Track temperatures on race day

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    Could we accumulate the approximate track temperatures of the 9 race days in order to properly analyse which teams struggle at which temperatures. It seems Red Bull is very versatile and works well in all conditions; Mercedes is quick as anyone in cool conditions but massively struggles in hot conditions such as Bahrain, Spain and of course Germany; Lotus contrary to Mercs excel in hot conditions but struggle in cooler conditions very similar to Ferrari.


    But was Mercedes struggling because of high track temperature in Germany or not being able to put heat into the tyres? Matchett was saying that the Kevlar tyres operate 10 degrees lower than the steel tyres and Hamilton was having trouble getting them to work.

    I’m paraphrasing him but essentially what I think he was trying to say is that it was ironic that Merc had spent so much effort during the past few races to fix their tyre problems with the new chassis only to have them resurface again in Germany with the switch to a hybrid of the old spec tyres…

    If the Merc chassis had been optimized to run on warmer tyres then it would not make much sense that heat would have been a problem yesterday.

    Hamilton’s car was all over the place especially as he was turning into the pit lane and footage from the car behind him. It reminded me of Alonso in the F2012:-)

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