My F1 season review collection so far

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    So i’m going to share with you my F1 Season Review collection the stuff with GOT shows the titles i’ve managed to get, where it says RE-BUY it means that the copy I have either has an alternate cover that I don’t want, OR is in a case of a non-standard (larger) size, i’m unsure if the 1987 or 1988 reviews were ever officially released with a standard (smaller) VHS case, I hope they were, the same goes for the 1981 Review:
    1981 RE-BUY – Wrong Cover
    1982 GOT
    1984 GOT
    1986 GOT
    1987 RE-BUY – Wrong Size
    1988 RE-BUY – Wrong Size
    1989 GOT
    1990 GOT
    1991 GOT
    1992 GOT
    1993 GOT
    1994 GOT
    1995 GOT
    1996 GOT (GPM2)
    1997 GOT
    1998 GOT
    1999 GOT
    2000 GOT
    2001 GOT
    2002 GOT

    2000 (RETAIL)
    2000 (F1 2001 PS2 GAME) GOT
    2001 (F1 2002 PS2 GAME) GOT
    2003 GOT
    2007 GOT
    2008 GOT
    2009 GOT
    2010 GOT

    2011 GOT
    2012 GOT


    @john-bergqvist Leaving 1983 to last is a smart move, the commentary on that one is so irritating. The 1985 one is quite curious with all the drivers’ commentaries. It really is time they reissued the eighties ones in a digital format.


    Well it turns out the 87 and 88 ones were released in a standard size vhs case so that’s good. I’m a purist, so I’d like to see them released untouched on a single dvd each, with the original audio, and maybe an alternative modern audio track for videos like 83 where the commentary was bad.


    The only reason i don’t have 83 already is because it’s so rare. I want a complete collection though. The spines look good together on the shelf.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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