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F3 European Championship 2013

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    The fight is on, as Marciello pips Rosenqvist to pole for Race 1, with the latter returning the favour for race 2.
    Marciello is 45.5 points ahead of the Swede and a win in Race 1 will be enough for him to win the championship.


    Marciello takes pole for Race 3, and Rosenqvist is right behind him in 2nd.


    Certainly more exciting grids than last time out! Should make for some exciting racing, even if Marciello is basically going to have to perform a miracle to not win the title (or just repeat his Zandvoort results!).


    1. Felix Rosenqvist (Mucke)
    2. Raffaele Marciello (Prema)
    3. Sven Muller (van Amersfoort)
    4. Alex Lynn (Prema)
    5. Harry Tincknell (Carlin)
    6. Jordan King (Carlin)
    7. Pipo Derani (Fortec)
    8. Dennis van de Laar (van Amersfoort)
    9. Eddie Cheever, Jr. (Prema)
    10. Tom Blomqvist (EuroInternational)


    Lotus junior driver and Formula Renault 2.0 frontrunner Esteban Ocon will move up to the FIA F3 European championship in 2014. The 17 year-old Frenchman will drive for the Prema PowerTeam squad.


    Race two results:

    1 Felix Rosenqvist Mucke Motorsport 22 laps in 34:51.886
    2 Alex Lynn Prema Powerteam +3.570
    3 Lucas Auer Prema Powerteam +7.372
    4 Raffaele Marciello Prema Powerteam +15.361
    5 Harry Tincknell Carlin +22.011
    6 Sven Muller Van Amersfoort Racing +22.464
    7 Antonio Giovinazzi Double R Racing +23.684
    8 Jordan King Carlin +24.244
    9 Dennis van de Laar Van Amersfoort Racing +25.686
    10 Eddie Cheever Prema Powerteam +26.412

    Marciello seemed to be taking it easy, having won the title with 4th in Race 2. Rosenqvist seemed very let down after the race, but he did what he could do; win twice out of 2 races so far.

    What on earth were Kevin Korjus and Felix Suerralles doing at the hairpin after their drive-throughs, though? Some very unsporting behavior there.


    1. Raffaele Marciello (Prema)
    2. Felix Rosenqvist (Mucke)
    3. Lucas Auer (Prema)
    4. Tom Blomqvist (EuroInternational)
    5. Harry Tincknell (Carlin)
    6. Antonio Giovinazzi (Double R)
    7. Sven Muller (van Amersfoort)
    8. Alex Lynn (Prema)
    9. Jordan King (Carlin)
    10. Michael Lewis (Mucke)


    1. Raffaele Marciello…..489.5
    2. Felix Rosenqvist…..457
    3. Alex Lynn…..339.5
    4. Lucas Auer…..277
    5. Harry Tincknell…..227
    6. Jordan King…..176
    7. Tom Blomqvist…..151.5
    8. Pipo Derani…..143
    9. Sven Muller…..122
    10. Alexander Sims…..112
    11. Felix Serralles…..104
    12. Josh Hill…..56
    13. Eddie Chhever, Jr…..50
    14. Pascal Wehrlein…..49
    15. Nicholas Latifi…..45
    16. William Buller…..39
    17. Antonio Giovinazzi…..31
    18. Lucas Wolf…..28
    19. Michael Lewis…..23
    20. Dennis van de Laar…..22
    21. Jann Mardenborough…..12
    22. Roy Nissany…..11
    23. Mitchell Gilbert…..10
    24. Andre Rudersdorf…..3
    25. John Bryant-Meisner…..2
    26. Mans Grenhagen…..0
    27. Sandro Zeller…..0
    28. Sean Gelael…..0
    29. Gary Thompson…..0
    30. Richard Goddard…..0
    31. Tatiana Calderon…..0
    32. Dmitry Suranovich…..0
    33. Alfonso Celis, Jr…..0
    34. Michela Cerruti…..0
    35. Kevin Korjus…..0
    36. Stefano Coletti…..0
    GUEST DRIVERS: Daniil Kvyat (158 points), Nick Cassidy, Ed Jones.


    Well deserved for Marciello, where do you think he will go next year, @wsrgo?


    @npf1 Well, the only logical choices are GP2 and FR3.5. Di Montezemolo recently lambasted the GP2 syatem, and going by Bianchi’s 2012 title challenge in WSR, Ferrari may well be inclined to place him there next year. Marciello’s heading to Barcelona tomorrow for a WSR post-season test, where he’ll be testing with DAMS and Tech1. He’ll also be participating in GP2 post-season tests, with DAMS and Racing Engineering, so it does appear they are keeping their options open on Raffaele.
    I also heard they’re planning to give him a part-time DTM seat next year, probably with Mercedes, in addition to his GP2/WSR campaign. That’s a bit of a strange step, but it could be useful in learning how to set up cars, working with a big operation, etc. Michael Schumacher too made a strange switch from F3 to Sportscars back in 1990, and he says it aided him immensely. It could be that Ferrari are trying to do that for Marciello.

    Iestyn Davies

    Marciello could be a very good replacement for Magnussen! Imagine if he dominated in exactly the same way with the same car! Although, I’m sure he will have two years to impress, maybe moving up to F1 when Kimi steps down/Bianchi is promoted to Ferrari. Then, when Alonso steps down, Marciello could join Ferrari. This does depend on Alonso staying there with Raikkonen, and Ferrari not pinching Hulkenberg or Vettel, and also going from the most experienced pairing to a new in house youthful look. A lot of pieces to come together…

    Vandoorne could win WSR easily next year, or do a Felix da Costa and not be so dominant, so who knows. Kvyat and Sainz should also be near the front, along with anyone front running this year that stays in the series (Buller?).

    The DTM move did puzzle me, but if it does improve a driver’s technical understanding or adaptability then why not! I also think Ocon will do well next year, a lot of good drivers coming through Eurocup FR2.0 this year. Fuoco as well!


    @fastiesty Ocon and Fuoco are good additions to Prema’s F3 squad next year, ensuring that even if Lynn leaves (to GP3, possibly), they’ll still have a powerhouse lineup. I’m not sure about Auer..his uncle Gerhard Berger (yes, him) who is also the President of the FIA Single Seater Commission, wants Auer to stay, but Auer himself said he wants to move. Dunno, I think staying put would almost guarantee him a title.
    The fourth Prema seat is probably going to one of their 2.0 runners (again, working on the assumption that Lynn isn’t staying), and Italian Luca Ghiotto seems to be a good bet. 9th in FR2.0 Eurocup, vice-champion in FR2.0 Alps and winner of the Pau Grand Prix, has been a good way to support his near-championship triumph in Formula Abarth last year. But, personally, I hope Ghiotto stays in FR2.0, ppossibly putting up a title challenge in 2014. Instead, I’d be tremendously happy if they take Antonio Giovinazzi. This year’s British F3 vice-champion is really crippled for funds and it’d be great if Prema take him.

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