Video: New F1 season promotions

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    How is the new F1 season being promoted in your country? Here’s NBC’s promotion in America:



    FOX Sports Australia, the Pay TV broadcaster has started with an ad so far. The standard stuff, a race start, some action etc. TEN, the FTA broadcaster just has an ad with the year of Motorsport calling it the ‘Home of Motorsport for 2015’.

    Sri Harsha

    This is what Star is broadcasting since 16th February in India


    This is what Belgian TV is broadcasting:


    That’s the teaser for Austrian ORF’s broadcast:


    I kinda like the NBC teaser. Style-wise it’s a good crossover between transferring the vibe of 70s F1 onto the modern day stage. And it’s got Muse in the Background. :D

    Comment on the post of @ChrisJ > To non-Austrians it may seem dull or even dumb but it draws most of it’s appeal from the commentators “relationship”. :)


    @chriju0411 An F1 promo with an LMP1 car in it? Interesting choice! Can you give us the gist of the dialogue?


    Various cuts of a new Sky promo. The representation of a mostly grey field is certainly accurate…


    Background information: Alex Wurz and Ernst Hausleitner moderate a lot (if not all) of the races together for the ORF (Austrian television). Ernst also comments on ski races (world cup, world championship).

    It goes something like this:

    *Ernst calls Alex*
    Alex: Hey Ernst, where are you?
    Ernst: I’m standing in the snow. It’s cold here.
    Alex: I tould you wintersports are cold!
    Ernst: It’s freaking cold!
    Alex: What do you want from me? Should I invite you to the sunny south? Maybe to Australia?
    Off-Voice: Finally – it starts again…

    I think it is not a bad idea – albeit the acting is not the best ;)


    In the Netherlands Sport 1 is promoting the new season with these two videos.

    Will give you a translations later. But it’s no guess which driver they’re supporting.


    First video.

    The debut where all of Holland is looking forward to. Max Verstappen is ready … for Formula 1.
    The 2015 season begins! (2nd voice from the commentator: Oowh there it is, the crash!)
    From 13 March Sport 1 airs every practice, qualification and race. Follow Max Verstappen live and exclusive on Sport 1.
    Passion for sport.

    Second video.
    He follows into the footsteps of his father. As the youngest rookie ever in Formula 1. Don’t miss a second from the season of Max Verstappen. Sport 1 brings you every free practice, qualification and race. Live and exclusive.
    Sport 1, passion for sport.

    As a Dutch F1 fan, I can’t disagree with these promos. Really excited to see Max in F1! Even though I know he wont win the first race, it does feel good to see a true Dutch F1 driver.


    Don’t know if it counts as a promotion but the BBC aired an F1-themed special of a Question of Sport last week, featuring David Coulthard, Kevin Magnussen, Christian Horner and Suzi Perry…

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