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    I’m sure one of these threads is already here but I can’t find it. I was watching this today and can’t help but share, Spa, but the track still going past houses. 1955, enjoy.

    Euro Brun

    Thank you for posting this. There is so much to love about this video. I would have loved to be alive to witness that era. Yes its very much rose tinted glasses, as there’s no trace of the horrible tragedies of the time. Maybe its the lack of overt marketing or commercialisation of it?

    Raidillon and Eau Rouge look magnificent. You can barely imagine La Source used to look like that before the new pits were built (and rebuilt). Blanchimont looks positively demonic with nothing but trees on the outside. Even with only 13 cars, the footage makes it look great, and only 8s in it at the end! (granted, both Mercedes were almost 2 mins ahead of 3rd place – shows how times have changed! lol)

    Jean Behra is mental for happily taking over his teammate’s car after crashing his own.

    Kinda funny/mental when a car comes past the ‘pits’ in the rain and showers everyone in spray. Gives me memories of walking home in the rain and getting soaked by a lorry through a puddle!

    Thanks :)


    Thanks Euro.
    Despite the nostalgia it is pretty clear that even back then the racing was pretty dull.


    This one is a really nice footage of Schumacher driving mercedes w196 with the great J.M. Fangio, probably in 1991. What a privelege for MSC at age of 22 to drive with such a legend! Who did know in that time that MSC will become the F1 legend in the same league of Fangio 15 years later.
    In my opinion top 3 of all time: MSC, Fangio and Senna. Is there any picture of all three together?

    Schumacher with Fangio in 1991 (2:34-…)

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