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    Which race comes to your mind first when you think about Hamilton? Or Karthikeyan? Or any other F1 driver, past or present?

    I’ll start with:

    Kovalainen – 2010 Singapore Grand Prix. Heikki The Fireman!


    Karthikeyan? For some reason the 2005 Italian Grand Prix pops into my head, but I can’t remember anything happening except him crashing in practice or qualifying I think!


    Michael Schumacher – Spa 1995, holding Hill on slicks in rainy weather for over 10km…


    aaah and coming from 16th to 1st, than regaining lead, then loosing 30 sec advantage after safety car and still winning by a margin of almost 30 secs… this is by memory, some of it might be wrong, but that’s how i remember it…


    Damon Hill – 1994 Japanese Grand Prix. Holding off Mike Shoe in frankly appalling conditions to take the title fight down to the wire. The last few laps were so tense, it was a great drive.


    Jenson Button last year in Canada, Incredibly good judgement on conditions and overtaking. I sat on the edge of my chair for the whole race and completely forgot my tea.


    With Karthikeyan I mostly think of the 2005 Chinese Grand Prix where he somehow managed to crash on the backstraight. If I was thinking postively, I would think of the 2011 Indian Grand Prix, or the 2005 United States Grand Prix which were the high points of his Formula One career.

    When I think Michael Schumacher, I think of the 2006 Braziliam Grand Prix where his climb through the field was simply amazing.

    James Brickles

    Kimi Raikkonen – 2005 Japanese Grand Prix – Proving that even if the race looks lost, never ever give up. As soon as Button and Webber were out of his way with 11 laps left in the race, he drove those final laps (Including a pit-stop) like a bat out of hell and easily caught Fisichella who had a near 20 second lead at one point. Spectacular move down the outside into turn 1 sums the rest up. I’ve got that race on tape ;)


    Hamilton: Silverstone 2008
    Webber: Germany 2009
    Hakkinen: Spain 2001
    Irvine: Australia 1999
    Mansell: Donington Park, 14th June 1998, in a Mondeo.


    Nelson Piquet – Overtaking Senna into turn 1 at Hungary 1986 on full opposite-lock.
    Jarno Trulli – Pole lap at Monaco 2004.
    Jacques Villeneuve – Multiple crashes at Eau Rouge.


    For some reason the only name which popped into my head was John Watson, so:

    John Watson – US GP 1983 – 21st to 1st (which I believe is still the record for most places climbed to win?)


    Rubens Barrichello – Spa 2010. I just remember it because it was his 300th start and he finished in a retirement because he crashed in the back of Alonso.


    Suzuka 2000. Mika & Michael reached levels that day that were sublime leaving team mates in the same cars minutes behind.
    A battle of titans.

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