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    Sri Harsha

    Hello guys,
    We all know from 2015 There wont be tire warming blankets and pirelli is making tires to suit the reg
    But as we saw this year Pirelli gave hard tires which are harder for warming up and i think its mostly due to restricted 4 Types of slicks
    There is no Softer tire this year opposite to last year where we didn’t have Harder tire, With 2015 rules if tires are harder to switch on and with out warmed up tire like now it would not be for drivers
    So is 2015 is the time to go step ahead for Pirelli to create more Slick compounds than 4 as we have now with going softer compound and Harder compound to have more Variety of compounds so that They can give right compound for right track to avoid unforeseen problems
    Whats your take on this

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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