Video: 'F1's fastest crash' – Alexander Wurz at Paul Ricard, 2005

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    Not sure how I hadn’t come across this video before: Alexander Wurz surviving what is be suspected to be the highest-speed crash experienced by an F1 driver. This came while Wurz was testing a McLaren at Paul Ricard in 2005 and the car speared off at the high-speed Verrerie S-bend.

    It was later discovered one of the tyres on Wurz’s car had been incorrectly mounted, causing the failure which led to the crash.


    What was the speed at the time of impact? Thought Kubica had the record.


    Aah, I haven’t presumed you haven’t seen this one before either and so I fully expected a better angle before I clicked on the topic, lol.

    It was also at the exit of the old Verriere sweepers which they don’t use anymore. It was at the entry of those sweepers where Elio de Angelis flew off the track and died in 1986. That flat-out chicane must have placed an unimaginable amount of load on the suspensions.


    Here’s a new video featuring Alexander Wurz talking about the crash:


    What would be the record during an official race? I’m betting on Luciano Burti at Spa 2001, it was almost 290 km/h head-on into the tyres at Blanchimont. I remember thinking “holy mother of **** he’s done for”. He bounced back completely though he never raced at F1 again.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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