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DiGrassi Tweet about Buémi missing NY weekend

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    Lucas DiGrassi, the new Formula E champion tweeted this four hours ago;

    The 22 points I acquired in both NY ePrix races aren’t necessary for the title, at least on maths… the difference to 2nd place was 24 pts.

    For those who aren’t aware, Sebastian Buémi missed one double race weekend to attend a WEC event with Toyota. DiGrassi obviously feels some ‘struggle’ with his title otherwise he wouldn’t tweet this, no?

    He’s also quite simple in his math, just saying that his points from the NY weekend substracted are still more than Buémi has is wrong. He should add to Buémi his tally whatever he potentially should’ve scored in NY too.

    Buémi won by a country mile the most races, and for a title contender has had absolute terrible weekends where he has thrown away his own chances at scoring more points. His DSQ for an underweight car in race 1 last race didn’t help either.

    So, come to my point (a little similar to what Hakkinen experienced with Schumacher), how would you feel when you’ve won a title knowing there is a very big chance you wouldn’t have won it if your opponent was just present at one weekend more, like you were yourself?


    Well, it is not di Grassi’s fault that Buemi skipped one of the season’s events so I believe that his maths is pretty much irrelevant here. But I also think that winning a championship where one of the title contenders skips races to participate in another championship would not mean much to me. This is not really about di Grassi or Buemi, the situation just confirms that Chase Carey is right by saying that at the moment Formula E is “a combination of a street party for fans and sponsors and auto companies”.


    Girts, the situation Formula E encountered this year is very similar to a simulation encountered by a another young sport at the beginning of the 50’s : The Formula 1.
    It was not uncommon, then, to see drivers who could not attend a F1 race because there were booked elsewhere…
    This kind of problems will disappears with time as Formula E will develop in the years to come, and hopefully, with the agreement with WEC, it may be already old history. Chase Carey will surely change his mind. You can already look the evolving comments about FE made by Toto Wolff over the years. He is a good weather frog !

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