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    Hi guys n gals I have a question.

    I neither like or dislike Lance Stroll, but when he joins the team how long do you think the bosses will give Lance to start getting results before they pressure his Dad into letting him go, and if that happens will Lawrence Stroll walk away with his money and then will the remaining shareholders gradually leave running a good team into the ground much like is happening at William F1?
    And on another note how long will Lawrence take Pérez’ antics with crashing into team mates before he lets him go and Pérez has to leave F1?

    Euro Brun

    From what I’ve read about Lawrence Stroll, i kinda feel like he wouldn’t leave if his son was axed, as he’s way more interested in motorsport than just his son. The way Lance talks about him sounds more like Lawrence is more his boss than his dad, so I’m sure he wouldn’t have a problem firing him!

    I don’t think they need worrg abput Perez crashing into his teammate next year, as Lance will be nowhere near him.


    scunnyman -Not sure if you know how F1 works mate but if Lawrence is the owner he is the boss, its how F1 works (unfortunately sometimes).

    Christian Horner is the ‘boss’ of Red Bull Racing but Dietrich Mateschitz owns the company, being Red Bull, he pays Horner a fortune to run it, but Helmut Marko has his own way as well.

    Force India is now run by Otmar, I believe, as Bob Fernley has recently left- many think as he Bob and Lawrence disagree with Lawrence replacing Ocan with his son (Bob is correct).

    Its how F1 works mate.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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