Potential Driver Replacements 2014

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    Adam Blocker

    As this season progresses, I think the chances that we will see a driver change increase as well. There haven’t been any major mid-season changes since 2011 (with Senna for Heidfeld and Ricciardo for Karthikeyan), as the changes by Lotus in the last two seasons were forced.

    For me there are a few possible scenarios/changes. Please comment on what you think the chances of the following changes happening.

    1. Carlos Sainz Jr. replacing one of the Caterham drivers (probably Kobayashi).

    -I think this is highly likely, as Kolles likes to do this sort of thing for $$$$$$$ and Red Bull have $$$$$$$.

    2. van der Garde replacing Gutierrez at Sauber.

    -I think this is possible, especially if Gutierrez keeps up his current (horrible) form.

    3. Raikkonen not racing in Hockenheim and being replaced by Bianchi/de la Rosa.

    -Unlikely, but if so I think it would be Bianchi, and then who knows the driver Marussia would select (Gonzalez?).

    4. Sirotkin driving in Russia for Sauber.

    -Highly unlikely, but I wouldn’t put it past Sauber at the moment. His sponsors don’t have a shortage of cash.

    5. Maldonado receiving a race ban.

    -Always on the cards. Unlikely, but it is bound to happen at some point, you would think. Pic would stand in.

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