 100% just as yet. In the timing app I often see cars not listing any tyres, or sometimes listed on the wrong tyres (Vettel on Primes and Webber on Options in a wet Malaysia? Huh?)


    For European races,
    Friday, wake up, watch 1st practise, run, second practise, then the F1 websites for all the technical analysis.
    Saturday, the same as above.
    Sunday, get up, run, watch all build up, race, and post race…then I will have a few hours with no electrical communication, due to the 5 hour stint of F1 TV!

    Then, here comes another race!


    I usually don’t watch free practice sessions as I need to be at work on Friday and FP3 is not shown live on any of the TV channels that I can watch.

    If I, however, happen to be at home on Friday, then I try to watch at least one of the FP sessions on TV. I’ve also participated at F1F live blogs a couple of times and I’ve really enjoyed it although I prefer to concentrate on the race action on Sunday.

    For me, the most important part of Friday is making predictions! I normally first read F1F’s FP analysis as well as Mark Hughes’ analysis on Autosport to try to understand what’s going on and then make my choices.

    Both on Saturday and Sunday, I usually do something non-F1 related in the morning (go shopping, to the swimming pool etc.). Sometimes I watch the whole pre-race build up, sometimes I don’t feel like that and turn the TV on only a few minutes before the race starts.

    Just like @th13teen, I also read quotes, opinions & analysis after each session but I similarly first need a break from the electronic devices after watching F1 for many consecutive hours on Sunday!

    Kyle Bollantine

    usually just chillax throughout the week. wake up in the morning then head off to work. when i get home from work i usually have a quick nap then watch some tv, have my dinner and then go back to bed for a longer sleep.

    then on me satdees i chillax again waiting for the qualifying to start. might have one or two naps throughout the day waiting for it. i record qualifying on tivo incase i fall asleep again during it which i usually do.

    then on me sundees i wake up probably about 1030am, head for a nap around 1230 and then wake up for the race. i have to record it again incase i fall asleep. sometimes i eat cheesecake during the race as well. i remember when webber went flying at valencia i had just sat down with some cheesecake and then BANG he is in the air. almost lost my cheesecake


    Before every raceweekend I play the actual GP several times on F1 2011. At friday evening I go through all the data and article I can find regarding the FPs, looking up weather and track temperature predictions for saturday and sunday. On sunday morning I try to make predictions on Q and R, post it on F1F, after qualy I revise my prediction. On sunday if I dont have anything else to do I watch the pre-race build up, then watch the race live on tv, and watch the live timing on my desktop machine, with F1F live on the second display. After the race depending on the outcome I discuss it with friends & family, or just start working. (This week McLaren won 2 times, from pole and from P11 with different strategies :) )

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